Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slimmer & Snappier

It was a few years ago and (as usual), I felt anxious and nervous to be in such close-quarters with another person I barely knew. I tried to calm down and play it cool as the air grew stale and the noises grew noticeably louder but I felt myself losing it as the tip rose and began its journey to enter a space which seems completely ludicrous for any Man to ever enter. Knowing I had no choice at this point; I wiggled around hoping to get comfortable, double-checked the protection, closed my eyes and laid back just praying that it would all be over soon. But before you could say 'I need a drink'- my saving grace appeared in my lap: an iPad.

Did I mention I'm talking about my anxiety for flying? Because I most certainly am!

I love travel but I hate flying. And the first time I was greeted with an iPad and could take my mind off the fact that I was 30K feet in the air by watching movies and playing AngryBirds- I felt much better immediately and almost forgot I was without parachute. From that point on, I knew I needed a Tablet.
The keyboard magnetically attaches to the Tablet... and doubles as a cover.
However, the iPad isn't really the tablet for me. This is mainly due to the fact that I rarely don't "contribute" when I'm online. I love reading articles as much as the next person but then I want to edit pictures, post a Blog, mess with HTML... things all hard to do on a Tablet with limited Software and your finger guiding your every move. 

That is.. until the Windows Surface. From ads before its debut, I determined it the perfect Tablet for me as it has all the slim-functionality that you want from a Tablet but all the capabilities of a Computer as well. Sold, sold, sold! But because I'm a Gal who cares about doling out cash, I was beyond elated to go see it for myself at Washington Square Mall on opening day jusssstt to be sure...
It has everything I want in a Tablet... plus everything my Laptop has to boot!
Learning the ins and the outs from the Microsoft Rep.
In a Microsoft-obsessed frame of mind- not only would this be easy for photo-editing, but for movies, for editing Professional Documents, Games and more.
With Jordan: PR Extraordinaire! Gracefully managing the long line behind us.
So after my exploratory afternoon lunch-break testing out the Windows Surface- it's safe to say it's offfficially on my Christmas List

Have you tried the Surface out?

[Note: No, I was NOT compensated for this post.]


The Fashion Moodboard said...

That looks interesting. I have an Ipad myself, however I don't use it as a 'computer'. I just read blogs, but it's a bit too difficult to answer to a post when I'm on the ipad. So I prefer using my regular laptop instead. But this one looks really cool!


Pat Hatt said...

Always stuck with my laptop at my sea, never even heard of the surface let alone tried it yet.

Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

I totally know what u mean, when i got Ipad i was so psyched about it for my travel + reading blogs, books and games and music...all my photos are stored there. so i guess its that way my fav. but otherwise iknow its tough wit the blog. its tough. but also i prefer my sony vaio laptop for my blogs its comfortable and put it on my laptop desk he...well enjoy your xmas present sweetie!!

erika sorocco said...

I haven't even contemplated a tablet before, but now I feel that I need this one in my life - it looks beyond amazing! :)

Bravoe Runway said...

This is on my brothers Xmas list...I bought an iPad back in October, it is good I like it. But the monthly charge is high...grr.

this free bird said...

My life changed when I got my iPad for Christmas last year. I'll give Santa a 411 for you!!

Unknown said...

Oh i want one i want one! mum and dad are trying to work out what tablet to buy for their upcoming overseas trip and im trying to talk them out of an ipad, might have to show them this :) xx

$armin said...

I totally wanted to get this when I saw the commercial for it, two in one love the idea. But of course I got Doll, love Doll!

Have you seen the new desk top computers, those look so cool, omg I want one, makes me pretend I am like CIA agent or something, especially the touch screen once.

...I alil slow, so I was wondering if the new Windows 8 thing was a bit confusing to you too? Its hella confusing to me, I don't like it one bit. Or maybe I will when I know what the hell I am doing.

Hope you get for Xmas, I still kinda want this.

Unknown said...

You nerdy girl :)
Great to see you playing with the gadgets !

Val said...

This is very impressive looking.

ff said...

Pretty cool! We don't do tablets, and by the time we finally upgrade computers these types of things will probably be the norm. :)

Julye said...

so cool !!!

drollgirl said...

like you, i love traveling and i hate flying!

i don't have an ipad or a surface. and sadly i don't see one in my near future. every time i look at my credit card bill (since xmas shopping was OUT OF CONTROL for me this year -- mostly because i kept getting great "deals" for myself!!!!) i think i can't buy anything for me for MONTHS! lol but one of these gadgets sure would help when stuck on a plane!