Tuesday, October 8, 2013

7 Things I'll Never Do Again

1)Live somewhere that isn't within walking distance to at least a coffee shop, a wine bar and a mart. 
^Me, July 2013 via Instagram @CaitieLady08. Left my place on foot and spent the day at a bookstore, an upscale vegan eatery, a gallery and an alehouse. All steps away from my front door.
I don't know how I will ever go back to driving to run my errands. I need to find a cool suburb to Mom out in when the time comes.

2) Stand on my bicycle, hold it between my legs and speed down a hill while doing the "Chicken Tonight" arm motion.

What a little badass I was when I was 7.

3) Buy cheap wine.
Lol. Jkz. Jkz.

4) Speak of loving "Pumpkin Spice Lattes".
I do like them, but casually mention it on social media like an ignorant chump? NEVER AGAIN.

5) Tell anyone a story about the 'crazy dream I had' that lasts more than one minute. No one cares.
(I reserve the right to take this back if a dream blows my mind)

6) Buy drain cleaner.
Do you have vinegar and baking soda in your house? Boom.

7) Visit the Vatican. 
^Me at the Vatican, June 2013. So beautiful, no?
I can sum up the Vatican like this: Art, Sculptures, Excessive Line, Heat,  Excessive Line, Heat (repeat). Glad I went but oy. The lines!

What's something you would never do again??
[First & last images are mine. Rest are from HERE.]
Monday, October 7, 2013

Warby Parker Class Trip: Portland

 I remembered when I first realized that I needed glasses.

^Trying out some new frames on the Warby Parker bus on their Class Trip in Portland.
There's a main hallway at work that stretches the entire length of the building. When I first started working there, I could easily make out who was coming towards me even if they were on the other end of the corridor. However, about 7 months into my employment; I started to notice that not only was I having trouble distinguishing coworkers but I felt my own face squirming around itself in grotesque form.

It was the telltale sign of needing to see an Ophthalmologist: Giving out accidental b*tchy looks in an impulsive effort to see better by squinting your eyes.
A few months and a couple pair of Burberry glasses later, my coworker introduced me to Warby Parker. I was hesitant to buy glasses online with this puffy, heart-shaped face o' mine, but quickly found that it was a breeze: home try-on options, cheap glasses, amazing customer service- I was sold.
^The experience via my Instagram @CaitieLady08
And I have been since that point. I still love other brands of course, but they are simply hard to beat for their niche.

That's why I was beyond excited to go visit them when they had their Warby Parker Class Trip stop in Portland. I was excited for a few reasons:

1) Shopping on a bus.
2) Browsing their new styles.
3) Free ale (Good beer is made of wheat, which is basically like eating "Wheaties". Michael Jordan knows what I'm talking about. #90sGirl).
^Above: Enjoying some local wine with my shopping. 
But even after expecting good things, I was pleasantly surprised to note the effort they have put into this event: live music, vibrant digs and a staff that was excited to showcase their product.
So from a loyal customer who has been there from the start, thank you for letting me help celebrate your success!
^Hunky date.
And just in case you are starting to side-eye: I went to this entirely as a customer, receiving nothing free or special on account of my blog. Which makes me a fool, I tell ya!

Tried Warby Parkers before?
[all photos by me]
Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Me Blogging Again: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

 I know, I know. It looks as though I have just abandoned this blog and left it to rot and mold like my 4th grade science project that I stuffed under my bed. It's been so long since I posted (and regularly at that) that even creating a 'new post' right now has me a bit out of my element. But I haven't said goodbye to my blogging ways. I have an explanation, a grand one at that.

Last November (I posted about it HERE), I noticed that almost my entire catalog of blogs had become pictureless [see also: 'Fatal Blogging Error']. For a lot of 2010-2012, pictures had completely disappeared from my posts and the entire formatting of each post had been altered. That is well over 350+ posts of mine that had become complete fragments of what I had spent so much time creating.
This pic has nothing to do with anything besides the fact that I was having a good hair day. Go me.
I tried to keep posting normally while fixing this problem, but a couple months ago, enough just became enough. I had no time to prepare a new post, read other blogs AND fix the hundreds of posts of mine that needed attention (if you don't blog, you have no idea how long this self-imposed task takes). I have to work all day, cook dinner, work out, yada, yada, yada [insert more boring grown-up stuff]: something had to *#@%ing give and unfortunately, that 'something' had to be my hobby. Plus, it was summer. So, I also needed to factor in some evenings in the park and long walks in the morning with the sun on my skin- a rare treat in the Pacific Northwest.

