Thursday, February 28, 2013

Old World Fancy

 I often like to pretend that I'm so 'old world fancy'. I like to do this by drinking tea with my pinkie out, applying my eyeliner to the tune of Audrey Hepburn or by sipping a decadent cocktail on a Friday night. But really, my real life is not too fancy and not very 'old world' at all... which is super unfortunate because I think I would take quite kindly to corsets and the whole 'Ladies who Lunch' thing. Not to mention, everything just looked better during 'those' days (whatever 'those' refers to). I mean if Titanic had been set off the Pacific NW coastline, Circa:Now- then controlling, psychotic, handsome Cal wouldn't be chasing and trying to kill Jack in a tuxedo- he'd be in a fleece. I mean Rose, do you realize how lucky you are that your man was always dressed up for you!?!

So, since I've never had a crumpet, get bad looks when I use an Umbrella on a Sunny day and find that no one likes to refer to me as "Lady Caitlin"- I shall settle for the fanciness that comes along with a night at the Downtown Symphony with your family:
^I was there Feb. 11th with part of my family for the show.
^Stunning Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall- built in 1928.
^Old World Beauty
^Enjoying my view from the stairs.
^Where can I get one of these?
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Happy Weekend, dahhhlings!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Win.

I know we gain weight faster; sacrifice our bodies for childbirth; take about 10 hours getting ready; statistically make less money for the same work and have to surf the crimson wave once a month... but by gosh do we have it better than our male counterparts when it comes to clothes.

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Work Trip: Napa, CA

 I am generally always excited to go on any work trip. To my grown-up self, any deviation from the norm at the office is perfectly wonderful to me. No matter the weight of the task at hand upon landing: I have always enjoyed a good ol' fashioned business trip.

Minus one thing: the picture situation. Long before Facebook, Instagram, TwitPic, etc. I have taken pictures of essentially everything I do (and I do mean everrrrything). So when I'm on an out-of-state work excursion, I still want to document the world as I see it and capture anything that represents local culture. However; I just can't do it. In the financial industry, I've discovered that most scenarios leave little time for recreational photo-ogging and juvenile antics. And Coworkers are different than friends-I can't be shoving my camera in their faces because they happen to be standing under a gorgeous maple tree. So essentially, my trip to Napa  is shamefully being shown to you through mirror shots.
^In my Hotel Room- about to venture off to the Conference.
^I love hotel rooms. I take a picture of every one I stay in.
^(Left) My dress for the evening Cocktail Hour/Dinner with my entire Region (Right) My first day arrival outfit. I always look so miserable in the face when I try to take these pictures. I was happy, I promise!
^Fresh off the Plane- my travel attire for the day (Left) Full (Right) Sans Jacket

^What beautiful trees in the stunning Napa hillside.
^Instagram Shot @CaitieLady08
^Flying home again. Doesn't that look a little like Jurassic Park?!
So I'm fairly certain it's illegal to go to Napa and not take a picture with the wine I enjoyed but, girl's gotta eat! Fun blogging pictures are secondary to my career. Just another thing to remind the college kids of ... (Subtext: stay there forever).

Have you spent any time in Napa?
Monday, February 25, 2013

Fire On The Mountain: The Girl can Eat

 Well hello friends. Life was too busy to blog last week so I just avoided it altogether and decided to focus on my real life. How stupid was that? I hope you had a wonderful week though! Like I've stated: I've been trying to lose weight pretty intensely since January which has resulted in a lot of veggies, a ton of sweat and an annoying knack for telling everyone my weekly meal plans (I've lost 9 lbs and 12 friends so far). But as I'm actually at a point where I am seeing a difference in my body, I thought: What better way to celebrate that than to eat a horribly bad, wonderful meal?!?

Across the river and over in the Hipster-laden part of Portland is "Fire On The Mountain" a local restaurant known for its delicious wings and spicy sauces. Arriving at such a place after a strict diet brought out an ugly side of me- drooling, panting, punching people in the face to get their place in line- the usu'.  Couldn't wait to order.
Breakfast of Non-Champions
My pretty little City
I dig me some low-key spots
I wasn't into a Brewski like my dining partners but I can always appreciate a local ale- if only in sight
Oh, be still my heart. Carbs. Sodium. Fat.
Bad food is best served with friends
He forgot sunglasses so he was wearing mine, in case you were wondering why there was so much flair for a male goin' on there.
It was an incredible, illogical way to celebrate some progress. But of course: I'm now back to my normal foods. Boo!

