Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 things I just good ol' fashioned hate

 1) The fact that my boyfriend finally admitted that my glasses remind him of Harry Caray. I'm just going to have to assume now that The Boy finds Harry Caray incredibly irresistible & sexy.

2) Begging someone to watch a video on YouTube that they have no interest in watching; starting it, and the video freezing midway as it loads thus sending you into a frenzy to maintain their interest.

3) Someone begging me to watch a video on YouTube that I have no interest in watching; starting it... and the video freezing midway as it loads thus sending me into a pickle as I try to pretend I'm maintaining interest.

4) The alleged 'empire' of Paris Hilton.
5)  People who pride themselves on being super-blunt. Honesty I appreciate; flat out rude comments that most people have enough tact not to say... not so much.

6) Rainbows because they're the product of simultaneous rain & sun. Blech- why don't I just curl up in my gym sock for the same effect?

7) When people drink the milk that remains in the bowl after they eat their cereal. #%*$*%!!!! I wish they would give me a warning before I see it... something along the lines of "Look away, I'm hideous!" would cover all of the bases. Ewwww.

8) Being aware of what could be happening to my dyed hair when I'm in chlorine.

9) 6-7 AM.

10) Super slutty prom dresses. Leave the abhorrent, "what.the.eff was I wearing outfits" for the college years... not for when you're still under Daddy's roof!

 Hating on anything in particular today?


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I love your glasses, if I needed glasses, I would so pick something like that, maybe alil, smaller, but the same. #2 so me! When friends are over, I wanna show them something on YT, my laptop takes foreverrr to load, hate that. I seriously forgot about Pairs! (But her Can Can perfume, smells yummy like, cotton candy, I would drink if it didn't kill me) & the picture of you two, hiler! I haven't drank milk since I read on Raven's blog about all the pus...& cereal was the only thing I could "cook" good, I am so sad about that.

...I would love to work at MAC, but I can't do makeup, still trying to master the wing eye look. & I would have done Fashion Design, but I can't draw or sew. (Basically, I have no skills, I just think I am good at photography) I always say I have talent to find good legit talent. & Seattle, Nordstroms HQ is there, that's where their buyers are.

Anonymous said...

I love your glasses! BF must find HC sexy...

I have to admit that I drink my milk outta the bowl. I know it's gross. :p and I like rainbows. That is all.

Today, I'm hating on...
-being micromanaged. Blech.
-getting up at 4:45 a.m.
-this hotter than hell summer.
-not getting more time w/ my son.

I can't stand Paris Hilton!

Pat Hatt said...

LMAO I have to agree with the BF, you and Harry look quite similar hahahaha

I hate that stupid milk drinking thing to.

And today I hate umm work, getting up, stupid drivers and no AC.

erika sorocco said...

"When people drink the milk that remains in the bowl after they eat their cereal. #%*$*%!!!! I wish they would give me a warning before I see it... something along the lines of "Look away, I'm hideous!" would cover all of the bases. Ewwww."

Finally, someone else who agrees on how gross this is. I once had a babysitter who tried to force me to do this - naturally, I refused, and she wasn't my babysitter for much longer.

Here's what I absolutely loathe...the sound that people make when they're chewing a banana. Is that weird? It just sounds gross. :/

Jax said...

Omg...I agree with ALL of these!!! I cracked up at the rainbow one. It's soooo trueeee!!!! I hate rain, humidity, and mugginess. Why? Because it leaves us sticky, ruins our hair, and makes me miserable. LOL

P.S. I lovveee that you made a list!! Those are my favorite types of posts :) lol

Unknown said...

Omg this post is the business - I loved it! Each made me laugh at my desk :)

Agreed. On all counts!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Ha! I hate:

When people drink straight out of the milk carton
Healthcare reform and all of the extra work it is causing me!

That's my list right now. :)

Anonymous said...

hahha i thought i was the only one who hated when poeple drink leftover milk from cereal. it's nasty!!!

Kate Sparkles said...

That leftover cereal milk is gross.. I've never seen a gone drink it but I hate when it's left at the sink, it should be rinsed out right away!!
Also 6-7am.. Yuck! ( assuming this is when you get up for work? It's when I do and I hate it!)

I love me a good hate list though.. Tonight I'm hating on adult pimples .. In sorry but isn't 23 a little old for breakouts? Too bad my face missed that memo. 50 shades of Gray, I still don't understand how it became SO popular. And rain, I'm so sick of rain!

Unknown said...

hahahahhahah fantastic post! So good!
I hate when people pride themselves on being "super blunt" too when really it's actually just a reason to allow oneself to be hateful and cruel whenever they please. I had friend.. uhm EX-friend? who would always just say "I'm just blunt, its who I am"... righht. =/

I dislike the sound of people chewing gum - drives me insane!!!!!

The Urban Umbrella

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Ok...I can now comment after chuckling for 5 minutes. I love me a good hate list too!

Milk is gross in general. I don' even use it in my drinking the aftermath....SICK!!!

I have never been a You Tube fan and do NOT get people that scour it for hours.

Paris? Wasn't she 'popular' in '02? It's 2012...Next!

My hate list includes:
1. Adult acne
2. Texting at the beginning of a relationship
3. Mornings...anything before 10am sucks
4. Overcast weather
5. People that cannot make decisions

Happy Hump day pretty lady!

PS. you know I LOVE your glasses :)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...
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Bri Buzali said...

this post was AWESOME! I hate rude/blunt people and those that drink their cereal milk too! ewwww!

Camille said...

love this post! so original! love the 'i'm with stupid' thing! never saw this sentene making so much sense as in this particular occasion! lol
today I'm hating waking up and my body still begging for sleep... :/

Elle Sees said...

I cant stand forwarded emails. Most of them are nonsense or untrue. Forwardthis email to ten ppl or uwilldie. Blah.

Kara said...

Hahaha I laughed so hard at the first one, only because Harry Caray was hilarious and awesome so I'm assuming he meant that as a compliment! ;)

I'm totally a milk drinker after the cereal is gone!! Wasting food is one of those pet peeves that was engrained in my as a kid...recently I ate an entire bowl of soup that was deeeesgusting because I couldn't bear to throw it away and waste it.

I hate hate hate hate hate:
-Grocery shoppers who are rude to the cashier/bag person
-Sloowwwwwwww drivers
-People who aren't into pets and don't "get" why a person would get sad about a dog being left outside in heat (random right?)