So instead of creating new posts, I have been slowly but steadily putting all of my old posts back together. I stopped reading blogs and I stopped writing blogs in order to focus on this incredibly time-consuming and frustrating task. And I'm almost done. I have about 5 months worth of posts to recreate (sounds like a lot but I started with over 30!). And with the colder weather coming in, I'm inside a lot more tearing through them at a faster rate.

So, in conclusion: I will be back. So soon. Oh, so soon. And I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to have all of this behind me and relish again in the pointless task of hobby blogging and writing about what I like to eat: OH-EM-GEE, I CAN'T WAIT.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ciao Amiga: Things I learned

 While I am still putting a dent in my photo editing from both of my amazing trips, here's a quick list of random as all get out traveling tips that resonated with me/I learned the last month:
Mexico  on Left, Italy on Right.
  • Fill your shoes in your suitcase with delicate items to save space/ensure safety- I put each piece of my jewelry into individual bags and tucked them inside my sneakers. They were safe from harm and it utilized extra space.
  • Always carry a pen. Mostly for the abundance of forms that will be placed in front of you but also because you're likely without cell service and will need to be able to physically write your number down on that hot foreign man's arm.
  • Don't be friendly at the European train stations. When my Brother told me this, the polite smiler in me scoffed. But once we got there and the wolves ascended with offers of helping me move my bag, or giving me directions, etc.... I was happy to have my Brother next to me telling them to **** off. They're not nice gentlemen (a rare breed as is), they're working you for money. Be confident and own your space. #LikeABoss
  • Bring an empty duffel bag to take back as carry-on if you plan on shopping and to displace the weight in your checked bag. I have never successfully followed this rule ahead of time... but in my next life, I will.
  • Google travel Blogs before you pack with tips about packing for your final destination! Even if the information is old, it will still serve as a reminder of what you really need and what you can leave behind. As my packing could be documented in an episode of 'Hoarders', I appreciate the pressure of someone else telling me what not to do. And it's kind of nice to have it come in the form of a friendly blog, rather than a judgmental older sister (Hi Jocie!, love you!).
  • Bring tall socks for the plane. I can't stress how much I love pulling those bad boys out and trying to seal up to sleep. Cozy!
  • Ensure that you have some non-electronic entertainment- airports nickel and dimeing' with their Wi-Fi charges and ensuring that there's not enough electrical outlets to accommodate more than 3 people means that you are often off the grid. Grab a book and enjoy its steadfast loyalty to you during your travels.
  • Be beyond comfortable saying "No, gracias" constantly in Mexico. Even to little children. Unfortunately, after a few brews, my love of children got the best of me when I was down there. If anyone wants to buy 20 crappy trinkets... please inquire within. Or some Chiclet.
  • Relax in a way you don't at home and without an ounce of shame: order a drink or two on the flight, read a tabloid mag, play a dumb computer game, watch 4 movies in a row... it's so rare that we are forced to relax in such a way without responsible temptation all around us- I say you take advantage of it.
Any random tip that helps get you from Point A to Point B sanely?

Monday, July 1, 2013

A weekend of Orange Skirts, Orange Blankets & Orange Haired Celebs

Have you seen 'This is 40'? I recently watched it on my flight and couldn't stop laughing through most of it. I mean... it's just so on-point in its presentation of a long-term couple. One of my most favorite scenes in the film was when they were talking and laughing about how they would kill each other if they could and the way in which they would do it. Pretty funny stuff because it all seems to ring so true at times.
^This is 29/28: Twin Outfits
Sometimes the two of us really get just.so.tired of each other.  We obviously enjoy one another's company about 95% of the time, but there's a solid 5% where either of us would just assume jump off the balcony in an effort to get some space

And this last weekend, I've discovered another fun little side-effect about spending so much time together: we start to dress like twins. I didn't even notice this until his Stepbrother pointed it out on Saturday (while laughing at us). Oy. There's few things that either of us aspire to do less than dressing like twins...
^Orange bottoms, Teal tops
^Strolling around the North American Organic Brew Fest
However, I wasn't about to take off that orange skirt for no mans. Because I just think it's so, so pretty. In fact, when it was time to begin the evening festivities, I hatched an outfit plan that allowed me to take it out on the town with me.

