Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 Reasons Why Bloggers are Pathetic Losers

When I decided to start a Blog in 2009, it was merely for my own pleasure and enjoyment. I needed (and have always needed) some type of outlet like this. Documenting my life, writing about it etc. wasn't new at all - that has always been me (see: my 500 journals that look like scrapbooks). However, the firestorm I walked into (as fun as it was)- is far more political than I realized. People seem to have very strong opinions about blogging- good and bad. And this has lead to a lot of thought about what this Blog is all about... and I decided (true to my self-denunciation form) that the following post is how I wanted to address the issue.
5 Reasons Why Bloggers are Pathetic Losers

1) Outfit Posts
I run a 'Whatever' Blog- meaning that I write whatever I feel like. So while I don't try to commit to a 'Fashion' Blog- I still like a good ol' outfit post every now and again. And when I do post one, what you see a picture of a girl innocently showing you what she wore. But how did I really get that picture? Welp; I got ready and deemed what I wore "post worthy". Upon determining this, I then allot 15 minutes of extra time before we take off so my poor Boyfriend can take a picture of me. Then, we stand (usually) outside while I strike awkward poses to the same rhythm of his eye rolling and boredom. It's pathetic. And then I post a "What I Wore!" blog and call it good. Yes, it is what I wore, but what kind of loser needs to showcase it like that?!? When you picture a bunch of Bloggers doing this (even the ones in couture), please tell me you see how ridiculous it is and feel better about yourself.

2) Solo DSLRing like a Boss.
I have a nice camera. Due to my lifelong hobby of taking pictures, eventually ending up with one of these was as inevitable as Jessica Simpson's pregnancy weight-gain. But DSLRs are cumbersome and a little rough to use in some cases. Take THIS POST for example (image above from it). I DO make these drinks constantly and that is how I make them. But do you know how hard it was to do that post and capture the process by myself? I literally had to sit there with the knife in my hand while my shaky left hand tried to take a picture with the other hand balanced way above my head. Reallllllly picture that: Crazy girl on her balcony with a staged knife and a shaky left hand trying to capture the moment. My poor neighbors.

3) It takes all but 1 minute to set up a Blog.
In 2009, at about 11 AM, I wanted to start a Blog. By 11:04 AM same day- I had a blog set-up! Well that was certainly hard. I never get Bloggers who act as if they are so tight simply because they spent 2 minutes creating a password, picking a name and throwing some words on the screen. Oooo-Ahhhh!

4) The Time Wasted.
We are all allotted the same amount of hours in the day, so the discrepancy becomes not how much time we have but what we use that time for. I work full-time, I workout thereafter most days and I maintain a social life. On top of that, I write this Blog. And what all Bloggers know (and most readers do not)- is that Blogging is SOO time consuming. From the idea-plotting, to the photo editing- it's a complete time suck. Sometimes I'm up into the wee hours trying to orchestrate the 'perfect post'. Dear Lord Caitlin, no one cares! Go to bed. And guess what else? When I don't post for a few days- here's the amount of people it affects. Ready? Ready?  0.

5) "Fans"? You ain't got no stinkin' Fans.
I am being so, so severely honest when I say that half the reason I Blog is to interact with others. I feel like I have pen-pals all over the world. And that is precious to me. But I'm turned off by any Blog that starts acting as if their Readers are their "fans". Sayyy what? See item 3, please! We do not have fans. We have people who have found something to do between 8 and 8:15 while they sip their coffee and delay the inevitable workday. And if they too wanted to join this 'elite' crowd, they could officially join in 4 minutes by creating their own Blog. So you, dear Reader, are far cooler than anyone else who misconstrues this as celebrity status. In fact- you are much cooler than me for going about your day without feeling the need to tell people what you did. And I mean that earnestly.

So the next time you read a Blog and get down about what you can't afford or don't have, remember that your jealousy stems from someone who sits at home and sets up pretty little home decor landscapes, or tendered, sweet outfits to put on their Blog to share for no apparent reason at all.

And to Bloggers who take offense to this: I come in peace. The only thing I love more than Blogging is a healthy dose of self-deprecation so do as I do and shamelessly write on.

