Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Praise the Sun Gods

Unlike last year, the sun has actually been out on the reg' and I've had a hard time passing up every free moment I have with it. Though even as I enjoy my sunny summer, I find myself wishing I had more downtime at home to Blog. Last weekend, I even hoped it was rainy and cold so I wouldn't be enticed to go outside and would post instead. So sad, so terribly sad. 

But while I haven't been sitting on my computer (though have been thinking of you!)- here's what I have been doing:
Eating lots'o Watermelon | Rollerblading around Downtown for exercise* | eating cereal before work on my bright balcony | Spray painting old picture frames | making homemade iced tea 5 times a week | taking pictures of my weight loss progress | reading Archie Comics at the park | BBQ'ing dinners with The Boy | throwing the football outside | Farmer's Markets perusing | Ale Festival visiting | Bike Riding on the Waterfront | Urban "swimming" a.k.a. going to one of the downtown water fountains and jumping on in | eating Popsicles | Curbside Brunch | Being so tired from all this at the end of the day that I've been going to bed at about 10- unheard of for me|

To name a few... 

So for reasons above, I'll probably only be posting 2-3 times a week in August (and why I've been a bit slow lately). But once I trade in my flip-flops for rain boots next month, I'll be cozying up more at home in my sweats with my laptop open and my ugly bunhead blazing (luckiest boyfriend ever...).

I hope you're enjoying your Summer too!!
I'm 28 in 7 days. Oy!

 *I purchased nearly-new rollerblades at a consignment shop for 5 dollars and I have been OBSESSED ever since. But I only blade on hidden streets because let's face it; it's humiliating.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Peace & Love

 Last Friday, I headed over to my Sister's house for a night of homemade pizza, catching-up, wine, family & the Olympics. It was a blast and a half. Much of this mainly due to the fact that my Brother-in-Law is British and has a fantastic habit of making snarky comments directed at both America & the UK. Between the wine, his sarcasm and my weekend mood- I was a happy camper (in fact, THIS made me laugh to the point of ugly tears and convulsions- so funny!).
But the prevailing feeling of the night for me had little to do with sarcasm or nationalism- but rather, humanitarianism. I understand that in the politically-minded society we live in, the following statement may make many people compartmentalize me into a political box. I would ask that you NOT. This comment wholly comes from the kindest part of my soul and in asking it, I'm shedding the reality of economic reason and historical interpretation (thank you College for giving me the wherewithal to understand the difference). I understand we don't live in an ideal world and I'm aware that complex problems cannot be solved by idealistic, simple, bottom-line answers... but I must ask but I couldn't help but wonder:
Why do we all have to fight?

I watched Country after Country parade across the screen and was enamored with their cultural pride as much as I was their overall involvement in the ceremonies. I love the differences between each region, I love what everyone brings to the table- instead of war after war after war: Wouldn't it just be nice to celebrate our country's individuality, familiarize ourselves with others' and compete respectfully?

Love always, 

Your sometimes-Hippie blogger friend. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Someday My Pet Will Come!

I have wanted my very own shelter-rescued cat and dog my entire life. However, I never felt like I was in the right position to handle the responsibility or felt that I couldn't afford it financially. But all that changed last January when The Boy and I started apartment hunting and we agreed to get some furry companions. He only wanted a cat, I wanted a cat AND a dog- which means we would have gotten both obviously (because I would have belabored the point as to why I want one of each and in an effort to get me to shut up, he would've waved the white flag). Anyway, I was SO excited. I already had my names picked out and was looking at Petfinder.Com hourly to find 'the ones'!

Then, my dumb friend Juan just so happened to live in the perfect apartment building, with the perfect pricing and the perfect location and the perfect view... and we had to go and fall in love with it.

Balcony: YES. Huge windows: YES. Located in the heart of the shopping/eating hub: YES! Pets allowed: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Le Sigh.

After much very careful consideration... we decided to shelve the pet plan (tear!) and pick the cool apartment. 

So here I sit, in my 'perfect' little apartment... wishing I had a pet by my side to cuddle with. It is a sad state of affairs. Especially because, when I go to see friends and there's an adorable pet there for me to hang out with, I will follow it around all night like Carrie after Big circa Season 2- such was the case with that handsome fella below last Friday night. Thankfully, when you're with friends you've known for a long time- they will ignore you/resist judgment as you lay on the floor taking pictures like a vagabond.

 But really- isn't he just a handsome cat?!? How could I resist paparazzi'ing him?!?

In a related question- do you love or hate cats? People tend to feel strongly on both sides. As you can tell, I love them. But I also love Dogs just the same.

[All images taken by me on July 20th, 2012]

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You are your Sunshine.

 Whether you've been reading my blog for awhile (I'm sorry) or just a newbie passing through- it's my earnest hope that you've peered on over to the Left side of my page and noticed something...

In case you haven't, here's a hint:
That quote. That perfect, amazing, speaks to everyone quote. 

Eyes bad like mine? I got your back. Here it is in Grandma size:
"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." 
- Dr. Seuss.

