Monday, October 7, 2013

Warby Parker Class Trip: Portland

 I remembered when I first realized that I needed glasses.

^Trying out some new frames on the Warby Parker bus on their Class Trip in Portland.
There's a main hallway at work that stretches the entire length of the building. When I first started working there, I could easily make out who was coming towards me even if they were on the other end of the corridor. However, about 7 months into my employment; I started to notice that not only was I having trouble distinguishing coworkers but I felt my own face squirming around itself in grotesque form.

It was the telltale sign of needing to see an Ophthalmologist: Giving out accidental b*tchy looks in an impulsive effort to see better by squinting your eyes.
A few months and a couple pair of Burberry glasses later, my coworker introduced me to Warby Parker. I was hesitant to buy glasses online with this puffy, heart-shaped face o' mine, but quickly found that it was a breeze: home try-on options, cheap glasses, amazing customer service- I was sold.
^The experience via my Instagram @CaitieLady08
And I have been since that point. I still love other brands of course, but they are simply hard to beat for their niche.

That's why I was beyond excited to go visit them when they had their Warby Parker Class Trip stop in Portland. I was excited for a few reasons:

1) Shopping on a bus.
2) Browsing their new styles.
3) Free ale (Good beer is made of wheat, which is basically like eating "Wheaties". Michael Jordan knows what I'm talking about. #90sGirl).
^Above: Enjoying some local wine with my shopping. 
But even after expecting good things, I was pleasantly surprised to note the effort they have put into this event: live music, vibrant digs and a staff that was excited to showcase their product.
So from a loyal customer who has been there from the start, thank you for letting me help celebrate your success!
^Hunky date.
And just in case you are starting to side-eye: I went to this entirely as a customer, receiving nothing free or special on account of my blog. Which makes me a fool, I tell ya!

Tried Warby Parkers before?
[all photos by me]


Pat Hatt said...

About time! lol

Never even heard of them before, although had to get glasses recently too. Everything is clear once more, although working on fixing my eye sight myself too.

Kisti Belle said...

You're back!! I'm glad :) It's been a long time.

I have totally heard of Warby Parker, in face the mag I worked for did a whole article about them. Super cool brand and they have some cute stuff ;) Sounds like you had a blast at their little store!

Kara said...

YOU'RE BAAAACK!!!! I missed you!

I've never tried Warby Parkers despite seeing them everywhere in the blogosphere! You look beautiful in them!

Unknown said...

You make me want poor eyesight so i can buy cute glasses dammit!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

I havent yet and they opened a Boston store..had a party last night that I wasnt in town for. Hopefully can visit their place soon!