 Much Love.


Anonymous said...

I laughed all the way through this. It's all true!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Crying with laughter. Seriously. So true. We are total losers. But without blogging I wouldn't have "met" you. So this FAN cares. Lol!!

Thanks for always keeping it real.

Charlotte said...

I LOVE this post, I always find it so awkward when bloggers start to treat people like fans. (I hope I've never done it- if i had it was an accident!) none of us are celebs, we're just people that write stuff down on the internet!

Pat Hatt said...

LMAO so very true. Thankfully I can skip the posing part though, that saves a bit of time. But it is one big time suck, that is why you have 40 posts done up and waiting, it makes things easier. haha

Jessica Nicole said...

Hahaha this made me die laughing and then I laughed even more when I looked at the clock and it was indeed 8:15am and I still haven't touched any papers at work. Haaaalarious!

Julye said...

I totally agree with the 4th !!! very nice post ;)

erika sorocco said...

Oh. My. Gosh. YES! To all of it. I seriously love you so much more than I already did right now, Caitlin.

My outfit posts? You seriously don't want to see them - they are so awkward. And the whole fan thing? So true! I think of anyone who visits my blog as a friend - someone I would love to hang out with IRL if we lived in the same neck of the woods! :D

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Lol i love this title...and all so true!!

Panty Buns said...

I love all of your blog posts and don't think they're pathetic at all. Your outfits are always lovely. I follow a fair amount of both fashionista and lifestyle bloggers. I think it's very generous of you to take the time to share some of your life with us both via photos and in your writing. That Photo of you with the caption is a riot! Many bloggers I follow do share part of their lives via blogs, and I like that. P.S.: So sorry for getting way carried away in a comment rant on one of your earlier posts. Oh, no! Have I acted as if my commenters are my fans? (I'd love it if they were - dreams of glory). Your comments are always a treat. As far as how long it takes to set up a blog, it was easy with Blogger, but I wasted months when I first started out using other platforms and hosts and trying to get them to work together. I guess I hadn't realized how pathetic I am (although I've been called that in real life before). Blogging can take up a fair amount of time. Your posts are great. I've been too lazy to set up the camera and take photos and videos for new posts.
Love your red dress, the green blouse, the scalloped skirt, and the dress with the doves and peace signs on it.

Vanessa said...

This is perfection. I love it. I hate when people turn blogging a popularity contest. "How many new followers can I get today?" "I didn't get any comments on my post. 8(" DRIVES ME NUTS. I blog because I like to write and I love interacting with people all over the world. Whether that is 1 person or 5. I STILL get excited when I get a new follower. And I don't want to be one of those bloggers who has 1000 followers. There is no way to genuinely interact with all of them, which means the purpose is lost. And SO true, blogging takes a lot of time!

Anywho, in summary, this post is awesome! And so are you! 8)

Leia said...

I love. Love. LOVE this post!

Ashleigh said...

Will you marry me??
Hit the nail on the head! This is exactly what I've been struggling with when I took my summer break and am now back into it a bit. It all just seemed so STUPID! Granted, there is so much that can be accomplished with having a blog, and it's cool how people can turn it into a legit biz, but I don't want this to be my biz. I like my 'real job', my small readership, I like that there are a handful of peeps who come 'round a few times and week and say hi to each other. I think my blog is basically 'whatever' too and sometimes I question the point. Now that I'm following my favorite peeps on instagram, I kind of feel like that's my new blog situation! Oh, whatevs. I'm over trying to make sense of it all... But you, my dear are spot on with these callouts!

Unknown said...

LOL! Can i tell you how much i loved this post?! i just started blogging a few months ago and whenever i feel like taking outfit pics for a post (in the LOW traffic apartment complex courtyard) i get so awkward and embarrassed. And hell yea to number 2. I have a jewelry shop on Etsy and i struggle with taking shaky one-handed pictures way too often.


HollyGoGlam said...

