Friday, April 5, 2013

a weekend for the birds

 Well as much fun as last Saturday was, I'm actually changing my MO for this weekend: no fun cocktails and more fitness and weekday food items. Meaning, no weekend indulgence. Collectively groan/sigh/throw a tantrum with me, won't you? I don't even know if I have mentioned on here yet that I'm going to Mexico in the beginning of June. Our darling friends are getting hitched South of the Border in Cabo and I'm very much looking forward to some days off work, celebrating my friends, getting a tan, staying at a resort with all my buds and sleeping by the ocean. I CAN'T WAIT.

Actually, I can. Because I still got some el bees (the Spanish way to say pounds, right?) to drop before that happens. Hence the point of this post (using the word 'point' here very liberally): I will be having a healthy weekend. I don't want to be out late or find myself in a Mexican Standoff with a plate of Nachos and some Fries at the end of the night. I know who will lose: Me. Or more accurately: Gain.

So I'm really just looking forward to walks, mocktails and more of this:
Saturday Morning workout last weekend on the Portland Waterfront
Besides, due to a heavy workload this week, I'm pretty behind on all Celeb gossip but I hear little Miss Kimmy has made more fun choices in the one-woman show titled "OMG does this baby belly make me look fat?!?[cue the ugly crying]". So I'm excited to devote some of my weekend to enjoying her weird narcissism during her pregnancy.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend... and sweet dreams Mr. Ebert: thank you for your gift.


erika sorocco said...

Hooray for workouts! I just bought a ton of new workout attire that has made exercise even more fun than before {gotta look good to feel good}. :D

Pat Hatt said...

Geez saying you need to go some place tropical and then telling us you're going to mexico, way to rub it in ...LOL

Panty Buns said...

Consider it done - (groan, sigh argh, !*@#$!?!). Have a wonderful and safe time in Cabo San Lucas - please don't forget to take your camera along or lose it - I'm selfishly wanting to see the photos! :) Sorry I haven't done any new posts myself yet and haven't made the gossip pages yet either (that I know about anyway). Happy Friday and happy weekend to you too, and congratulations for resolving to be healthy during the course of your enjoyment!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Um... can you take me to Mexico with you please??

Unknown said...

CABO!?! Can i come pleaseeee? Totes Jelly! I wish my friends would start getting married so i could go to weddings, i love them!
As for the healthy weekend, most of mine have been like that lately, saving saving saving for the big US trip!

ff said...

What a fun trip you've got planned! I recently started my annual cut high-fructose corn syrup out of my diet thing. It's amazing how much it's in and how tortuous it is. But it helps those el bees (lol!) come off fast!

naghmeh said...

oooh sounds exciting!!!
good for you for being so strong Caitlin!! you've got this girl.
ps. that photo of you and your man is so cute :)

Val said...

Such cute pics!! Cabo is the best place, ever.

June said...

Dont give up on the cocktails! I'll tell you a simpler way to stay in shape! Just have a glass of warm water with lime and honey every morning when you wake up! It totally works but takes about 2-3 months to show results