Monday, July 1, 2013

A weekend of Orange Skirts, Orange Blankets & Orange Haired Celebs

Have you seen 'This is 40'? I recently watched it on my flight and couldn't stop laughing through most of it. I mean... it's just so on-point in its presentation of a long-term couple. One of my most favorite scenes in the film was when they were talking and laughing about how they would kill each other if they could and the way in which they would do it. Pretty funny stuff because it all seems to ring so true at times.
^This is 29/28: Twin Outfits
Sometimes the two of us really get of each other.  We obviously enjoy one another's company about 95% of the time, but there's a solid 5% where either of us would just assume jump off the balcony in an effort to get some space

And this last weekend, I've discovered another fun little side-effect about spending so much time together: we start to dress like twins. I didn't even notice this until his Stepbrother pointed it out on Saturday (while laughing at us). Oy. There's few things that either of us aspire to do less than dressing like twins...
^Orange bottoms, Teal tops
^Strolling around the North American Organic Brew Fest
However, I wasn't about to take off that orange skirt for no mans. Because I just think it's so, so pretty. In fact, when it was time to begin the evening festivities, I hatched an outfit plan that allowed me to take it out on the town with me.

^Meeting Pete of "Pete & Pete"!
Of course Sunday was not fancy and the orange skirt was replaced with Nike workout pants (which I consider proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy)- I toyed around at the Park like a hippie and took care of my grocery shopping for the week, per the usual Sunday depression:
^Hard to explain my love for picnic blankets. What a blissful way to relax.

^This is incredibly hard! How people do this without help is beyond me. And yes, in Portland it is common to just go to a park and have people tie-up tightropes where they can. We are an odd group.
^LEFT: I took a pic to capture my grocery shopping like a true urbanite- backpack full of of produce, flowers popping out and 2 handfuls of bags to carry 12 blocks- but hey, I didn't have to spend money on gas! ^RIGHT: Sunday night meal prep- my lunch for this week: Spinach & Arugula salad with salmon, beets, pistachios and artichoke. Yum!
Now back to work for a short couple days, I think I can make it! 


Pat Hatt said...

haha if you go diving off balconies make sure there is a pool below

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the same exact scene in This is 40 :)

ff said...

That skirt IS so pretty! I like how it can be daytime or night, too. TOO funny that you guys are accidental twins.

Brooke said...

I just watched that movie, your right it was pretty funny!

=) Brooke