Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the balloons who fought to fly

While enjoying a glass of wine last Friday night on the balcony, I looked over and saw a family of balloons caught in the electrical wire. They bounced about feverishly, seemingly trying to make their great escape from the utility lines. Each tussle of wind shifted the entire group and the exuberant colors against the dusk backdrop kept me mesmerized for a few minutes. After darting up and down and twirling around in panic, the balloons broke free and flew off into the night. Scathed I'm sure, but on their way.

May I project such tenacity and cheeriness when I find myself tied down and struggling to break free. The balloons were cute clamoring around the wire, but they were simply radiant soaring untethered into the sky.


ALLIE NYC said...

What great photo! Where is this?

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Pat Hatt said...

Fly away, just put some helium in your shoes, click your heels and away you go. if you fall, I will deny having any involvement..lol

Sam said...

Balloons are one of my most favourite things IN THE WORLD! I love this post. After your deep perspective I'm now wondering if my liking them is a deeper "cheerful and free" reason! :)


Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Ali- taken in Portland, Oregon :)

Unknown said...

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