Monday, April 22, 2013

Girly Weekend in Seattle

 It's easy to fall into the trap of a 'boy' lifestyle when you live with one. Chips are in my house for the first time in years. And I've actually stopped complaining about the damn toilet seat being up as it doesn't seem to change much. I'm used to the inane background chatter of Sports on all day. I mean, I like sports too but I refuse to devote an entire weekend to listening to the outcome of every single game that occurs. I just don't care. But he does, so the noise carries on. Men, men, men. As the saying goes: "Can't live with 'em, Can't remember why you moved in with them".
Me with my little Seattle transplant - Instagram @CaitieLady08
Kidding, of course. But I do need to get away from the dirty socks every now and again. So when you invite me on a quick girls trip? Yes, please! Can we leave yesterday???

Due to the easy transition from Portland to Seattle living, my friends and I have an increasing number of pals who live in the Emerald City just 3 hours North of Portland. Seattle and Portland are incredibly similar in atmosphere and culture and we have an easy time getting along due to our shared misfortune of heavy rainfall (which Seattle gets more of mind you). But the city itself still feels new when I visit it and its bigger size does bode well for a weekend jaunt with friends: New places, same faces- that's a little getaway I like.
Encroaching on the City and ready to play!
Shopping and Sipping in Bellevue. And loving every minute of it.
The rumors are true: Girls just wanna have fun.
Enjoying an orgasmic brunch at Toulouse Petit: Dungeness Crab and Asparagus Scramble with Breakfast Potatoes & Toulouse Sangria
Dungeness Crab and Red Grapefruit Salad
Sunday morning coffee while we wait to eat- and yes, my self-tanner is on-point as usual...
Relaxed and happy
Sunday afternoon back in Portland: Honey- I'm home! And dressed to the nines.
If you are in Seattle ever- run (don't walk) to Toulouse Petit. It's one of those annoying places that always has a huge line and is voted the best of the best in every foodie list there is. Except it's not annoying because it's SO worth it and lives up to the hype. Go-go-go! I've also found it's better enjoyed with a group of hilarious girlfriends. Just my tip :)

And Seattle- you are simply fabulous. And would be a wonderful place to live. If only you weren't so similar to my current digs. If I'm going to cheat on Portland and move- my new mistress has to look nothing like my current wife, ya heard? Otherwise- what's the point of all the trouble it takes to have the affair?

Another lovely weekend ruined by a Monday- dangit! Have a good one :)


Panty Buns said...

You mean you weren't glued to the television set for the Nascar Sprint Cup race in Kansas Sunday? I'm in shock! Snackerally every home should have nuitricious bags of chips in the cupboard!
About that toilet seat: Do you remember to leave it in the up position now? Just kidding. As you know I'm a guy but I wear ladies panties. A long time ago a woman I was dating told her parents who then then put me on the spot asking me about it because they didn't believe her and (unbelievably) asked what I did when I had to pee. I sit down. Obviously all men should wear panties.
I love your makeup. Maybe you should do one of those YouTube makeup tutorials.
I think an occasional night out with the girls (or boys getting together for sports stuff) is pretty normal. Your girly weekend looks like it was fun and that fancy coffee or latte or ? looks good. Iff by some odd quirk of fate I ever wind up in Seattle and can stand the wait I'll have to try the cuisine at Toulouse Petit.
Your sexy "Honey- I'm home!" outfit made me laugh. I was married once and remember how relaxed we got after a couple of years.
I'll bet you still dream of a waterfront mansion in Chicago (brrrr... cold).
Happy Monday! I hope yor week is a good one and that you and The Boy enjoy the Spring whether it's during the week or on weekends. :)

Pat Hatt said...

Thanks to the cats wanting to take a dive in the loo, my toilet seat is always down haha sounds and looks like a grand time was had as you got away from the dirty socks at your pad.

naghmeh said...

looks like SO.MUCH.FUN! nothing beats having lots of fun surrounded by your best girls :)
ps. that brunch looks so yummy if I wasn't so far I would be running for the place.

and I love your outfit, maxi skirt and an & sign sweater=perfect.

Unknown said...

hahaha the affair talk at the end - great comparison!!
As for the weekend - FUN!!! I escaped back up to my uni city this week and that feeling of being surrounded by friends was absolute bliss! So much so that im off to do it again this week :) xx

Kara said...

This looks sooooo amazing. Sign me up immediately!! It's awesome that it's just a short road trip away for you! Isn't it awesome what a change of pace can do for you??

erika sorocco said...

Oh, Seattle is one of my favorite places in the country - and this post just reminded me why. I need to go there. Like now.

P.S. I LOVE your Sunday look - so cute!

P.P.S. Surprisingly, I am actually impatient when I do my nails - I paint them when I'm responding to blog comments {seriously}. That said, I always feel naked when my nails aren't painted. :P

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Love the idea of a girls getaway weekend! looked like fun and great wedges

kariotakis said...

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We can also follow each other if you like! :)

Candice said...

How freakin fun!! I love like LOVE your & sweater and maxi skirt, share the deets girl:) thanks

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Your weekend sounds super fun! Girls weekends are the best! Your coming home outfit was awesome and living with a boy is definitely different! Haha. I enjoy visiting Seattle but I def do not have a love affair with it!

Jamie said...

That first paragraph sounds all too familiar - it looks like you had a blast!!!