Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Resting in Cool Peace

If I thought anyone's lives were even remotely affected by my absence since my timed post last week I would apologize for taking awhile to come back... but since I know they weren't- I'll just say I was busier than usual! Plus it's been super sunny so I've been outside on lots of walks eating popsicles like a 5-year-old. 

Speaking of childlike activities; Last Sunday (7/8) after the 3rd night of a steaming hot apartment due to Summer weather where the boyfriend and I walked around  in boxers and tank tops - we knew there had to be an ideal way to get some sleep (and no, we don't have air-conditioning. Pretty common in these parts because of our mild weather). "We" might be a strong term as he was willing to just go to bed and practice the heat-beating method of "sleeping under a bedsheet with one leg out" to fight the sweat... but I knew we could do more: we had a blow-up mattress, sleeping bags and a balcony outside... the recipe for success.

So under the stars in a fusion of "white trash camping" meets "make time for romance!"; The Boy and I slept outside for the night. I was kind of obsessed with it. We stayed cool and had the luxury of falling asleep to a starry night and gorgeous moon... PLUS we're just high enough up where the street traffic below can't see us to render us ridiculous.

But trashy idea or not, waking up at 6 AM to these two views... made me pretty happy.
 ^6 AM wake-up call. Beautiful!

^I made the bed outside and 'surprised' him with it. He was hesitant and made fun of me but was willing to do it. The norm. 
 ^I leave for work about 45 minutes before him so he's usually in bed when I leave. No exception this morning :) Just a different bed.

Here's to a whole summer full of this blissful "camping".

Happy Wednesday! Today is actually my last day working this week but part of what I'm looking forward to in my PTO is having time to post so I'll definitely be around the rest of the week- have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

I would so sleep on a balcony if that was my view waking up!

| C AND C | Sarmin said...
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| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Welcome back Miss. C!
This was a very clever idea.
I would be down to do this too, but I am afraid of bugs/insects of any kind. This is why I don't go camping, I would just stay in the car. Portland is so GREEN, very different from AZ.

& where did you smell KK's perfume? I have yet to see it at a store. I know Macys has it, or has her 1ST one, but I didn't see the newest one. & the only other place I seen her perfume (the 1ST) one, is at Ross, which not gonna lie, made me alil' sad.

Kate Sparkles said...

Best idea ever!!
When I was little and we spent the summer at our grandparents house we used to drag the matresses out under the trees and sleep there when it was just too got in the house.. The entre family did it and it was SO much fun!! But up on a balcony looks even better!'

Pat Hatt said...

Very creative, and sounds like a good plan as I have no AC either, but then have no balcony as well, sucks.

erika sorocco said...

Ah, Caitlin this is the cutest idea ever! When I was a kid I used to sleep outside on the balcony/terrace thing outside of my mom's bedroom sometime. It makes you feel like you're camping / glamping! :P

P.S. I'm all about the bug-eyed sunnies, as well. I love the look of cat eyes (especially on Olivia Palermo), but seriously don't know if I could pull them off. :/

Jax said...

Walking around with popsicles is one of my favorite things to do!! All you need is a young kid to borrow so you don't look strange doing it your self. That's what my Godson is for... lol I kid, I kid!! Enjoy the sun and your PTO :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

That is so cute/fun! Hope you are staying cool..it's been hot here too in Boston!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

That is hilarious! But oddly very sweet and romantic. :) I'm not sure I could brave sleeping outside without a tent or something around me; the thought of bugs crawling on me just freaks me out. But I love that you decided to just roll with it. And what a beautiful sunrise!!!
Enjoy your time off work! And yes, I did miss you, so welcome back and don't go anywhere again any time soon!

Unknown said...

hahahahah!!! Hilarious but also totally adorable and sweet! My boyfriend and I are definitely considering doing this too, it has been deathly hot here lately and the sheet only + 1 leg out is not working all too well!!

The Urban Umbrella



Mandee said...

I love that you guys did that! I'll chaulk it up to romance. My boyfriend has been sleeping on the floor with no blanket in front of the fan. baby. I still use the sheets! But last night was better. I dread what August will bring...but we do have a little AC box in our new place we haven't used yet!

Anonymous said...

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Have a great week.

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Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

SO SO SO SO fun! Great idea, gorgeous view and quite romantic! You two are really super cute. Always!

Bravoe Runway said...

It was super hot last week and I hope it wasn't too bad in the NW! I don't have a veranda in my condo so this looks like fun ;)

Tina said...

what a cute idea! that is so unique - and that tiny little thing is something you guys will remember forever. "hey, remember when we slept on the balcony for that week in 2012? that was the best!" lol no joke - i missed your blogging! you cant disappear on me!!! :D but go have fun on the rest of your week off from work and come back to bloggin! :)

Unknown said...

hahahahahaha oh what an idea caitlin! i love love love it! One night me and my girl friends tried to sleep on our roof here on campus (we can unscrew our windows and climb out to the roof below) but we found that the roof was just tooooo bumpy and we only lasted 2 hours before heading inside and having a sleepover on the floor in one of our rooms haha.
cute idea!
and your absence affected me - i missed your hilarious posts that always put a smile on my dile :)

happy hour 24/7 said...

oh wow! when i lived in a duplex that had a finished basement, i camped there during the "hot" weather we had. now i am so glad i live on the first floor with hardwood floors and lots of trees around so the "heat" isn't so horrible. loving your camping on here!

Kara said...

YOU DON'T HAVE AC?! Omg. The thought of that in our city makes me want to literally die. That would be the worst thing ever! We have AC but my husband STILL sweats through the sheets every night. Yuck, right?

I love the balcony camping though!! Such a cute idea. I'm a bit afraid of heights in my old age so that railing might take some getting used to, but what a wake up call!!

Harriet said...

That's awesome! :) One summer when we were living in Madison with no AC, we created a "vortex" in our room with 5 different fans essentially blowing in a circle... it was loud but definitely did the trick. Though I think I definitely would have preferred a balcony camp-out!