Tuesday, March 5, 2013

things I could do without

The epidemic of inadequate closet space in every home I've ever lived.
Oh to be 24 again.
Dijon Mustard: I want to like it, I do. But no.

Going to bed early.

People talking while I'm trying to watch a movie.

People getting mad at my friends and me for talking during a movie.

Looking at next month's picture in the calendar before it's time to change it #AnythingToMakeWorkExciting.


Portland's 'Plastic Bag' Ban.

People who 'check-in' at the gym every.single.day. 
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Any word that attaches 'ies' to the end of a female body part: Sick.

Punk Rock

Eating the movie Popcorn during the previews.

Websites that automatically load songs: Especially when you have a lot of tabs open. WHEREEEE ARE YOU COMING FROM!?!?

Adopted pets being sent back to the shelter.
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DVD racks in plain sight.

Unlined trash cans.

Motorcycle Revving: Save your $ and my hearing and please just stuff a sock down your pants instead!

The fact that tanning is bad for you.

Watching people drink their cereal-bowl milk. Shudder.

Hipsters & their effect on Portland's perception.

Sitting in the backseat of a two-door car.

Black licorice.
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People who don't like to tell self-deprecating jokes.

Bald lips: I love me some color.

Got anything you could do without to share today?


Brooke said...

I hate the back seat of a two door car!!! EEEK!

Those poor kittins - sad!

=) Brooke

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I deff feel on the closet. I am so sacred that the rod in mine is going to break any day now.

popcosmo said...

Haha, this list was laugh out loud hilarious!!!
I hate reading acronyms. I love typing them, lol...
Glad I found you and I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin'!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

I agree with several of these...Especially black licorice, talking while I'm watching movies, and going to bed early...But I do disagree with the motorcycle one if I know the person doing the revving. But if I don't know you? Yeah, get over yourself. :)

Pat Hatt said...

Lots of those I agree with, but I think the movie ones cancel each other out haha and yeah anyone who returns animals shouldn't have been there in the first place.

Sam said...

You had me at inadequate closet space! I think that may be a lifelong problem that I'm doing my best to accept.

The talking in a movie part is hilarious, haha! It's all fun and games until someone else is the talker!


Panty Buns said...

It's so true about closet space! For most of my life I've lived in very old houses. Apparently a long long time ago people didn't have much of a wardrobe and didn't change clothes much. I long to have a HUGE (store size) walk in closet. Going to bed early. Hah! Have you noticed my comments sometimes border on unintelligible because I've stayed up too late? I don't like littering. I used to ride a motorcycle and saw someone throw a beer can out the window, picked it up, zoomed up to him at the next traffic light, said "you dropped something" and handed it back to him through his driver's window. He was very taken aback. Oops! My motorcycle was loud. Unlined trash cans are the worst. What I could do without? My pet peeve is prudes who think they have the right to censor everybody and force their values on everybody else.

Unknown said...

Ok, where do I start? haha.
a) I LOVE black licorice! I wish I could still eat it, but its full of sugar :(
b) Your photos have totally influenced me to change my view on bald lips! I'm actually planning to wear lipstick to a party next weekend - i have NEVER worn lip colour to a non fancy dress event!!
c)The popcorn issue at the movies is soooo spot on! The previews are getting longer and longer and I just can't restrain myself from eating ALL the food!
d)I adore punk rock.
e)plastic bag bans are frustrating huh!?! but i do like what they aim to do for the environment.


Camila Faria said...

How can you not like Dijon mustard??? :)

And I could use a little extra closet space too!


Deidre said...

I thought it was common knowledge that one does not eat the popcorn/snacks prior to the start of the movie. NOT the start of the previews. There are RULES PEOPLE.

Lima said...

Bald lips? Haha! I chocked on my tea! Seriously made me laugh out loud! I do agree though, colour is a must for lips.

Even if I'm having an off day, bright lipstick is needed on my lips.


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Lindsey- haha Lindsey. It just kills my ears! That's my only problem with it.

@PB- I know you are a fellow night owler like me!! And good job on the litter!

@Rinniez- I know, I hate eating the popcorn during the previews but doesn't mean I don't do it... just means I am pissed when I look in my popcorn at the beginning of the movie and it's gone, haah. And, I just meant bald lips on me, not others. Take some pics though because I would love to see! I just love lipstick.

Elle Sees said...

i eat the popcorn during the previews! i am impatient and hungry, hehe.

Elle Sees said...

ps i have my computer muted bc some tab has the WORST MUSIC EVER on auto-play. is it ever a good song or auto-play? Ever?? No.

Kara said...

Ugh I super feel you on the gym check-in. Who does that?! I'm happy that you're working on your fitness, but stop. Please. For all the chubby folks like me out there.