Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: From J-D

2012: I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave:

 January: Welcomed in the New Year with friends at a great party (Far Left, Upper Right). Moved in with The Boy (!!!) and enjoyed our new view (upper middle, lower right). Hiked in Central Oregon (Right Middle) and visited Seattle to celebrate one of my favorite friends (Lower Middle).

 February: Headed to San Francisco for a Work Conference (Middle & Left Middle) and got to bask in my intellectual side for a wee bit. After that, it was all about a family trip to Sunriver where we snowmobiled our way around the alps (remaining images).

March: Always my least favorite month (at least in the PacNW, I just wonder what it offers?) but it was made a bit brighter with some ski trips (Lower Middle), the budding flowers (Left), time with my precious puppy (Lower Right) and my family (Middle image: my Cuz and Mom) and drinks and fun with friends (Upper Right, Upper Middle).

 April: Headed North to Seattle to visit Miss Tracy again (right), Hiked with my favie Juan (upper middle), enjoyed my view again (bottom middle), messed with my DSLR (upper Left) and hung with family (bottom Left).

 May: Enjoyed Sunriver again with The Boy's family (far Left & image of the 3 guys), delighted in the joys of Spring (upper right), shopped locally (upper middle) and cheersed my Mom on Mother's Day (bottom Left & far right).

 June: This is when my Blogging started falling by the wayside for a couple months so I still need to post on much of this month! But I headed to Vegas with my Girls for a fun little getaway (bottom right, upper row), Went fishing with my Dad and best friend, Shanin (middle Left and middle Right), Walked in our downtown Starlit Parade (bottom Left & Middle 2nd-from-Right) and Hung with the Boy (Middle, 2nd-from-Left).

 July: Who doesn't like July? I mean reallllllly. I enjoyed an amazing 4th of July break in the Boy's hometown of Ashland, Oregon (Far Left- not me, image I took of his stepsister- & upper right), Fested it up with my favorite Redhead (Upper Middle), enjoyed cocktails in my upbeat neighborhood (lower left) and enjoyed lots of girl time on an XX-only trip to Sunriver (middle bottom two).

 August: Ahh, my month of Birth. I celebrated my almost twin birthday with my Sister at an amusement park with the family (lower middle right), headed to San Diego for a gorgeous beachside wedding (Far Right, Lower Left, Upper Left of the lower 4-pick mix), went rafting on the annual trip for the bajillion time in my life (upper middle, upper far left) and celebrated various events with friends in the remaining images.

 September: Such a gorgeous month in Oregon. I Hit up the Beach with my family Dog and The Boy (upper Left, Upper Middle), danced in the Indian Summer heat (Upper Right) and celebrated the Birthdays of my Mom, Brother-in-Law & Boyfriend (all of the remaining images).

 October: Football, Halloween & Charity. Therein lies my October this year. I went to a Football game with my Dad and Brother (Right & Middle left), enjoyed charity ball fun with my beloved Shanin (upper Left) and basked in Halloween (all remaining images).

 November: I ate my way through November. Imbibed in nights out (Right and lower Left), time with great gals (lower middle) and enjoyed a plentiful Thanksgiving (all remaining images).

 December: Oh December. I decorated our place as best I could (upper Right, Lower right), took wintry walks with The Boy (Right Middle), Enjoyed Holiday Parties (Upper Middle, Middle Middle), cuddled my precious Pup (lower middle) and got in some Skiing Time (Far left).

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 Have a very Safe, Happy, Glitzy New Year's Eve!!!!

Welcome 2013!


Brooke said...

Awww, I am loving all your pictures! What a beautiful life!

Happy New Years!


Anonymous said...

An excellent reminder that I should take many more pics in 2013 - Happy New Year!

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

So totally envious of your colorful life. & totally glad I get to kinda stalk you. Happy New Year Caitlin!!!

Pat Hatt said...

Wow tons of pics for all of 2012, must have took a while to do. Hopefully 2013 is just as fun for you!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Great recap of a great year! Wishing you all the best in 2013.


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

such a fantastic 2012 you had...cheers to an even better 2013! happy new year!

Kate Sparkles said...

Ah so jealous of all the trips you got to take this year!
Happy New Year!

Harriet said...

Happy new year! :) Hope you have a fantastic night planned!

Bravoe Runway said...

You certainly had an eventful 2012! I am excited for 2013, I know you'll have even more memorable times :)

Val said...

Happy New Year, Caitlin!!!

Panty Buns said...

What an amazing year you had! That's understating how I look at it. Looking at all the places you went to, the things you did, - how can I describe it? to me it's a big deal when I drive out to the Post Office to get the mail. Everyone in your photos looks wonderful. I hadn't blogged or commented since back around when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, but there was another reason. The love of my life whom I haven't seen in over 41 years and hadn't heard from in over two years emailed me. Then we spoke on the phone. I didn't want to jinx anything by blabbing it out in a blog or comments because she's a very private person and she also thinks I'm a Bozo (the male panty-modeling and reviews?). I thought maybe I should just give up the blogging. Then, on New Years Eve, all that pent up lingerie review desire got loose. I did 6 male-modeled customer lingerie review videos and then embedded them in a blog post early this morning. I wonder if she'll see it and what will happen. Regardless, since she's emailing once in a while it's causing me to be less of a lech. If she hadn't been talking to me I'd probably be having fantasies about the beautiful women in all of your photos.
You had a fantastic year and I love all the photos. I'm still amazed at how old I've gotten and that your mom looks young enough to be my daughter.
I love that peplum in the peachy pink outfit your wearing (with a camera) in the photo next to the Las Vegas sign. I'd love some more full briefs in that colour.
I had a New Years eve of blogging and Vlogging after some book-keeping. I hope your New Year's Eve was fun, and I hope you, The Boy, your family and friends all have a wonderful and very Happy New Year!

erika sorocco said...

Ohmigosh the baby duck in May! And the pretty scenes in December! I absolutely love this recap of your year, Caitlin!

Happy, Happy 2013, my love! :)

Slamdunk said...

You definitely had a 2012 to remember. And it has been a super season for the Ducks.

naghmeh said...

looks like such a great year and you used it to it's fullest!
here's to another great one :)

Kara said...

Happy 2013 lady! It's been a blast reading about your life all these years! Here's to another year of sharing fun memories via internet with each other :)

Sierra said...

WOW I am loving all of your collages and you have such a wonderful life that's rich and vibrant! Here's to a wonderful 2013 too! xoxo.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

I love love love the pic of you and your man in August.

PS - what do you use to create these beautiful collages (esp. the lettering for the months)?!