^Meeting Pete of "Pete & Pete"!
Of course Sunday was not fancy and the orange skirt was replaced with Nike workout pants (which I consider proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy)- I toyed around at the Park like a hippie and took care of my grocery shopping for the week, per the usual Sunday depression:
^Hard to explain my love for picnic blankets. What a blissful way to relax.

^This is incredibly hard! How people do this without help is beyond me. And yes, in Portland it is common to just go to a park and have people tie-up tightropes where they can. We are an odd group.
^LEFT: I took a pic to capture my grocery shopping like a true urbanite- backpack full of of produce, flowers popping out and 2 handfuls of bags to carry 12 blocks- but hey, I didn't have to spend money on gas! ^RIGHT: Sunday night meal prep- my lunch for this week: Spinach & Arugula salad with salmon, beets, pistachios and artichoke. Yum!
Now back to work for a short couple days, I think I can make it! 
Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Hello to say Goodbye to Google Reader

Well hello Blog World!
It's been awhile, hasn't it? I will keep this short and sweet: I had originally planned to post after Cabo but I only had 2 nights (and work) inbetween the trips and my relatives came into town for one of them and I needed the other to pack. And I wanted to also Blog from Italy but it just wasn't feasible with our itinerary. Basically, life has been busy and good- and I shouldn't be complaining. But I hate this detached feeling from something I really love to do.
With that said, I had pictures and (what I see as) fun posts lined up for next week - call it my reentry into Blogging. But then today, I was reminded that Google Reader is closing come July 1st (Monday!). So, instead of waiting to post next week- I'm going to do the obligatory reminder that apparently "BlogLovin'" is the place to go to follow now. I have a link on my left sidebar that will take you there.
 photo image_zps347f8e07.jpg
[Enjoying a Spritz in Florence, Italy]

I am personally going to try and export my Google Reader into another platform, which I've heard is doable. But I don't know enough information on that yet to give details- if you do, let me know!
I hate that it's going away and I hate that I have to post this dumb post about it- but I least want to know I tried! Especially because it will serve as a reminder to me on Sunday to ensure that I'm still following all the blogs I love reading.
Happy Friday and I will see you next week :)

Sorry for this lamesauce post but in the words of Paula Deen: Whomever has never posted something they regret can throw the first stone!
Or just throw me some money instead, I'm going to be pretty poor for the next couple weeks as I recover from Italy and Mexico.
Friday, June 7, 2013

Flitting off to Cabo

The time has come for Cabo. It's about 12:30 AM on Thursday night (so technically Friday morning) and I am about to go to sleep so that I can get up in just a few hours to leave for the airport. This day has been long- awaited, even if it did come at the expense of other things. Such as my nightly blogging time as I was living in my office this week. To ensure my desk was in order for the month of travel ahead, this week alone I had worked 58 hours by end of day Thursday... tirrredddddd. But ready for the Cabo sunshine and a bucket of Coronas on the beach!

 Besides, I can't wait to watch these two hilarious, wonderful people get married.
No- not THESE two... but I wouldn't put it past them. The Cabo Groom and his Best Man aka my Best Man!
The beautiful Bride and Me!
My blogging will be sparse in the next coming weeks with my two trips. I'll be sure to say hi between the trips next week and I MIGHT even pull off a blog or two from the Italian leg of my ventures- but we'll see. That may seem like a weird way to spend time to some, but for me- taking an hour in another country and blogging while I'm there just sounds peaceful (I like this hobby, what can I say?).

Anyway, it's going to be a long, exhausting, tiring, expensive, amazing, spectacular month. And it all starts in a few hours. 

In the meantime- in Instagram we connect. @CaitieLady08

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Friday- and I'll talk to you all at the end of next week!
Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a click away to a better me!

