Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Come Fly With Me

I know the most cliche and useless thing to complain about is airplane accommodations, yes? We all know the seats are tiny, there's little room to move and that it's not the ideal way to spend a few hours. So I won't get into all of that. However, last week when I flew to Napa and sat with Superior Coworkers on the way there and back, it got me thinking about how I like to fly when I'm trying to still be all Professional and ish...

For instance, when I fly for leisure, this is generally what I go for (however, I don't look as cute as this looks):

Leggings: Because they are as close to Pajamas as I can wear in Public without scorn.
Long Gray Tee and Zip-Up Sweatshirt: For the varying hot/cold flashes and the fact that I like to snuggle into the hood.
Uggs: If my feet are cold, all else fails.
Flip-Flops in my bag: For the destination.
 A Scarf/Pashmina: For plane snuggling (works well with the hood) and can kinda hide my face behind it to sleep.
Personal Effects: Something to read, something to snack on and some lippy.

 However, when traveling for work, from start to finish: You're representing your company. And even your plane look should reflect that.

Here's how I typically try to mesh those two worlds:

Professional Dress: The WORST for me is sitting on a plane with an uncomfortable button digging into my belly-button from trousers. I always choose to travel in a professional dress: flowy, no digging into my sides and still work polished.
Tights: Because they seal you up with warmth. I always need my feet covered on the plane!
Shoes: I usually keep Uggs on hand (small ones preferably) in my briefcase for the flight and put my heels back on upon touchdown.
 Pashmina: Again, the stylish accent that also doubles as a sleep-aid and blanket.
Day Planner: I want to be prepared for when I land- not to mention, having a single point of contact for all my receipts and ticket information. All about exuding efficiency to your peers.
Accessible Mirror/Make-Up: Most business trips I go on, I have to meet people shortly after landing to start the 'work' part of the trip. Polishing my face before landing... after a morning that likely started at 4:30 AM and has since resulted in me face planting into my scarf and sleeping and drooling... is a musttttt.
Reading: A book or a better magazine such as "Vanity Fair". Leave the "Cosmopolitan" on your bedside table.

 That's just how I do: Does your flight attire change when it comes to Personal trips verses Professional ones?


Pat Hatt said...

Guess I'll have to deal with the buttons digging into me, not sure the dress would work hahaha

Sam said...

My flight attire definitely changes if I'm going for work. I will dressed up in work clothes. But if I'm traveling for pleasure I still opt for regular weekend-type wear like (my comfiest) jeans and a nice shirt - no hoodies or leggings for me. BUT practical footwear is a MUST!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I still normally go super comfy even when traveling for work, but i am usually flying alone. Love both inspirations!

Stevie said...

I love dressing up on the plane - reminds me of flying in the 50s and 60s when everyone dressed up. I do, however, like to be comfortable so I choose comfy dress pieces like you suggested. Nothing worse than an uncomfortable waistband/buttons!

Kate Sparkles said...

I'll never have to travel for work ( well it seems pretty unlikely aside from a school camp) but I dress differently depending on where I'm landing and what class I'm flying. I've got very comfy black pants with an elastic waist but hidden under a long(ish) shirt you can't tell they aren't button up and they look classy enough to head straight to dinner or for cocktails at the first class bar.. The best trips are those in first class obviously but I think my days of turning left are all but over and when I fly coach.. It's all about comfort.. I have to take one of those neck hugging pillows with me, a book, magazine and something to write in and a few snacks. I've also learned the hard way do t get drunk on long haul flights.. There is nothing worse than waking up hungover with three hours flight time ahead of you..

Kara said...

I love love both of these outfits! I've never had to travel for work but I also hate the button digging into the belly feeling so I always wear a maxi dress, cardigan and flats while flying. I throw a scarf in my (huge) bag and that usually gets the job done! Plus being able to quickly use an airport restroom is key *shudder*

Kisti Belle said...

Great post! I hope to one day travel for work. :)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Stevie- I love the idea of dressing up to fly too- EXACTLY. I usually choose comfort over it but I do admire the cause. :)