Looking forward to Blogging this week, oh how I missed it last week. But I did catch some good ZZzzzzs, I must say.

Have a great, great Monday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love is Yours.

Though I didn't know it, I had love in my life from the moment I first gasped for air. It was a gift given to me: a family who loved me.
I felt love more as I grew: knowing that my Mom, Dad, Sister and my Brother were the entire makeup of my joy in life. I remember thinking of the prospect of losing them and feeling so scared I had to hide under the covers (a trick I still use today for that horrible thought).

As I grew: love expanded. I felt love for friendly cats I found on walks. I felt love for the red sun on my skin. I felt love for the little Caterpillar I studied as he crawled over my fingers, trying to get wherever he needed to go that day. I felt love for a new type of family after my Parents' divorce. Though it took a lot of getting used to, I realized I had many more people to love in my family now.

I cherished true love for friends. I fell in love with act of time wasted with a buddy. With secret societies formed in the middle of the hollow bush at the park. With the gift of our mutual growth and milestone after milestone only adding to our stories. 

Eventually, I reached an age where I experienced real romantic love. I basked in the glow of a young courtship, exciting kisses and pretending we'd be together forever. I fell in deep love. I fell in strong love

I lost love. I experienced the heartache of a broken union. I felt hurt. I felt devastated. I felt consumed with grief.

I mourned. I cherished the memories. Eventually, I felt like me again.

I still had the love of friends. I had the love of family. I still had love for a hot cup of tea at night. I still had love for the letters my Nana would send me. I had love for my crummy old car, which allowed me to escape at will. I still had the sheer joy in the love received from the family dog pawing at the door to greet me. I had love for the smell of my Dad's pancakes on Sundays. And later in life and with the accompanying maturity, romantic love came again.
Love has always been present. No matter my relationship status. Love is inherent to your being: romantic love, family love, unconditional love, lost love, new love, old love, difficult love - it's all yours for the taking.

And if you look for it, I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around you.
Happy Valentine's Day. 
(And to you dear Boy: Thanks for being my Valentine.)
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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Come Fly With Me

I know the most cliche and useless thing to complain about is airplane accommodations, yes? We all know the seats are tiny, there's little room to move and that it's not the ideal way to spend a few hours. So I won't get into all of that. However, last week when I flew to Napa and sat with Superior Coworkers on the way there and back, it got me thinking about how I like to fly when I'm trying to still be all Professional and ish...

For instance, when I fly for leisure, this is generally what I go for (however, I don't look as cute as this looks):

Leggings: Because they are as close to Pajamas as I can wear in Public without scorn.
Long Gray Tee and Zip-Up Sweatshirt: For the varying hot/cold flashes and the fact that I like to snuggle into the hood.
Uggs: If my feet are cold, all else fails.
Flip-Flops in my bag: For the destination.
 A Scarf/Pashmina: For plane snuggling (works well with the hood) and can kinda hide my face behind it to sleep.
Personal Effects: Something to read, something to snack on and some lippy.

 However, when traveling for work, from start to finish: You're representing your company. And even your plane look should reflect that.

Here's how I typically try to mesh those two worlds:

Professional Dress: The WORST for me is sitting on a plane with an uncomfortable button digging into my belly-button from trousers. I always choose to travel in a professional dress: flowy, no digging into my sides and still work polished.
Tights: Because they seal you up with warmth. I always need my feet covered on the plane!
Shoes: I usually keep Uggs on hand (small ones preferably) in my briefcase for the flight and put my heels back on upon touchdown.
 Pashmina: Again, the stylish accent that also doubles as a sleep-aid and blanket.
Day Planner: I want to be prepared for when I land- not to mention, having a single point of contact for all my receipts and ticket information. All about exuding efficiency to your peers.
Accessible Mirror/Make-Up: Most business trips I go on, I have to meet people shortly after landing to start the 'work' part of the trip. Polishing my face before landing... after a morning that likely started at 4:30 AM and has since resulted in me face planting into my scarf and sleeping and drooling... is a musttttt.
Reading: A book or a better magazine such as "Vanity Fair". Leave the "Cosmopolitan" on your bedside table.

 That's just how I do: Does your flight attire change when it comes to Personal trips verses Professional ones?