Thursday, June 28, 2012

Poor yet rich in Stories

 I'm back, back, back with stories to tell and far less money in my back account. This not due to giving all my money to the House while we were there (we actually didn't gamble once) but rather the fact that Vegas is so absurdly expensive I could cry. Everything is about 60% more costly than market price. I have been to Vegas many, many times before but it has always been with "parental types" somewhere in the wings who help to cushion the cost either by meeting up to buy us meals or paying for airfare and hotel. But this trip was all on me; every nickle and dime, and geez louise that is an expensive muthaeffin' place. 

So now home again, home again (jiggedy-jig) and a bit broker but rich in funny stories (not all shareable of course), I'm ready to dive right back into blogging and share my trip with you all. But due to my ability to take pictures of everything I see with the same consistency of blinking; I'm planning on breaking it down into a few themed posts rather than one where you're drowning in photos and can't find a life preserver.
It's so much fun being a girl. Getting ready on Saturday night.
Eat. Drink. Dance. Sleep. Pool - repeat.
Haha, he just goes soooo well with the Bellagio backdrop- wouldn't you say? As I always say when I see people like this- 'at one point, that person was a baby'. To which everyone I know rolls their eyes.
Getting ready Sunday night. We all decided the music/drinks/getting ready time in the hotel was maybe our fave part.
Looking out onto the beautiful Bellagio watershow.
Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999.
105 degrees and a pool - please reserve me a spot for life.

 So for now, the little preview above will have to suffice.

I will say one thing: Bottle Service is amazing.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Off to Sin City w/ a wee bit new stuff

I timed this post for when I was in the air so by the time you read this... I'll be undoubtedly either in Vegas or en route to it. And because we are frugally flying Southwest Airlines... we are able to CHECK 2 BAGS FOR FREE still. In addition to carry-on. Have you ever heard of such a thing in this day and age?!! This means that I'm bringing a looooooooottttttttttttttttttttttt of stuff. And try as I might to not shop, I did give in and buy a few items for the trip... such as below:
^I've been dying to try some orangey-red lipstick, we'll see how it goes.. inspired to try new colors by the MAC Queen Cupcakes & Cosmos

^Jay didn't quite love me bringing the upper right black thingy.

So wishing you a wonderful, fabulous weekend and I promise to be safe. 

I'll be back on Blogger sometime next week to catch-up; in the meantime- you can be annoyed by my pics on Instagram (@Caitlin84).  Speaking of Instagram: Due to everyone now being an iPhotographer, the 3 of us girls were talking about how we are not allowed to paparazzi one another at the pool. My girlfriend articulated her thoughts with: "Yes, the only pictures you are able to take of me at the pool without my knowledge are Alligator pictures where it's just my eyes and nose coming out of the water." haha, made me laugh.

Have a wonderful week friends, I will truly miss you! And a certain gal in the South should load some Hawaii pics for when I get back! 

Viva Las Vegas!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Refined Quote of the Day

Quote overheard by these two Portlanders which just so happen to be The Boy and Me. I hate pictureless posts so here you go!

"Move it along, I need to get home and lay my fat, pregnant a$$ down." 
 - Woman at the Mall to her toddler Son.


Here's hoping your day is going better than hers was. :) 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes. ~Gloria Naylor

Last week, the sun was so warm after work that it would have been cruel to step foot inside the gym. In the spirit of still working out, The Boy and I grabbed my bag of balls and headed off to an urban park close to our home. Upon arrival, I pulled out the football as The Boy moved in to about 50 feet away from me.

"Go Deeper!" I shouted.
He stepped a few large steps back and looked at me with a sense of accomplishment. 
He rolled his eyes and took another mild step back. 

Realizing his arrogance was permanent, I accepted his distance, got in place and launched the football across the field. It flew (perfect spiral mind you) way over his head and far away from his location.

He was impressed with me.

I knew who I had to thank for that. 
^Fishing at my Dad's cabin

For the guy who taught me to throw like a man. Who taught me that work is as much of a necessity as it is a privilege. Who taught me that life will never be handed to me on a silver platter. Who taught me to enjoy camping. Who taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Who taught me to be charitable. Who taught me through tough love that though I'm special, I'm not a Princess: the rewards in life come from hard work.
^Rafting trip with my Dad, every single year of my life. I'm front Right, my Bro front Left, my Dad is Captain and you can even see stupid Juan back there :) 2011

But most importantly, thank you Dad for teaching my Brother how to change a car tire, to set-up camp, how to tile a kitchen floor, how to give up your seat without question for the elderly and how to start a fire, among hundreds of other things. The world needs more men like you and I'm so happy to not only have you but to see it reflected in my Brother ("handy" men are disappearing at an alarming rate...).
^This is SO.MY.DAD.

