Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Look at them in their natural habitat...

I've had a camera attached to me at all times basically since 2000. Among my circle, I'm known for my photo-ogging and enjoy always being readily available to capture a moment. These images bring me a lot of joy as I look back on all the crazy moments of my life... because I did capture them allllllllll (let's just say that I had to remove about 400 albums on Facebook that I took when I was 19, snap-happy and an idiot)

As much as I love being the designated 'Historian' (the euphemism I use when my friends refer to me as 'paparazzi'), it often means that there's very few pictures of me 'in the moment'. I usually ask people to snap one of me and a friend. Naturally that means I know the shot is coming and therefore sorority squat, put my hand on my hip, smile my biggest grin and look like an idiot in my awkward 'i know there's a pic coming-how-can-I-look-skinnier' stance). However, sometimes it's nice when someone just picks up my camera and unknowingly snaps a few shots of me. Thus creating a segment of pictures that make me laugh. I still look like an idiot, but at least in instances like these- it's natural idiocy.
Me and the betrothed couple. Clearly based on facial expressions- Linds and I are both waiting for Jordan to say something stupid.
She's so supportive when I try new concoctions. I do like my photo wall captured via black and white.
I know we weren't fighting... but it sure looks like fighting words were spoken.
Trying Jordan's cooking.... oh J, you gone and outdid yourself with this- is that Coors Light AND Cook's? ;)
Smell bad? He wants it back? I'm taking it? He's offering? So many questions...
And back it goes. Why so blue Linds?
So there I am- in all my candid glory! Wasn't that special? 
And just for old time's sake- here's when I know the picture is coming... 

College Friends tend to roll back the years when hanging out again.... cheap beer, hand signals... oy!
 My Jacket: H&M- seen HERE, HERE & HERE.
My Dress: Buffalo Exchange:(Better) seen HERE.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

 Sometimes it's impossible to understand the weight of the every day until you've unburdened yourself from it. For me this is done a few ways: exercise, Blogging, sitting on my patio in the morning drinking coffee... just the 'me' moments that help ease the stress of real life and all its challenges. But I don't think I'm alone when I say that those tactics are child's play compared with flying somewhere new. When I was in San Diego two weekends ago for a wedding- the very first night there (Thursday, August 16th) was nothing short of blissful. The Boy and I dressed up for the travel (though somehow in the rush of the airport, I didn't take a picture of this!) and enjoyed a two-hour flight South next to each other on the plane. He played on his iPad and sipped on Gin and Tonic. I had a Ginger Ale, a glass of wine and read "Anne Frank:  The Diary of a Young Girl". Though he grew tired of me constantly interrupting his game of Angry Birds to read aloud excerpts of Ms. Frank's entries due to sheer fascination (Sidenote: Have you read that book since it was assigned in middle school? I wanted to read it again with grown-up eyes. So glad I did.) I think he very much enjoyed our journey. And so did I. Especially because upon landing I was welcomed by a gorgeous beach, family, friends and genial air.
Wine at Acqua with The Boy and Juan. Is this not the way to live life? Because I'd say so. I may or may not still wear Jellies...

Views from the Mission Bay Hilton - It was 100+ in Portland the day we left and a cool 85ish in San Diego

Happy Hour is from 4-6! Is there alcohol in this? Oh God Honey no! What kind of Mother do you think I am?

Just happy as a pair'o'clams


When he gets really excited about being somewhere, he starts explaining the elements... such as this Sunset...

Stepmom, me & Dad at Mission Beach

Can I just move into that dome?

 And all this relaxation was just the first night... oh why do vacations have to end?!?

Happiest middle-of-the-week to you!

Monday, August 27, 2012

10 reasons why fall is welcomed with open (soon-to-be sweater adorned) arms

1. Crock Pot Sundays: The Boy's ritual which will benefit me in every way (except of course my weight loss goals).

2. Ginormous scarves & pashminas worn with even larger sweaters.
Outfit is perfection. VIA.
3. I always hit a good workout stride in the Fall, I'm not sure of the reasoning behind it but I will TAKE IT.

4. The return of the weekend: This summer has been a blast but having my entire summer weekends mapped out by May? Hated it - too many events during the hot months. Looking forward getting off work on Friday and having 2 days of spontaneity ahead of me!

5. Halloween. A delightful day in my humble opinion. However, I have no clue what I want to be this year! A large part of me has always wanted to just dress up like a Cow like Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn do in "The Break Up". I mean, if it works for Jennifer Aniston... it would obviously work for me... (nudge nudge).
Anything you can do, I can do worse. VIA.

6. Going out and not having my entire face melt down my body. I love the summer heat- except when I'm trying to be pretty in it!

7. Soup, soup and more soup! You have no idea how much I love a good bowl of soup.
I hate to see you go but I love to taste you leave. VIA.
8. Football Season of course. Do you think I wouldn't love an event that allows for good beer, sitting around and hanging with friends? On the college scale, I root for the Oregon Ducks. On the NFL scale it's 'Go Broncos' all the way (with love also sent to The Eagles, Bears & Vikings). Congruently to that, I wish terrible curses on the Raiders and hope they lose every game to an embarrassing degree. Sorry if that offends you, I have been indoctrinated since birth.
It never rains at Autzen.
9. Warm covers. Window open. Cold Air. The recipe for an amazing night's sleep. In the summer- such as right now as I type this- this doesn't work so well. I like my Sleeping Air like I like my Men: Cool. (That prior sentence didn't really work and was also the dumbest one I've ever written).

