Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work Outfit: A taste of Europe.

 It's been in the high 70s/80s here in Oregon this week y'all*. And it's supposed to be 86 degrees on Friday! Cowabunga! I am pretty excited. And the good weather didn't just mean that I added some new summery spirits to the bar cart, but also that I stopped being lazy and unpacked some of my summer clothes from winter hiding. Despite the fact that they're all in easy-to-reach suitcases in our wittle place, it proved quite the task that I only half-finished. I mean it was 85 degrees last weekend... my tank top was soaked with sweat from lugging and I found that I couldn't escape the lure of a Popsicle on the balcony after about 10 minutes of 'chores'. And a nap. Don't even judge me, it was a Sunday.

Anyhoo- I did pull out a Skirt that I haven't worn too much yet which is a travesty because I adore it! My Sister goes to Europe quite regularly since she married a Brit and while middle child jealousy begins to rage every time she boards another flight across the pond, I am always really happy with the goodies she brings me back. Such as this skirt.
My work outfit today - 6.7.13
I forget where she actually got it from over there (and heaven forbid I get up and go look at the tag) but I will just pompously declare that it's "from Europe". And my EURRROPEAAAANNN skirt helped soften the blow of entering a dark office on a hot, hot day. I do love me some fun work outfits in the summer.
 My 'thanks for the skirt!" collage I sent to my Sister. The art of taking a mirror pic and not looking like a mass murderer is still lost on me.
Hope it's warm where you are!

*Oregonians don't say "y'all".


Diane said...

so pretty! love this look on you!

naghmeh said...

I love the outfit! that skirt is so gorgeous and it actually looks slightly on the French side!
this hot weather has made me so happy, I don't even care what I'm doing as long as it's sunny and hot I'm happy :)


erika sorocco said...

Ooh, you look incredible! That skirt paired with that top paired with that necklace = amazingness to the tenth power. Gorgeous! :)

Pat Hatt said...

Pretty warm here indeed, at least she brings you back great gifts.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

enjoy the warm weather! Love the skirt

Panty Buns said...

I love your puffy sleeve blouse! The skirt your sister brought from Europe is pretty too and pairs up beautifully with that blouse. I'm amazed that it was so hot up by you. I thought Portland was further North in latitude than where I live. It was in the low to mid 60s here. I actually went outside and (gasp) mowed the lawn. Do you have air-conditioning at the gym and the office? I'm glad you enjoyed your Sunday. I don't quite understand the jealousy about the travel. I have never had a passport though I used to love to fly. Now I don't! Why would I unnecessarily subject myself to the invasion of privacy, unwarranted searches and indefensible seizures they make using the pretext of security? Maybe I would if I wanted to get felt up for free or to travel in my underwear. Sorry about the rant. I really love the look of that blouse and skirt combo and your "selfies"

Anonymous said...

A few things:
1) I love the skirt
2) You can get away with saying y'all, even being an Oregonian
3) I need to know what your go-to lipstick, or lipsticks are because it always looks amazing

Kisti Belle said...

1. you're adorable and i effing love that skirt.
2. you dont look like a murderer in your selfies, girl you cray (and gorgeous i might add)


Unknown said...

Skirt is gorg caitlin!! Its getting colder and colder here, but only about 3 weeks til I hit US shores :)

Elle Sees said...

pretty! i would tell anyone, random strangers and the like, about that skirt. cutie!