 I'm off to my Dad's cabin to do some of the above :)
 Happy Father's Day to all who apply!
(and sorry to my Sister who somehow didn't make it into this post, haha)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wanted: Desert Wear

I honestly wish I could say I felt bad about the fact that I sound like a broken record talking about my upcoming Vegas trip- but I do not. I will probably post about it a couple more times next week before I leave and then of course thereafter (+ instagramming while I'm there...) ... so please do not hate me. It's just- OHMYGOSH this month has been busy at work and holy smokes has it been too long since I've been on a girls' only vacation. Plus it's going to be hot, hot, hot which makes me happy, happy, happy.

What I am beginning to fear about the whole soiree? That I'm finding nothing I want to wear in my closet. I know I have clothes... lots and lots of clothes... but is it possible that I hate all of them? I tell my stupid little head that that can't be true yet that logic evaporates as I blindly reach my hand into the dark parts of my closet and emerge with a feather boa.

I did stumble on a few good gems from my supplies...
... but after that, I'm struggling.

So as I star in the one-woman show of "Don't Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On Sh*t You Already Own, I Beg Of You. Love Always, Common Sense"- I hope YOU are enjoying the descent out of the work week. :)

[all images are mine]
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Streetside Vintage

Ever since I became a licensed driver in high school, I sought private refuge in the funky, earthy, eclectic offerings of the Hawthorne District. Located just a hop, skip and a Bridge ride from my neck of the woods- it's an easy place for me to open up my senses to different ideas, worldly shops and bizarre fashion. And though it's always heavily-populated, I never see anyone I know over there... so that in itself is one of the many, many reasons I adore it.

While Hawthorne Street is perfect for the solo excursionist; it's also quite delightful with a buddy. Streetside ales, coffee adjacent to (the good) street performers and laughing about random items for sale makes for a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

A few weeks back, Jay and I did just that. And our differentiating desires once we got there (I went for the vintage stores & retro home decor showrooms... and he went for the local microbrews & fresh deli choices) - meant we had a whole day of wonderful, weird consumption ahead of us.
^Vintage clothing store, what a way to pass the time...
^Alright, alright- yes it's hard for me to not enjoy an afternoon ale on a Saturday.

^All local produce from various area Farmer's Markets... which makes me happy.

^Nitpicking at nothing just like any other OCD person.
^Told you it was a little bit different of a place- but isn't that fun every now and again?
^Vintage shopping
^I introduced him to this beloved hideaway area of mine.

^Those glasses broke last weekend. Boohoo.
^We shared the utterly orgasmic Rice Bowl at Bridgeport Ale House
^Yes, I am obsessed with Basil, Spearmint & Peppermint- I bought a lot of bunches this day!
^Earthy, earthy, earthy
^We ate like Kings that week after one visit to this grocery store we love.
^The prospect of wearing that? Horrible. The appreciation I have for different minds in the world who create and rock stuff like that? Off-the-charts. Takes all kinds to make up our Universe.
^Jay has a fetish for Cookbooks. 

Fora  different look, another Hawthorne post Here.[All images mine]

What about you? Any niche neighborhoods you find yourself charmed by in your area?
Monday, June 11, 2012

Fashion In My Own Backyard

I think that one of the best things about my entrance into the Blogosphere is that it really helped to take some of the power away from Celebrities who get increasingly annoying (Not you Britney). The endless parade of what stupid J.Lo is wearing or how Leann Rimes is 'so skinny' often tires me because they are just nevvvverreendinggg obsessed with themselves (and also bc Leann Rimes is revolting). So yes, I understand they have ample time, resources and help to look the way they do and it makes me think much less of their success. I don't always feel this way... and there are some celebs whom I unconditionally worship- but my general feeling when push comes to shove is that 80% of them bug the sh*t out of me.
 ^My girlfriends' and my shoes: I'm in the pink heel.

In contrast, Bloggers (for the most part) have jobs, real lives, bad days and goals which can be reflected in my own life. I love seeing what they're wearing, what they're doing today, how they make their dinner-because it's something I can mimic in my own, normal, chauffeur-free life: real girls who find ways to be fabulous. I love that. And it has helped me to see it more and more in the company I keep- my friends are some fashionable ladies and I'm more and more impressed with how they choose to outfit themselves. 

Especially at our very favorite Summer soiree that I wrote about last summer HERE, HERE and HERE AND which we hit up for the first time in Summer 2012 last weekend:
Ah- really, all this post does is make me want to spend my days dressed-up,  jamming to beats. Blah, blah, blah... 4 days until Friday! :) 

[All images taken by me on June 10th]