Monday, May 20, 2013

Do go chasing Waterfalls.

It happened last week at the end of a long, busy day at work. I realized that in the midst of all of my 'to-do' list checking-off, I had only been up from my desk about 4 times that day to use the Ladies' Room. That is disgusting. 8 hours of sitting. I don't think the human body is made for that! I'm fairly certain that if the David had a 9-5; the most important part of his 'birthday suit' wouldn't even be visible thanks to his stomach. And that my friends, is a fate I don't intend to have. Not that my legacy will ever be encapsulated in the form of a sculpted male nude but I would still like to keep my options open for whatever opportunities come my way.
250 feet up and enjoying the view of the Columbia Gorge (which separates Oregon & Washington). I'm in Oregon but beyond the river there is Washington.
So I promised that even in the most stressful of days, I needed to AT LEAST fit in a couple quick walks outside. And on the following weekend, to get out and see the REAL wilderness. With that, on Saturday we headed about 30-40 minutes East of Portland to a 'town' called Bridal Veil, Oregon. Though it is federally recgonized as a town, I kid you not that all it has left to offer is a cemetary and a Post Office. But that is enough. Know why? Because Brides continually flock to said post office to mail their wedding invites- all for the "Bridal Veil" stamp across the top.
The freshest air in the world lies at the base of a waterfall.
I call this collage - "The Headless Hiker"
So much green. One of the few good things about our rainfall.
But what it lacks in man made structures, it more than makes up for in inherent beauty: trails, peaks, valleys, waterfalls, canyons, streams... it's a Hiker's dream. Most especially for lazy day-hikers like us who want to be in and out in a few hours and call it good.
The Instagram View @Caitielady08
The views were spectacular, spending uninterrupted time with my boyfriend was needed after 3-weekends apart and seeing the world from 250 feet up felt just as good as I had hoped it would. 
Hard to tell but we're about 300 feet up there! Taller than the trees.
A day without stress and/or stuff is great but burning calories while you do it is just the icing on the cake you can't eat. I vote for more hikes this summer!

Happy Tuesday!


Deidre said...

Your photos are beautiful, and everything looks so green! I love it.

Unknown said...

GOrgeous! I wish i took time to appreciate the great outdoors more often like this. I can't wait to spend my US summer at camp and constantly surrounded by nature :) xx

erika sorocco said...

I truly cannot believe just how gorgeous Oregon is. The scenery is just outstanding - and this particular locale looks like the most peaceful area for hiking, or meditating. Love it!

P.S. Mint nail polish is so perfect for summer vacations! :)

ALLIE NYC said...

I remember doing this when I lived in the pacific north west!!

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Unknown said...

Such gorgeous photos! :)

Pat Hatt said...

Great shots, and yeah need to get off our butts, 8 hours at a desk can screw you up just as much as hard labour, need to be rich and quit lol

Unknown said...

Great pictures, love the nature

JW | PEONY said...

the northwest is the very prettiest. and speaking of getting up and out of your desk, my boss has my bounds and strides doing that too and swears she is less grouchy for it.

BrandiB said...

Love me some Gorge hiking! My soul feels so at peace in that part of OR. May need to head out that way this weekend... :-)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Hiking has become a fav of mine. Those views are gorgeous! Loving all of your colorful clothing options! FUN!

Nicole Marie said...

super into your colorful hiking outfit!

Kristin W said...

You're lucky to have the beauty of Oregon around you! D and I need to make a point to get out from behind the tv on the weekends and enjoy the outdoors!