Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Work Trip: Napa, CA

 I am generally always excited to go on any work trip. To my grown-up self, any deviation from the norm at the office is perfectly wonderful to me. No matter the weight of the task at hand upon landing: I have always enjoyed a good ol' fashioned business trip.

Minus one thing: the picture situation. Long before Facebook, Instagram, TwitPic, etc. I have taken pictures of essentially everything I do (and I do mean everrrrything). So when I'm on an out-of-state work excursion, I still want to document the world as I see it and capture anything that represents local culture. However; I just can't do it. In the financial industry, I've discovered that most scenarios leave little time for recreational photo-ogging and juvenile antics. And Coworkers are different than friends-I can't be shoving my camera in their faces because they happen to be standing under a gorgeous maple tree. So essentially, my trip to Napa  is shamefully being shown to you through mirror shots.
^In my Hotel Room- about to venture off to the Conference.
^I love hotel rooms. I take a picture of every one I stay in.
^(Left) My dress for the evening Cocktail Hour/Dinner with my entire Region (Right) My first day arrival outfit. I always look so miserable in the face when I try to take these pictures. I was happy, I promise!
^Fresh off the Plane- my travel attire for the day (Left) Full (Right) Sans Jacket

^What beautiful trees in the stunning Napa hillside.
^Instagram Shot @CaitieLady08
^Flying home again. Doesn't that look a little like Jurassic Park?!
So I'm fairly certain it's illegal to go to Napa and not take a picture with the wine I enjoyed but, girl's gotta eat! Fun blogging pictures are secondary to my career. Just another thing to remind the college kids of ... (Subtext: stay there forever).

Have you spent any time in Napa?


Charlotte said...

I love that last sentence, haha

How was the wine??? Taking photos at work things is always awkward. I went to a fancy charity ball at the Waldorf in London recently and only took hotel shots. Needs must! xx

Pat Hatt said...

Agreed stay in college forever, work sucks haha and wow jurassic park, you found the rich dudes hideaway. And everything you say? hmmm the possibilities for a retort there haha

erika sorocco said...

Ooh, your travel attire is just perfect - and I love the bright pink lip you're always rocking. You just look stunning!

P.S. I have lived in California for years and I have never been to Napa. :/

Sam said...

Napa? For a business trip? Amazing! I have always wanted to go there and being an avid picture taker myself I can only imagine the inner turmoil of not being able to take pictures on a whim! That is the beauty of iPhone's though... everyone has their phones out so you don't look TOO touristy/inappropriate! :) The pictures you did manage to take are beautiful!


Elle Sees said...

I take a pic of me jumping on the bed in hotels. There's one on instagram.

Stevie said...

I'll be heading to Napa in a few weeks! My uncle and aunt own a 60 acre ranch just east of Napa. It's the perfect place to escape for a few days :-)

Panty Buns said...

I miss staying in nice hotel rooms like that. I love the colour of your blouse, your ruffle hemmed skirt hair and makeup (and the camera) in the first photo. Alas, I no longer drink and would miss out on the wine tasting if I ever visited Napa, but if I drank I'm sure I'd be looking to discover a dinner wine I liked. I missed Napa when I rode North from LA in '72 and took a road through the Mojave Desert by mistake (oops). That last photo does remind me of Jurassic Park! Your scarf is pretty too.

naghmeh said...

your travel outfit is so chic!! I generally dress like I'm going to the gym on planes lol.
that photo of the trees is beautiful!

Kate Sparkles said...

Ah I hate the moments you really as t to take pictures but just feel to awkward.. But some memories you really don't need pictures for! Love your outfits, you look professional AND cute!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@PantyBuns: aw, love your memories! And you don't need to drink to enjoy Napa - the views alone are astounding!! The Mojave desert sounds amazing!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

I have not been to Napa but I have been to every other "wine country" in CA. Looks like you had a fun trip even without being able to document properly!

Might I add that you are LOOKING TINY! Your hard work is paying off!

Jamie said...

Whew! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves hotel rooms and takes pictures of them!!