Friday, March 22, 2013

Paper covers Rock, Rock smashes Scissors- Memories beat all

I had some time to kill today while I sat in the waiting room at the Doctor's office. I was surrounded by beige chairs. Beige walls. A stagnant cup of water. I felt the need for some beauty. So I Googled expensive real estate for sale and found a house that made me drool... and I figured I'd share the wealth for a fun, light-hearted Friday post:
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But later in the evening, as I sat sipping my sparkling water while my food cooked, I stumbled upon this article and was reminded of the love story scene in "Up". Without hesitation, I switched over to my Apple TV and watched this musical montage on my big screen:

I don't want to meet the person who doesn't cry through that. Just as I remember from the last time I suffered through its enchantment; happy, chokey, can't breathe crying ensued as I watched the most amazing depiction of the beauty in a simple life flash before me.

And in an instant; the big, huge house I found earlier didn't seem so cool. The flamboyant rooms left too much empty space. The ginormous kitchen was amazing, but did nothing to feed my soul. When push comes to shove- it was all just stuff.
Memories with the family Pup > Stuff
 I know I'm still not immune to coveting a new dress, searching for places with wall-to-ceiling windows and imagining a Sunday morning in my infinity pool... but I also know that those things never make me cry as I watch them: Happy, chokey, can't breathe cry. Because they simply don't mean as much.

Here's to a weekend of people... and not stuff. XO.


Pat Hatt said...

Also surrounded by tons of germs in that office, eww haha yeah they make look fun, but really who wants to live in something like a museum, not to mention the cleaning, pfft to that.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post Caitlin!
Huge smile on my face right now (probably because i chose not to rewatch that video at this second!).
Also, total body envy right now! hottie with a body hahaha.

Elle Sees said...

love this post! so true. and i totally cry every time during that scene in Up!!

PorkStar said...

Awwww man, I do remember that scene so much, it certainly made me tear up the first time I saw it. I have a screen shot of one of these scenes of both of them together and some of what they said in one particular scene (cant remember now lol) and it's in my office.

Nice nice post!

ff said...

Oh, my gosh I ball everytime I see that. I love this post. Stuff is what we buy to attempt to fill the voids in our hearts, and the attempt always fails. What we need without fail is genuine people.

Kara said...

We watched that scene in one of my classes in grad school (life cycle and transitions) and the entire class of us - grown ass adult THERAPISTS - sobbed. I first saw Up in a theatre in Seattle with Ryan while we were road tripping (and just barely dating) and it was a lovely experience for us as a brand new couple.

It still makes me sob. In a good way :) Cheers to enjoying the free beauty of life!

Panty Buns said...

You look fabulous in those photos! You have wonderful taste in swimsuits too. I wouldn't have thought a short animated video would be such a tear-jerker - sniff... I know some of those mansions have been in your dreams but the video is right. We (hopefully) make some beautiful memories in our lives. It's nice that you have some of them captured so much in photos and have so many. I'm sure we all hope we don't lose our memory like Allie (sp?) did in the movie "The Notebook". I think you've been busy accumulating beautiful memories for yours. Have a Happy Easter this coming Sunday.

naghmeh said...

ohmygosh! I can't even. That gets me every.time. I LOVE Up! and yes when it comes down to it, it's all stuff. I work with very sick patients often and it just makes me realize how precious our every moment really is.

Kate Sparkles said...

I can't even talk about 'Up' without crying.. we are actually playing music from up during our wedding ceremony, because who wouldn't like a marriage just like Carl and Ellie's?

LOVE the pictures and you're definitely right, stuff is just stuff!

Anonymous said...

I love your random thoughts, sounds like me;) lol
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Val said...

This is such a wonderful post!

Sierra said...

Beautifully said. Stuff will not take us very far. Nature, love, and happiness will. Love that scene in Up and it made me cry too. Hope you are having a nice Easter weekend!