Saturday, June 23, 2012

Off to Sin City w/ a wee bit new stuff

I timed this post for when I was in the air so by the time you read this... I'll be undoubtedly either in Vegas or en route to it. And because we are frugally flying Southwest Airlines... we are able to CHECK 2 BAGS FOR FREE still. In addition to carry-on. Have you ever heard of such a thing in this day and age?!! This means that I'm bringing a looooooooottttttttttttttttttttttt of stuff. And try as I might to not shop, I did give in and buy a few items for the trip... such as below:
^I've been dying to try some orangey-red lipstick, we'll see how it goes.. inspired to try new colors by the MAC Queen Cupcakes & Cosmos

^Jay didn't quite love me bringing the upper right black thingy.

So wishing you a wonderful, fabulous weekend and I promise to be safe. 

I'll be back on Blogger sometime next week to catch-up; in the meantime- you can be annoyed by my pics on Instagram (@Caitlin84).  Speaking of Instagram: Due to everyone now being an iPhotographer, the 3 of us girls were talking about how we are not allowed to paparazzi one another at the pool. My girlfriend articulated her thoughts with: "Yes, the only pictures you are able to take of me at the pool without my knowledge are Alligator pictures where it's just my eyes and nose coming out of the water." haha, made me laugh.

Have a wonderful week friends, I will truly miss you! And a certain gal in the South should load some Hawaii pics for when I get back! 

Viva Las Vegas!


erika sorocco said...

Ooh, I am loving all of the brights you packed, Caitlin! I hope you have an incredible time in Vegas! I will definitely be watching for Instagram updates from you! :)

Pat Hatt said...

haha can't beat frugal, have a blast.

Bri Buzali said...

I hope you have THE BEST time in Vegas! You'll have to post pics with the new lipstick cause i'm dying to see the colors!

Tina said...

Ahhhh so jealous!! Have an awesome time, Vegas is the best! Damn it must be hot as hell there too! ;) have fun!!!

Unknown said...

Have fun Caitlin! Im jealous jealous jealous as i sit here and freeze my butt off. Love the pact about pool photos - candid pool photos are never flattering.
Cant wait to hear all about the trip on your return - and to like aallllllllll the instagram photos.

Megan, said...

love those shoes! have fun!

Xo Megan

Kate Sparkles said...

Oh I've never been brave enough for bold lip colour but I'm sure you'll pull it off and look amazing!! Have a great trip, can't wait to read about it!!

naghmeh said...

Have tons and tons and tons of fun!! I LOVE the bright lipsticks you can totally rock them specially when you're even more tan!
can't wait to hear alllll about it when you're back :)

Jax said...

Hope you had a wonderful time!! I'm super jealous that you're there right now. Enjoy and make sure to tell us all about it!!!!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

You're in VEGAS!!!! WOOT!!!!!

Hope you're having a blast!! (Looks like it from the looks of IG ;)

Kisti Belle said...

It that Sail La Vie?? I JUST posted about it!! How hilarious :) Great minds...

ff said...

I'm not a shopaholic, but I do splurge a few times a year. They're totally worth it as long as the spending doesn't get crazy, and it seems like this was a GREAT time to go shopping (and you seem pretty responsible)...hope you have a great time in Vegas!

Sienna said...

have fun in vegas sweetheart!

drollgirl said...

i hope you are having the best time ever!

and taking pics of friends at the pool is a NO NO unless she preapproves. yikes! we all like to exercise a little control of the photos taken of us, particularly if we are 3/4 naked! lol

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

CAITLIN! I hope your having an amazingly blastful time in Vegas! I am sad I won't get to see your instagram photos, damn BB. I can't wait for your recap post...If you see this comment, & have time go to the MGM & see the lions & take photos of course. I didn't have time to do it, super sad about it still.
(Leos unite, with actual real lions.)

& lol about your MAC comment...I was thisclose to getting Sail La Vie, but passed on it. I am glad you have it, & yay for getting Dear Diary, think that's Dear Diary. With your eye makeup, I just think DD will look stunning on you.

Again, can't wait to see the recap.

Unknown said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time in Vegas, I am sure you are! Love the lipsticks, and everything in that pile of clothes looks AMAZING!

The Urban Umbrella


Unknown said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time in Vegas, I am sure you are! Love the lipsticks, and everything in that pile of clothes looks AMAZING!

The Urban Umbrella


Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Wow you definitely got a lot of brights in there - I just LOVE that lippie by the way :)