Friday, June 28, 2013

Quick Hello to say Goodbye to Google Reader

Well hello Blog World!
It's been awhile, hasn't it? I will keep this short and sweet: I had originally planned to post after Cabo but I only had 2 nights (and work) inbetween the trips and my relatives came into town for one of them and I needed the other to pack. And I wanted to also Blog from Italy but it just wasn't feasible with our itinerary. Basically, life has been busy and good- and I shouldn't be complaining. But I hate this detached feeling from something I really love to do.
With that said, I had pictures and (what I see as) fun posts lined up for next week - call it my reentry into Blogging. But then today, I was reminded that Google Reader is closing come July 1st (Monday!). So, instead of waiting to post next week- I'm going to do the obligatory reminder that apparently "BlogLovin'" is the place to go to follow now. I have a link on my left sidebar that will take you there.
 photo image_zps347f8e07.jpg
[Enjoying a Spritz in Florence, Italy]

I am personally going to try and export my Google Reader into another platform, which I've heard is doable. But I don't know enough information on that yet to give details- if you do, let me know!
I hate that it's going away and I hate that I have to post this dumb post about it- but I least want to know I tried! Especially because it will serve as a reminder to me on Sunday to ensure that I'm still following all the blogs I love reading.
Happy Friday and I will see you next week :)

Sorry for this lamesauce post but in the words of Paula Deen: Whomever has never posted something they regret can throw the first stone!
Or just throw me some money instead, I'm going to be pretty poor for the next couple weeks as I recover from Italy and Mexico.
Friday, June 7, 2013

Flitting off to Cabo

The time has come for Cabo. It's about 12:30 AM on Thursday night (so technically Friday morning) and I am about to go to sleep so that I can get up in just a few hours to leave for the airport. This day has been long- awaited, even if it did come at the expense of other things. Such as my nightly blogging time as I was living in my office this week. To ensure my desk was in order for the month of travel ahead, this week alone I had worked 58 hours by end of day Thursday... tirrredddddd. But ready for the Cabo sunshine and a bucket of Coronas on the beach!

 Besides, I can't wait to watch these two hilarious, wonderful people get married.
No- not THESE two... but I wouldn't put it past them. The Cabo Groom and his Best Man aka my Best Man!
The beautiful Bride and Me!
My blogging will be sparse in the next coming weeks with my two trips. I'll be sure to say hi between the trips next week and I MIGHT even pull off a blog or two from the Italian leg of my ventures- but we'll see. That may seem like a weird way to spend time to some, but for me- taking an hour in another country and blogging while I'm there just sounds peaceful (I like this hobby, what can I say?).

Anyway, it's going to be a long, exhausting, tiring, expensive, amazing, spectacular month. And it all starts in a few hours. 

In the meantime- in Instagram we connect. @CaitieLady08

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Friday- and I'll talk to you all at the end of next week!