Sunday, May 5, 2013

Views, Wine & Sunday Blues

I should have gone out for Cinco De Mayo today. I know this now only because as I type this, my balcony door is open which overlooks one of Portland's most popular streets. My walls are vibrating with the laughs of people below jaunting to and from the popular Mexican bars under me. It sounds like a good time! But I suppose sitting on my comfy chair rockin' an old tank top with ripped boxers on is a good time as well. 

But I am happy nonetheless. This because I'm soaking up my last hour of 'me time' before I have to go back to work tomorrow and start the whole Monday-Friday thing all over again. So I'm savoring this little time I have right now. Savor. Savor. Savor.

What do Sundays feel like if you don't work the next day? I can only dream about that.

However, my Coworker no longer has to dream about it. He is officially done with his career by way of retirement. Which made for the perfect excuse to attend his Surprise Congratulatory Retirement Party last weekend at Ardiri, an Oregon Winery & Vineyard located about 35 minutes outside the City.
Ready to taste wines and celebrate my coworker at Ardiri
He looks like he's wearing Marcia Brady flare jeans in this angle- he is not.
Of course, per the usual, since I was around work folk I didn't want to have my big camera out most of the time. So I just took a few shots before the party got started- but isn't it stunning? I would love to wake up to those views every morning. And the wine was fabulous. And the speeches were hilarious and touching. We had us a good 'ol time.

Not to mention, we purchased a bottle of their Pinot Noir and drank it back home in the city. What a great night.

Thanks Monday, for ruining everything (yet again).


Pat Hatt said...

Wow that is sure quite the spot indeed, wish i knew what it was like to not have to work mondays too.

Sam said...

What a gorgeous place! I wish there was somewhere like that an hour away from me... I've actually never been to a vineyard so even just doing that would be a dream!

In the summer I tend to use some of my vacation days for taking Mondays of - although Tuesdays become the new Mondays, it really is glorious!

Also, LOVE your dress!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

That spot is beautiful! love the dress you are wearing too.

Panty Buns said...

It's great that you managed to savor your weekend. Both you and The Boy looked great in your photos. Your apartment sounds like a fun place to live. The mental picture of you sitting in your comfy rocking chair in a tank top and ripped boxers with the balcony door open made me smile. Have a great week :)

Kisti Belle said...

Holy, I LOVE that maxi!!

Elle Sees said...

I didn't go out for cinco because I had an allergic reaction to wax! It wasn't pretty, hehe.

Val said...

What a gorgeous place and I adore your dress.

Vanessa said...

What a beautiful winery! We love to visit all the ones around here. Our favorite one sits up on a hill & overlooks a river. They do free music outside on the deck on Friday nights so we take dinner up there, buy a bottle of wine, and enjoy the evening. It's my favorite summer activity!

Unknown said...

Wow stunning views!! :)

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

LOL "He looks like he's wearing Marcia Brady flare pants - he is not" LOL!!!

What's with you and the Brady family!? ;)

What a gorgeous place and PS, your hair doesn't look like you suffered an unfortunate cut. Clearly you're awesome at styling it! :)