My first encounter with those words was very serendipitous: I was going through a rough break-up and had a lethal case of the blues. On a particular dreary Saturday, I popped into a bookstore and in no mood for anything heavy- headed over to the Children's section to find some old books from my youth (readable comfort food if you will). Upon entrance to the reading bungalow, hung the aforementioned quote by the illustrious Dr. Seuss. I read it, collapsed onto a bean bag chair and lost myself in thought about my current affairs. I was sad to lose someone, not sure where I would end up in life... but there was no one else out there like me. Me alone, will always be enough to make it through.

So since the conception of my blog, the quote has remained prevalent on my page. And I hope a few of you have taken the time to digest its adorable message.

 What's a quote that puts a pep in your step?

10 things I just good ol' fashioned hate

 1) The fact that my boyfriend finally admitted that my glasses remind him of Harry Caray. I'm just going to have to assume now that The Boy finds Harry Caray incredibly irresistible & sexy.

2) Begging someone to watch a video on YouTube that they have no interest in watching; starting it, and the video freezing midway as it loads thus sending you into a frenzy to maintain their interest.

3) Someone begging me to watch a video on YouTube that I have no interest in watching; starting it... and the video freezing midway as it loads thus sending me into a pickle as I try to pretend I'm maintaining interest.

4) The alleged 'empire' of Paris Hilton.
5)  People who pride themselves on being super-blunt. Honesty I appreciate; flat out rude comments that most people have enough tact not to say... not so much.

6) Rainbows because they're the product of simultaneous rain & sun. Blech- why don't I just curl up in my gym sock for the same effect?

7) When people drink the milk that remains in the bowl after they eat their cereal. #%*$*%!!!! I wish they would give me a warning before I see it... something along the lines of "Look away, I'm hideous!" would cover all of the bases. Ewwww.

8) Being aware of what could be happening to my dyed hair when I'm in chlorine.

9) 6-7 AM.

10) Super slutty prom dresses. Leave the abhorrent, "what.the.eff was I wearing outfits" for the college years... not for when you're still under Daddy's roof!

 Hating on anything in particular today?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Finishing School Weekend

 ^How we spend our girls' weekend: jump, jump. jump!

Last week I was getting ready to go out when the BF came rushing into the bathroom: 

"Are you ready to go?"
"Seriously? [my wet hair covering my face, dripping all over the floor]"
"You look fine to me Babe! Can we leave soon? 5 minutes?"

As sweet as that indiscretion was... my Girls' weekend was timed well: ready to be around people who understand the travesty of wet hair and ungroomed eyebrows:
^Sunset pics before Dinner in Sunriver

^Car ride break at Government Camp

^The girls cooking Italian. Aren't they the cutest?

^A Friday by the river is a day well spent.

^On the grassy knoll.

^Let's Raft - in the rain no less.


And how was YOUR weekend?!?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Outfit Post: The Lazy Hippie

 Last week, The Boy's hometown buddies were here staying with us for a few nights of Portland tourism and debauchery. It's always exciting to explore and show-off the city with people who aren't from here. That's why on Friday night as we all got ready to go out- I did my best to throw on a 'Party, party! Let's hit the town' outfit: flirty short dress, blue suede pumps and bejeweled tuxedo jacket. Gameface on!

But by Saturday night... we were all exhausted: sun, beer, wine, 5-people in a one-bedroom apartment and 90+ degree weather took its toll. I wasn't about to fit into something short for our sauntering adventures. And when this happens to me- I always go hippie.
 Thankfully (yet sadly) in Portland, no one bats an eye when you rock something like this.

What's your 'I don't want to try but will fake it with this outfit' style?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Resting in Cool Peace

If I thought anyone's lives were even remotely affected by my absence since my timed post last week I would apologize for taking awhile to come back... but since I know they weren't- I'll just say I was busier than usual! Plus it's been super sunny so I've been outside on lots of walks eating popsicles like a 5-year-old. 

Speaking of childlike activities; Last Sunday (7/8) after the 3rd night of a steaming hot apartment due to Summer weather where the boyfriend and I walked around  in boxers and tank tops - we knew there had to be an ideal way to get some sleep (and no, we don't have air-conditioning. Pretty common in these parts because of our mild weather). "We" might be a strong term as he was willing to just go to bed and practice the heat-beating method of "sleeping under a bedsheet with one leg out" to fight the sweat... but I knew we could do more: we had a blow-up mattress, sleeping bags and a balcony outside... the recipe for success.

So under the stars in a fusion of "white trash camping" meets "make time for romance!"; The Boy and I slept outside for the night. I was kind of obsessed with it. We stayed cool and had the luxury of falling asleep to a starry night and gorgeous moon... PLUS we're just high enough up where the street traffic below can't see us to render us ridiculous.

But trashy idea or not, waking up at 6 AM to these two views... made me pretty happy.
 ^6 AM wake-up call. Beautiful!

