Monday, January 21, 2013

Disinterested in Pinterest

 Can I let you in on a secret?

I'm kind of sick of Pinterest. 

Kind of = really.

I just feel that it's a bit... much (and I haven't even logged into my account in months). Don't get me wrong: I completely get and admire its objective and judge no one for being obsessed with it. Having a place to store all of the random things you love online with easy sharing options and interaction with your friends- I get it. I mean, I really get it- I have a Blog.
Me via Instagram (@caitielady08) on 1.21.13
But I think it's gotten a little out of hand. Seems as if every party/wedding/baby shower/trip to the bathroom has now been christened by the Pinterest Gods. Gone are the days of Dollar Tree streamers, a bevvy of booze and some exuberant friends to cheer you on on the anniversary of your birth. They have now been replaced with carefully manicured Greek Columns that you made out of bedsheets and food made from all organic/paleo/low-carb/fat-free/butter-free/sugar-free/vegetarian/low-cal/Skinny Bitch approved/gluten-free/carb-reduced/Atkins-friendly ingredients and displayed on a table you made with twigs from your lawn and covered in feathers you gathered from the inside of one of your old down pillows.

Oh for the love of frugalism- I don't give a *&^%!

What I don't like is NOT the great ideas that have inspired fun, celebratory settings- it's the fact that the "Pinterest" look has become the STANDARD rather than the special occasion- I just want people to remember that budget-minded, stress-free events/lives/bedrooms are still acceptable and welcome.

So that's why tonight on a 40-minute night walk with the BF, I looked down and felt a special love for the texting gloves that I was wearing. They were simple, easy and wholly functional... and they didn't require any navigating of the Pinterest Jungle to figure out:
So fetch.
1) I bought gloves at Target from their $1 bins.

2) Grabbed Scissors and cut off the tops of each finger.

Bada-bing, bada-boom.

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Stevie said...

Thank you. Best post ever. I lost interest in Pinterest long ago. I didn't even use it to plan my wedding! I KNOW, THE HORROR.

Kate Sparkles said...

When I first discovered Pinterest, it wasn't really known in Aus yet, it was like a great secret and the stuff I was finding on their was unique.. then it just went a little crazy and honestly, the quality of the pins on their seemed to decline rapidly.

Additionally, a lot of the 'cheap' ideas may be cost effective in the US, but not so much here.. I know girls paying big money for brand new mason jars, to replicate something they saw on pinterest, missing the point that the original post used those jars as she had them around the house.

Oh and the candy bar at every wedding.. doing my head in.

Rant over but yep, I'm with you on being just a little over pinterest too.

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Ha! Someone reading this will have an "Aha!" moment and will for sure pin it. :)
I came late to the Pinterest bandwagon so I'm not quite to the point of being over it like you are. But I understand how that could happen. However, for the complete decorating dummy that I am, it provides the perfect starting point so I have to love it for that.

Slamdunk said...

You are the true innovator Miss Caitlin. We specialize in making things work here as well--for pennies of the cost.

Enjoy your week.

Pat Hatt said...

Sure make things work, which is a perk. Lost interest in pinterest before I had any interest haha

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

i always buy a ton of those each winter.. then if i lose them when out, it's no biggie. Now they have ones that are $3 and have the texting fingers! I know quite an investment... ;)

Panty Buns said...

I love your texting gloves! What a great innovative idea! I did something similar to the sleeves of a solid a red flannel shirt with worn out sleeves (snip - short sleeved shirt). I had it on over a short red turtleneck, red blouse and with short red flannel jacket with floral briefs underneath thinking of trying to make th No Pants Subway Ride (missed it - didn't figure out the directions in time). WHICH BRINGS ME TO YOUR SUBJECT OF PINTEREST:

I don't have an account there because I release all my photos and videos into the public domain and want them shared - and I thought both Pinterest and Instagram had too much fine print that made it seemlike they would have some ownership in them - maybe I'm mistaken. AFTER YOU'D ALREADY COMMENTED on my last post titled "A Briefs Update Part 4 - with Customer Lingerie Review Videos" I edited it and added a bunch of photos CROPPED TO EXACTLY 400 x 400, hoping they would get shared on Pinterest! (inconsistent, aren't I?) I didn't know one could "Pin" entire posts, but but I wouldn't mind that either.
"Greek columns made out of bedsheets" - You're a riot!
I love the everyday stress free sharing you do. "Navigating the Pinterest Jungle" sounds daunting.
Speaking of that, I recently was a little upset when YouTube reduced my view-count from over 66,000 views to less than 57,000 and started looking at VIMEO. I know some fashionistas have used it but can't find haven't navigated the jungle there enough to see where fashionistas connect.
I'm so glad you share things here on your blog! Love it :)

Val said...

Pretty in Pink!

Val said...

Pretty in Pink!

Blicious said...

o m g this post is my favorite! you are the funniest and I couldnt agree more!! we are on the same wave length!!

Unknown said...

I got over pinterest too... which is disapointing cause i did love it when i first found it, but now there seem to be lots of "add" pins and people trying to publicise themselves and yes the same ideas keep popping up EVERYWHERE!!!
As for the gloves... cute! best colour :) xx

Don Sergio said...

I read a sarcastic post somewhere about all the social media sites now on the net that are very popular and it seems that there are so many that it covers the entire alphabet (sorry for the run on sentence). I only can and want to handle a few, no more than 3 (blog included) and pinterest has never been one that appeals to me, along with Instagram.

Kara said...


I have never caught onto the Pinterest CRAZE. I definitely use it as needed, but I never go on there and lurk. I use it as a functional tool to keep track of things I want to do, try, buy, eat, etc.

True story though - I helped one of my teen girl clients set up a pinterest in session recently because she needed a way to keep herself motivated to combat depression. Turns out she LOVES it! She comes in weekly and shows me the newest stuff she's pinned. It can be used for good, not always evil :)

Bravoe Runway said...

I have pinterest account but ive logged into that thing like 5x max.. I just don't have time to pin everything..and I've heard of so many obsessions so I can understand your frustrationl

erika sorocco said...

Honestly, I've never even created a Pinterest account. I already have the blog, and a Tumblr, and an Instagram, and a Twitter, and a...well, you get the picture. I just didn't want to add another thing to my laundry list of social media sites. So...I never created one. Ho hum...

On a happier note...I love your gloves! Even more so because they match your lip color {which, I must add, looks incredible on you}! :)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

as always, you crack me up and have valid points!

I have been on Pinterest for over two years and some days pin a lot and then nothing for a week or two. I do still get inspired BUT I see a lot of the same things over and over and over. So that bugs! I haven't run into too many "pinterest standard" engagements. The people that are fancy and creative have always been like that. So it hasn't infiltrated my life.

One day I will make some of the recipes I have pinned. And I will use it for wedding inspiration when that actually happens. But for now I am good with pinning humorous ecards and quotes ;)

PS. Your texting gloves are perfect! LOL

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

AGREED! It really stressed me out to host a event because I thought it had to be pinterest or blog worthy. This year, I'm just letting my blog be me and haven't looked at pinterest in months.

Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

i totally know what u mean. pinterest has gotten pretty redundant for me too...!! i visit it hardly now hehe..
New post on my leopard look is up on my blog sweets :)

Harriet said...

Girl, you said it. (And the last line made me laugh.) :)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Kara- I love that. That's awesome!