So true so true! Even though I still take my photos on my blog on my iphone, I still take multiple shots of the same thing (unless it's me in the mirror taking a photo of an outfit) to make sure it looks as professional as it can..even though mine aren't since it's not taken on a real camera.. but you know what I mean! I really enjoy the blogs that aren't "picture perfect" b/c that is real life! ;)

Tina said...

lololololololol ohhhh i love this. love love love this. who the FUCK refers to readers as fans!? im dying to know so i can shamelessly laugh at them. cos thats NOT having a big head?? i know outfit posts are kinda stupid and i always feel stupid posting them lol especially b/c readers are now trained to see outfit posts a certain way and with you wearing legit products that you can never afford cos for some reason that's better? no i will wear forever 21 and the gap ALL DAY LONG! lol ok i think its safe to say i like this post :)

Bronzed Humanity said...

You crack me up! Great post!
Hot Pink Day
Libi & Lola

this free bird said...

i think it's effed. I just do. When I got super busy and consequently ill this summer, it really made me rethink blogging. Personally I prefer blogs with personality where I get to know ppl who keep it real and can afford the shit the wear. Seriously could blow a gasket over the superficiality and 'fan' bs. I mean really? It's an effin BLOG.

Unknown said...

I laughed so hard about this. Since I have many outfit posts on my blog I totally know what you mean, taking outfit photos is perhaps the most awkward and silly thing when you think about it. But I love clothes and I love my world-wide pen pals, definitely no fans - just some new globe-wide friends!

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Hahahaha SO TRUE, Caitlin, thanks for sharing and I love your writing because I can like, picture you saying it (even though I've never hear you speak). Riiight(ex. 'sayyy whaaat!' hahah).

Your biggest 'fan'-A.Co

ff said...

SO TRUE! Lol you crack me up. It is so funny how you can get so tied up in it that you forget most of the world...well...doesn't.

Elle Sees said...

i don't get the "fans" thing either! we're just ppl, after all! all the same...
i do like having readers, and if they become friends, then that's the icing on the cake. the connections are the best part of blogging!

Jelena Dimić said...

This post made me laugh. :) It's so funny how blogging has become something that people are strictly for and against. Really peculiar. xD
I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on:
Lots of love! :*

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS! So true, so true.

Your blog is one of my absolute faves. I love that it's about "whatever". I like hearing about other people's day, hometown, and outfits. :)

And yes, my husband totally thinks I'm ridiculous when I ask him to take my pic for an OOTD post, but he does it...Happily thank goodness! He's so sweet, if we cook something yummy, he has actually gone and gotten the camera first and said, "Want me to take a picture?" Love it.

I first began blogging because I was a SAHM and I was home a lot by myself with my son. I was so used to working 40+ hours a week and being active in the community, and well, sometimes you just want to talk to other adults.

I definitely don't have the time to blog as much as I want and the husband doesn't really want ANY of our pictures on the internet, but it's fun and I sure enjoy reading other people's blogs.

Natasha Gregson said...

Love this so much-so funny and true :) Especially the last one :)


naghmeh said...

omg Caitlin you've just made me want to go hide in a corner!
it was funny though :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I love 'whatever' blogs, I think mine is a 'whatever' blog...With of course with tons of Kim K photos. "Solo DSLRing like a Boss." <--- love that! Seriously, I try so hard taking photos of my outfits by myself, they all turn out so bad, or its just my head & I look like a Bratz doll. Not cute. Bloggers have fans? Say what? Where are my fans?

...I am gonna sound like a fan now, but the last photo, in the 1ST photo (black top/white skirt) is my favorite photo of you, you look gorgeous, love the outfit, & I so want your legs!!

Unknown said...

Oh i LOVE you Caitlin - spot on! OUtfit photos are hilarious - i have done about 2 and felt like such a dork both times.

Hannah Ripley said...

Hahahahhahahaha! This is so funny! I laughed through a lot of this going 'yep, yep yep agree with that'. There'll be some who won't be able to take this light heartedly but it'll be because it's the bitter true they can't face. I mentioned something in my empties post of how I realised just how weird what I was doing really was - why am I taking a picture of an empty bottle of shampoo??? why am I not just putting it in the bin?!
Following you now - love this post so much xx

Nikki said...

Laughed at all of these descriptions.. they're sooo true and hilarious! :)
Nikki at