^I made the bed outside and 'surprised' him with it. He was hesitant and made fun of me but was willing to do it. The norm. 
 ^I leave for work about 45 minutes before him so he's usually in bed when I leave. No exception this morning :) Just a different bed.

Here's to a whole summer full of this blissful "camping".

Happy Wednesday! Today is actually my last day working this week but part of what I'm looking forward to in my PTO is having time to post so I'll definitely be around the rest of the week- have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

 Every day I read a multitude of articles about various visceral topics: Some speak out with authority against the policies of current and/or past Presidents and some merely rant about the fact that they think our world issues could be solved if people listened to Mozart in utero. Or sometimes I just watch videos of Hamsters on skateboards.
^Dat's me.
But thankfully; I live in a place where none of the above is censored. Where dissent or agreement is as commonplace as breathing and wholly valued

Even if the rest of the world thinks of us as gun-toting, 300lb, McDonald's eating Walmart shoppers... I love my home. And I love the fact that I can be myself in it.

Happy 4th of July to all my domestic friends... and happy Wednesday to all of you abroad :)

[I timed this post as I'm out of town celebrating the Holiday, I will be back next week!]


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How-to: Remove Unsightly Store Stickers w/ Ease

Nothing can evoke PTSD in me quicker than the memory of life before I knew how to properly remove a sticker from a newly-purchased item: the sticky fingers, the glue residue which never goes away and the frustration are all side-effects of unsuccessful sticker removal. Setting aside the fact that I will never understand why stores go out of their way to place price stickers in the most inconvenient spots, stickers are a regular hassle and once I learned two different ways to remove them, I carried on to live a more normal, balanced, happy life.

 In my world, you can remove stickers 1 of 2 ways. Option 1 requires Spray Cleaner, Goo Gone & Paper Towels. Some of you may not be familiar with Goo Gone but I can tell you that it is as essential to my household as toothpaste and laundry detergent: invest in brand-name Goo Gone.

Option 2 requires a hair-dryer. 

Let's explain further:


Last week, I was strolling through Ross when I came upon this adorable little TV Stand for 9 dollars. I had to swoop it on up. True to form, the store put the price right where you wouldn't want it. So proper sticker removal skills were key.

(1) Upper Left: The sticker I started with.
(2) Upper Right: Drop Goo Gone over the sticker to saturate it completely.
(3) Lower Left: The submerged sticker soaking in the Goo Gone.
(4) Lower Right: Place paper towel over the saturated sticker and hold it there for 5-10 minutes.
(5) Upper Left: When the sticker is ready, it will pull up easily. If it is NOT ready, it will not. Do not force it.  
(6) Upper Right: After a short wait, the sticker comes off with ease.
 (7) Bottom: Finally, use any type of regular household cleaner to spray away the small amount of Goo Gone, wipe and you are done!  It's as if it had never been there at all.


Though I always prefer Option 1 to 2; 2 will get you out in a bind. Simply grab your hairdryer and spray HOT air on the sticker for 4-9 minutes. Eventually, the glue is compromised enough where the sticker will lift up without friction. The downside is that it kinda hurts your fingers but hey- it definitely works.
Any more tips- how do you remove your unsightly stickers?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Eat Your Little Heart Out #VegasDiet

 For months before Vegas, my girlfriends and I committed to a #VegasDiet. And I say it using that dorky hashtag because it basically consisted of us tweeting one another pics of our light fare using that designation. As we quickly grew weary of the seriousness in reminding one another about our diets (LAY OFF ME I'M STARVING), we started tweeting images in jest of water bottles or air with the hashtag #vegasdiet. Preparing for the trip was a restricting activity which was only fun because we constantly texted about our deprivation- misery loves company, and company in misery makes for some hilarious jokes.
^First official drink in Vegas. Cheers!
^Lil' Edamame at Japonais.
Contrastingly, embarking on the voyage was a gluttonous one. There's so much to just consume there: sugary drinks, big plates of elegant cuisine and treats to appease any palette. And while we didn't go out and do a classic big, huge expensive Vegas dinner- we enjoyed gaining back some of that lost weight in the following ways:
^Morning smoothies to replenish those vitamins.

^Cleansing that palette.
But make no mistake- the day after Vegas my friend sent me a picture of a HUGE piece of pizza with the notation #postvegasdiet. Sho' nuff, eat up girl.

Oh and also, a lot of people commented saying they were surprised Vegas was expensive. I felt it best to clarify why I thought it was expensive (I know people are familiar with Vegas so I don't think I'm unleashing any 'in' secrets): Vegas is one of those places where you can easily get good deals on Flights and hotels... but in general, everything is just more expensive. My Chipolte Bowl was $12.50. My smoothie was $6.25. Drinks were about $15-$28 dollars, which to grown-up me, is just a bit of a gouger. And it all adds up. I budgeted for it but there was always that voice in my head saying "what the $*&%!".

Happy Monday! I work one day today before 3 days of vacation (Go America!) so it shan't be too bad. Have a great one!

[all images came from my camera]