Tuesday, April 2, 2013

9 reasons I could use a Tropical vacation right now

 1. Because I saw a Hula-Girl dashboard Bobblehead today- just hula dancing away, rubbing it in my face with every shake of her hips.
Hawaii- 2010
2. Because I need a big, huge, 7-year nap.

3. Because American Apparel just had a huge sale and I got a few things for about 20 dollars. And everything American Apparelish is banned from my work due to the uncovered backs and unisex, falling-off-you sizing. So where will I wear it if not in the tropics? I mean it only makes sense from an economic perspective...

4. Because laziness is a goal on vacay... but over here apparently it's a failure. Wasn't George Costanza on to something?

5. Because my Instagram feed is about due for some Palm Trees. I mean, duh. It's been like 6 months since one has made an appearance. I think that's a violation of their terms of service.
Vegas - 2012
6. Because my hair dryer broke and the wet hair, beachy look doesn't really fly with a suit jacket and pencil skirt. And I don't feel super motivated to buy another one.

7. Because I can hear my neighbor right now learning about the birds and the bees. I mean, good for her. But get me outta here.
San Diego - 2012
8. Because the only music I have to listen to on my work computer is Nickelback.

9. Because I would like to not be so close to North Korea right now.


Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Great reasons. Those damn hula girls are so mean. ;) And Nickelback??? Uhhhhhhh. Your IG feed is in need of Palms. While So Cal may not be tropical we have a lot of Palm Trees and I have an extra room. come visit! And if you DO get away, just take me with you. I need a long nap and a worry free existence. Please and Thank yoU!

JW | PEONY said...

I feel ya on the North Korea - sheesh. And you forgot a reason, you're bod is bangin and needs to be shown off in a bikini

Unknown said...

Woah that is one a hellova lens on that camera!
As for a holiday, I can't waittttt til the first week of June for my US escape - 4 whole months of holiday yipeeeee!

Kate Sparkles said...

I wish I'd read this earlier.. I was sitting under the palm trees by Mum's pool yesterday and could have added one to your IG feed.. Though it won't be nearly as fun as a palm tree pic you took yourself!

erika sorocco said...

Hahaha! Everything you said about American Apparel is the EXACT reason why I love them {and their products} so much! Take me away...if only to bring my American Apparel out of hibernation! :P

Charlotte said...

Haha, number 7! Oh my.. eugh I need some sun so bad, I even had to dye my hair this weekend because lack of sun has made my roots come through darker than the rest of my hair, I've had to give in to dark blonde and I am not happy about it

I need some palm trees in my life, and pina coladas... xx

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

2,4,5...i agree. I.ve been dying for an all inclusive, beach relaxing vaca!!

Pat Hatt said...

I'm with you too, be grand to get awaya nd go somewhere and just lie on a beach all day. Especially if the birds and the bees can be heard through the trees err umm walls haha

Sam said...

Those are 9 solid reasons. You definitely must go. In my opinion, reason 8 is enough on it's own, haha! :) I personally, would settle for some summertime weather!


Panty Buns said...

I thought perhaps I should make a pro-forma attempt at assuaging your feelings of longing for a vacation by injecting a bit of reasoning with respect to your reasons you could use one (me? reasoning? hahahahaha). I failed miserably:

Reason Number 1.)
Oh, heck. How can one explain that one away? Clearly the Hula-Girl dashboard Bobblehead is a sign of some sort. I'm pretty sure one of those guided the Space Shuttle back to Earth in the movie Space Cowboys;

Reason Number 2.)
Bad idea. Life is too short to take a seven year nap. If you oversleep you might wind up playing nine pins in the mountains with Rip Van Winkle;

Reason Number 3.) Wait a minute. American Apparel makes clothing right here in the good old USA. How dare they ban wearing their clothing at your workplace? Oh, right. I can see how they could get distracted from their exciting paperwork;

Reason Number 4.) I had never seen that Seinfeld episode before LMAO. Somehow I don't think that one would work in real life but the idea of it is funny/I never would have thought of it. I have a hard enough time just fitting my knees under there. What? Laziness is a failure over here? Why didn't somebody tell me?;

Reason Number 5.) You look so amazing in that red peplum dress it should be presumed you're a V.I.P. and get complimentary 1st class airfare - but photos like that one of you in the red dress are much, much better than photos of palm trees.;

Reason Number 6.) Okay, now you're getting desperate. There are hair dryers available all over (Kmart, RiteAid, every department sore on the planet, etc. etc...);

Reason Number 7.) I'm totally lost here. My parents never explained the birds and the bees thing to me and I never had sex education either. Maybe I should switch places with you so I can get caught up;

Reason number 8.)
You said: "the only music I have to listen to on my work computer is Nickelback". Nickelback did a song called "How You Remind Me" which Avril Lavigne did a cover of - I think she's married to one of them. Can you listen to this version by Avril Lavigne - How You Remind Me - YouTube at work?

Reason Number 9.)
Maybe your fears about being too close to North Korea can be solved if we can coax Margaret Cho into being our Ambassador and work together for a united and happy Korea. Her recent reconciliation with the management of the Aroma Spa (see her blog post The Aroma of Forgiveness) proves most things are possible given the right attitude (and a small miracle now and then).

I love that photo of you with the camera and the long lens. Now how can I get in front of it? (just kidding - I'm an East Coast fixture).

I think you may have a touch of Spring Fever, but maybe that's a good sign. I LOVE Spring!!! :D


Virginia said...

I neeeed these vacations!!!! can I go with you??? :-P

Vanessa said...

Giggling over your list. Listening to Nickelback? I am so sorry. You definitely need a getaway.

Reason I need a tropical vacation? The day ends in "y". I need a tropical vacation every day.

PetitLolita3 said...

I identify with this list so much!


Unknown said...

Oh man, I want to be on the beach right now!! Palm trees and sand and that crystal blue water... sigh. Summer break needs to come faster.

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Kate- ahhh, that sounds perfect! I wish there were Palm Trees at my Mom's house!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@PB- hahah, I don't think the George Costanza thing would work in real life either but wouldn't it be nice?

Number 9: No YouTube at work :( But I have heard that song and I do like it! They have a fewwww good ones but I don't really want to listen to them over and over.

I love your plan for North Korea! Sounds like you need to write a letter to DC :)

Thanks for the fun comment as always.

Unknown said...


Brooke said...

Super ready for a tropical vacay right NOW too!

=) Brooke