Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a click away to a better me!

 When I didn't live downtown, I used to make such a big point about 'looking presentable' every time I left the house in my car. Even on the errands I deemed worthy of slummin' it up with worn yoga pants and a frayed t-shirt, I still looked pretty okay with manicured hair and bright lips. But, that has been a bit harder in my more downtown-ish home. Not to sound like I'm writing the premises to a Richard Scarry children's book, but now that I live walking-distance adjacent to my Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker (or in real life terms: Grocery Store, Gym, Coffee Shops and ANY OTHER store I need...) I tend to be running out the door much faster and more frequently with much less attention to detail.

And each time that I'm roaming the streets yet again on another errand, I always think to myself- "Please Lord, don't let me see anyone I know". And those concerns are just for people I see in real life regularly. Don't even get me started on how stupid I would feel if I ran into someone who only knows me from my Blog while I'm rocking my Senior Year of high school basketball shorts and flip-flops with socks on (that has happened and in my defense, I had 5 minutes to make it to the post office around the corner from my house- and I remembered that when I was laying on the couch watching TV post-workout).

So, in the spirit of hoping I'm dressed for the occasion of meeting someone from Blogland without prior planning but fearing that it will happen, I wanted to also prep you with the fact that I am also not as 'glowy' as my photos may seem sometime. I edit 85% of them... such as below.
 Normal Photo >>>>>>> Touched-Up Photo

I've also found that making everyone's teeth whiter in photos results in a lot less complaints from your friends as you take pictures of them doing things worthy of documentation, such as pumping gas. 

So there it is. If you meet me and wonder my eye makeup isn't as vibrant or why you see laugh lines- the above is why. I just pray to all that is Good that I meet you when I'm NOT in laundry day sweats and "I worked out yesterday" hair as I head to the gym while eating a burrito and blasting an exorbitantly loud rap song.

14 comments: said...

nice photos !! :D
what about follow each other?
let me know :)
have a nice day!

Pat Hatt said...

hahaha if the cat ever runs into you, he i now going to point out ever single difference just for fun.

drollgirl said...

well you look fantastic unedited! so there!!!

i try not to meet bloggers. just too much pressure! i am weird like that. i just tell them that it is no thrill to meet me in person. sounds terrible, but it is true!

Panty Buns said...

I love your sense of humour. It's amazing how often I get a good laugh while identifying with something you wrote, i.e.: "...Please, Lord, don't let me see anyone I know". For someone who claims to want to be the world's most famous male panty model you'd think I'd be less reclusive. I guess it's that I don't like to have to discuss what I have or haven't been doing, because I don't care if I run into celebrities. Actually I fantasize about running into people I know from my blog though in those fantasies I always feel a little embarrassed as I see the realization of who I am dawning on them. I have a feeling it will happen eventually.
I know, there are those days in the winter when I've gone to the Post Office needing a shave badly and hope I don't see anyone.
About the photos: I've noticed that the colour in my own photos needs adjusting to get the colours to look more like they do in real life. You must have a good software program. I wouldn't know how to make my dentures look white (I'm afraid "white out" might be toxic) or get rid of redeye without making my green eyes look brown or black. I'm sure if I meet you your makeup will be vibrant (you and The Boy would be on vacation out and about).
I'm trying to figure out how to blend into the woodwork at a wedding I was invited too (eek! - panic attack!).

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

I see a little difference, but not enough that I would duck and run the other way if I saw you on the street!! Yes I might do a double take, but that would just be because either you'd be in GA or I'd be in OR...And I'm not sure that's in either of our plans in the near future! :)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

You never cease to make my day with your 'keeping it real' posts. I am often out with no make up and flip flops about 90% of the time. Glam and glowy I am not. I would still hug you and make you have a drink with me. haha

Elle Sees said...

i'm actually posting a vlog on monday with no makeup--it's my challenge for next week and i def won't do it again. i look like shiiiiiit. in my defense i had a cold and eye damage ;)

Imke said...

Now that you show them unedited, I actually like the unedites ones the most, they're more natural and believe me girl, they're really pretty! No reason to be insecure!

XO Imke

Kara said...

I think you are gorg regardles!! But I totally feel you...most of the heavy photo editing I've done in my day involves acne and the dream of a lack thereof, haha.

All I know is, thank God for Photoshop :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Ohhhh you're so pretty you could walk around town in a bathrobe and still look fantastic. Let's be real. :)

But I do know what you mean. I'm a reporter and have learned the hard way several times that no matter where I'm going, whether it is to the grocery store at midnight or to Chipotle at noon, I'm going to run into somebody I know or have interviewed. More than a few people from my professional life have seen me in my outfit of shame (sweatpants and college t-shirt). Ugh.

Brooke said...

You look beautiful before and after editing!

=) Brooke

Unknown said...

Amazing post!

naghmeh said...

Caitlin you most certainly do not need editing to look good! those before photos are just as cute if not better :)
but if you like the edited better go for it girl haha. and I totally know the feeling of having to rush out but wanting to look at least slightly presentable.

Val said...

You look perfect either way!!! Happy Thursday!