 When I didn't live downtown, I used to make such a big point about 'looking presentable' every time I left the house in my car. Even on the errands I deemed worthy of slummin' it up with worn yoga pants and a frayed t-shirt, I still looked pretty okay with manicured hair and bright lips. But, that has been a bit harder in my more downtown-ish home. Not to sound like I'm writing the premises to a Richard Scarry children's book, but now that I live walking-distance adjacent to my Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker (or in real life terms: Grocery Store, Gym, Coffee Shops and ANY OTHER store I need...) I tend to be running out the door much faster and more frequently with much less attention to detail.

And each time that I'm roaming the streets yet again on another errand, I always think to myself- "Please Lord, don't let me see anyone I know". And those concerns are just for people I see in real life regularly. Don't even get me started on how stupid I would feel if I ran into someone who only knows me from my Blog while I'm rocking my Senior Year of high school basketball shorts and flip-flops with socks on (that has happened and in my defense, I had 5 minutes to make it to the post office around the corner from my house- and I remembered that when I was laying on the couch watching TV post-workout).

So, in the spirit of hoping I'm dressed for the occasion of meeting someone from Blogland without prior planning but fearing that it will happen, I wanted to also prep you with the fact that I am also not as 'glowy' as my photos may seem sometime. I edit 85% of them... such as below.
 Normal Photo >>>>>>> Touched-Up Photo

I've also found that making everyone's teeth whiter in photos results in a lot less complaints from your friends as you take pictures of them doing things worthy of documentation, such as pumping gas. 

So there it is. If you meet me and wonder my eye makeup isn't as vibrant or why you see laugh lines- the above is why. I just pray to all that is Good that I meet you when I'm NOT in laundry day sweats and "I worked out yesterday" hair as I head to the gym while eating a burrito and blasting an exorbitantly loud rap song.
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Skyrise Home Dreamin'

If the City of Chicago were human, he (the architecture is far too masculine to be a 'she' city) would have a restraining order against me.

My search history reads like evidence in a trial after a crime has been committed "No signs she would do this? Well what do you call this psychotic behavior?" ... and a screen grab of every possible 'Chicago' term Googled for 5 hours straight on a Friday night would display on the big screen. Oops. Guilty as charged.

I don't know why Chicago is my lobster, but he is. And I love him. And I think about him more than I should. Which lead me to find this listing, which lead me to daydreaming I could afford it for a good 2 minutes before being cruelly dragged back down to reality.
Located in the prestigious John Hancock Building (large, regal, black one above)

Horrendous views, eh? While I'm not a fan of large, brown entertainment centers... I still know that I would swoop this right on up if I could. I can only imagine how relaxing weekend mornings would be there, sipping coffee, watching the news and looking out at Lake Michigan.

A girl can dream.

What city would your dream Penthouse be located?
Monday, May 27, 2013

Stop Trying to Make Fedoras Happen

 I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend! I did even though I didn't do that much. I went shopping for my trips, I went on a long drive to my favorite part of Oregon just because and I ate some fine Sushi and some very unrefined breakfast food (I struggle saying no to a greasy spoon breakfast... always and forever). I even went into work for about 5-hours on Monday to prepare my desk for my departures next month (does anyone else's offices scare them when they're there alone? I try to convince myself that you need key card access to get in but every little noise creeps me out!). But really, I didn't do too much of anything as I'm really focused on packing and saving money for June. Except... I do actually want to spend some money on something: a Fedora.
Me in 2011 with a borrowed Fedora. I plan on wearing one of these when I gorge myself just like the above.
 I know what you're thinking: "Fedora? Whoop-de-f*cking-do... yeah, I heard of those about 12 years ago." And I agree. But the thing with me and Fedoras is that they have never worked on me but I still long to find one that does. It is the quest of my life! And I need one now more than ever due to the fact that going to Cabo with a group of your college friends means a lot of late nights... and I will need all the help I can get the next morning as I try to camouflage into my pool chair the next day until about 3 PM.

I mean- they just look so cute on people...
Kelly Rowland VIA | Lauren Conrad VIA | Beyonce VIA
But for some reason, not on me. But I will persevere and continue to try. 

2013 is the year that Fedoras (and 'fetch') WILL happen.