10. Shows! My favorite Latina is preggers! Can't wait for their return. Besides, it gives me something to talk about in the elevator with coworkers that doesn't involve the go-to 'weather' conversation which I've been known to initiate on more than one occasion...

What's your favorite part about Fall?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Undrinkable Wine ♥

I turned 28 on August 8th. And that was entirely traumatic in itself. What eases the pain of this? Well (besides Jennifer Aniston who proves that you can be incredibly hot well after the allure of your twenties...) a nice big bottle of red. Which is exactly what my Cousin-in-Law (my Cousin's wife) picked out for me as part of my gift:
The only caveat: I won't drink it. It will never be opened. Not now... not 40 years later when I'm trying to woo a client and snobbishly offer to open a bottle of 2012 Red that I've been saving for their exquisite palette. No: it shall remain fresh. And if you look closer, you can see why:
Do you see the adorableness of that label? She designed it and catered it to ME! The image of the wine bottle is comprised of words that she felt represented my goals, my life and me as a person.

It's the little, special things that make me grateful for my family.
[PS she was able to do this through her work so I don't know how you can do it!]

Happy Friday and Weekend loverbugs!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Let me get this straight...

My 7th grade Math teacher was the best and the worst. The entire year of school- she rode me to the bone, always checking-in on my work and hounding me when test scores were low. The ensuing conversations with her were never friendly in demeanor but always demonstrative of her desire for me to succeed. Each encounter was colder and less inviting than the last yet I was eventually grateful for what she did for me: I loved her- and I hated her.
Always been a Harry gal myself.
Such is the feeling I have for the (presumably) female attendee who snapped and unleashed to the world the pictures of Prince Harry doing what you do in Vegas: getting naked with people you just met (obvviouusssly). Now I personally have never had that Vegasy experience (honest!)- but I'm certainly emphatically fine with those who do. After all- you're young, you're unattached and far be it from me to not encourage such activity: Live your life! Create memories! Sleep with a world-famous Prince!
The 'LOVE' part of my feelings towards her stem from the voyeuristic fact that the pictures made my effing day. Here was the Royal second-born (such as myself minus the 'royal' part) who- due to his likeliness of never becoming King himself- has the luxury of being a bit more immature than his older Brother. I LOVED the moment I saw the images. I laughed with joy and wanted to high-five him for reminding me that as high-powered as he is- he's just a young, immature guy like the rest of us. Thank you Party Girl photographer for giving me the glimpse into his world!
My girls and Me in Vegas last June. At least OUR stories stayed among the 3 of us.
But the 'HATE' part is obvious. Let me get this 'bloody' straight: Prince effing Harry and his entourage invite you and your likely low-budget, clamoring for free drinks, non-contributing zero friends up to his VIP Suite for a night of partying, drinks and experiences. The end result being an unheard of, carry-it-with-you-forever story which will inevitably amount in a lifetime of enthralled audiences when you play "2 Lies and 1 Truth" and your truth just so happens to be that you partied with Prince Harry. In Vegas. Butt-Naked. But you set all of that aside and instead of caring about this man who lives in a judgey, intense fishbowl ... you unleash his crown jewels to the world so creepy people like me can try and tell if the carpet matches the drapes.
Convo with my Girlfriend about the 'events' of the day-I'm blue, she's silver. Pretty much couldn't get enough!
Party girl photographer: Shame on you! You are the lowest of the low! (and I can't ever thank you enough!) 

I stumbled upon you and gratefully basked in your rays

In my mind- summer is basically over. The heat is still here but all my pre-scheduled PTO has been used; my Summer trips have passed and my mind is drifting more and more to Saturday mornings spent sipping coffee while cuddled into a huge blanket on the couch. You can't do those things in the Summer. Every weekend morning, the sun comes flooding into my apartment with the voracity of water in the Titanic and I simply feel like a piece of crap not go-go-going til the wee hours. Additionally, when it's super sunny outside, some people [my crew] want to day drink. And when you give a mouse a cookie day drink, you nap at weird times and stay up at odd hours chugging water and watching reruns of "I Love Lucy" at 2 in the morning. And then come Monday- I skid into my office a bloated, tired (yet tan) mess. What can I say? Some people [me] just can't handle Vegas Summatime.
Some summer newbies I WILL miss: my new heels and new-to-me (vintage store) clutch.
So while I had a GREAT summer (just got back from San Diego and oh my do I have stuff to tell you), I'm getting ready to gear into the cold weather, the overflowing bowls of soup and lots of cheering for Football teams while I relax on my laptop and edit pictures and blog with you all.

Happy to be back in the swing of things, now that summer is "done".

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Know What You Did Last Summer

I have missed you, very much so! But I have been keeping my promise to myself to enjoy this 90+ degree weather since last year I complained every dang day about its absence. As you can see above via Instagram, since we last "spoke"- I've been keeping busy with the last days of Summer. And I didn't even complain (too much...) when I got stung by a Bee on my birthday. I mean, I am convinced Wasps are the flying form of the Taliban and have nothing but hate in their hearts, but that's another post for another day.

Can't wait to keep in touch soon once the weather dies back down in the coming weeks. Til then... in Instagram we shall hang out!
 UPDATE: My Instagram name is now @caitielady08 :)