Tuesday, October 8, 2013

7 Things I'll Never Do Again

1)Live somewhere that isn't within walking distance to at least a coffee shop, a wine bar and a mart. 
^Me, July 2013 via Instagram @CaitieLady08. Left my place on foot and spent the day at a bookstore, an upscale vegan eatery, a gallery and an alehouse. All steps away from my front door.
I don't know how I will ever go back to driving to run my errands. I need to find a cool suburb to Mom out in when the time comes.

2) Stand on my bicycle, hold it between my legs and speed down a hill while doing the "Chicken Tonight" arm motion.

What a little badass I was when I was 7.

3) Buy cheap wine.
Lol. Jkz. Jkz.

4) Speak of loving "Pumpkin Spice Lattes".
I do like them, but casually mention it on social media like an ignorant chump? NEVER AGAIN.

5) Tell anyone a story about the 'crazy dream I had' that lasts more than one minute. No one cares.
(I reserve the right to take this back if a dream blows my mind)

6) Buy drain cleaner.
Do you have vinegar and baking soda in your house? Boom.

7) Visit the Vatican. 
^Me at the Vatican, June 2013. So beautiful, no?
I can sum up the Vatican like this: Art, Sculptures, Excessive Line, Heat,  Excessive Line, Heat (repeat). Glad I went but oy. The lines!

What's something you would never do again??
[First & last images are mine. Rest are from HERE.]
Monday, October 7, 2013

Warby Parker Class Trip: Portland

 I remembered when I first realized that I needed glasses.

^Trying out some new frames on the Warby Parker bus on their Class Trip in Portland.
There's a main hallway at work that stretches the entire length of the building. When I first started working there, I could easily make out who was coming towards me even if they were on the other end of the corridor. However, about 7 months into my employment; I started to notice that not only was I having trouble distinguishing coworkers but I felt my own face squirming around itself in grotesque form.

It was the telltale sign of needing to see an Ophthalmologist: Giving out accidental b*tchy looks in an impulsive effort to see better by squinting your eyes.
A few months and a couple pair of Burberry glasses later, my coworker introduced me to Warby Parker. I was hesitant to buy glasses online with this puffy, heart-shaped face o' mine, but quickly found that it was a breeze: home try-on options, cheap glasses, amazing customer service- I was sold.
^The experience via my Instagram @CaitieLady08
And I have been since that point. I still love other brands of course, but they are simply hard to beat for their niche.

That's why I was beyond excited to go visit them when they had their Warby Parker Class Trip stop in Portland. I was excited for a few reasons:

1) Shopping on a bus.
2) Browsing their new styles.
3) Free ale (Good beer is made of wheat, which is basically like eating "Wheaties". Michael Jordan knows what I'm talking about. #90sGirl).
^Above: Enjoying some local wine with my shopping. 
But even after expecting good things, I was pleasantly surprised to note the effort they have put into this event: live music, vibrant digs and a staff that was excited to showcase their product.
So from a loyal customer who has been there from the start, thank you for letting me help celebrate your success!
^Hunky date.
And just in case you are starting to side-eye: I went to this entirely as a customer, receiving nothing free or special on account of my blog. Which makes me a fool, I tell ya!

Tried Warby Parkers before?
[all photos by me]