Monday, February 25, 2013

Fire On The Mountain: The Girl can Eat

 Well hello friends. Life was too busy to blog last week so I just avoided it altogether and decided to focus on my real life. How stupid was that? I hope you had a wonderful week though! Like I've stated: I've been trying to lose weight pretty intensely since January which has resulted in a lot of veggies, a ton of sweat and an annoying knack for telling everyone my weekly meal plans (I've lost 9 lbs and 12 friends so far). But as I'm actually at a point where I am seeing a difference in my body, I thought: What better way to celebrate that than to eat a horribly bad, wonderful meal?!?

Across the river and over in the Hipster-laden part of Portland is "Fire On The Mountain" a local restaurant known for its delicious wings and spicy sauces. Arriving at such a place after a strict diet brought out an ugly side of me- drooling, panting, punching people in the face to get their place in line- the usu'.  Couldn't wait to order.
Breakfast of Non-Champions
My pretty little City
I dig me some low-key spots
I wasn't into a Brewski like my dining partners but I can always appreciate a local ale- if only in sight
Oh, be still my heart. Carbs. Sodium. Fat.
Bad food is best served with friends
He forgot sunglasses so he was wearing mine, in case you were wondering why there was so much flair for a male goin' on there.
It was an incredible, illogical way to celebrate some progress. But of course: I'm now back to my normal foods. Boo!

Looking forward to Blogging this week, oh how I missed it last week. But I did catch some good ZZzzzzs, I must say.

Have a great, great Monday!



erika sorocco said...

Ohmigosh Tater Tots! Is it wrong that I always think of Napoleon Dynamite when I see/eat Tater Tots? :P

You look incredible {hat - need; lip color - love}, Caitlin; and congratulations on your progress! Unhealthy food is always a yummy reward. :D

Pat Hatt said...

Sooo violent, never get between you and food haha

Sam said...

Congrats on your progress! Those wings and tater tots look like a perfect celebratory meal! I am a firm believer that cheat meals (every one and a far while) can actually help you stay on track!

Panty Buns said...

You're a riot! Congratulations on your healthy progress since (early) January!
All your exercise and the wellness game plan you mentioned in your post titled:
Prasad: simply tasteful are working!
After perusing all the scrumptious looking items on that delightful Vegan eatery's Menu (pdf)
I'm surprised you didn't go there instead of to "Fire On The Mountain".
You cracked me up with the description of how eager you were to get at that "...horribly bad, wonderful meal?!?".
I see The Boy and friend are already wearing green 20 days before Saint Patrick's Day.
The tater tots and their sauces sound good. I love potatoes (as long as there's no meat in the oil)
and would probably like a vegetarian hot sauce made with fresh peppers.
Glad you got some good sleep. Enjoy your week. I hope you find some new tasty healthy treats along the way.
You and your outfit look great. Your lipstick is a pretty colour and I love your hat, scoop neck top, skirt and dressy coat.

P.S.: Thank you so much for your comment on my last Customer Lingerie Review outfit post. You're sweet!!

Stevie said...

I LOVE Fire on the Mountain. I always eat there when I'm in Portland! I have some friends who live just up the street. Talk about dangerous! SOOOOO YUMMY.

Unknown said...

Oh i wish when i messed up on my healthy eating plan that i did it this stylishly! My mess up was consumed in a dark movie theatre where no one could witness the horror as i devoured half a bag of malteasers hahaha

Good work on the 9lbs!!!