Monday, April 28, 2014

Frame Your Life

 I know in the photography world, there's kind of a grassroots battle to keep film alive. Meaning an abandonment of digital photography and a full embrace of the true origin of this great craft. And certainly, the argument for using film has its wonderful merits.

However. I cannot afford to shoot in film in this juncture of my life. With the amount of shutterbugging (I shy away from the term 'photographer' wholly and fully as I truly believe it is overused by people who own a nice camera and thus, start calling themselves that) I do, I simply cannot imagine spending money to print each and every shot taken. The main problem with film and my picture-taking habits is that I just simply take way too many shots of a lot of mundane details. And I love how cheap, easy and free it is to just instantly delete the ones I don't like!  
My first framing party at the new place.
Speaking of, printing a bunch of pictures and keeping picture frames updated in my house and my craft present in my life is always an ongoing goal of mine. Ideally, I'd like to print pictures about every 4 months but (like most things) that tends to get off track. And everytime I do take time to exhaustively print pictures, I realize the following:
  1. I take soooooooooo many photos...
  2. Printing photos is expensive and incredibly time-consuming.
However, it feels good to get a few things on the wall in the new place. I love the memories that only your own images can provide:
^Always my fave wall in the house. Remember Reggie the Horse?? I still love him.
^The 'C' was mine as a single lady but now that I live with my non-C named fiance, the 'C' is obviously for my dog!
^Door leading to the back patio. Framed a few pics above which I just love.
^Left to Right: a) The Boy and our Pup b) A picture I took in Siena, Italy (where my brother studied abroad) c) Chandler at happy hour d) The Boy and his Mom at our wedding venue! e) The Boy in Dubai on a business trip
 Doesn't look like much but it basically took FOR-EV-VER to do.

And so for that small feat: I am proud!


Pat Hatt said...

Bet it took a while indeed to get it just right, yeah I can see the merit to print, but it is waaay to friggin expensive.

Panty Buns said...

There are a lot of times I regret that I haven't gotten my old good quality optical lens film camera fixed, or at least gotten a new polaroid. I have an Apple computer and my iPhoto has crashed numerous times, losing the photos, and even when they are recovered the labels of who or what's in them is lost. I think the colour and picture quality is often better with the non-digital cameras. The only thing I like about digital is that you don't have to use a scanner to email them and they're easier to upload. I too have that tendency to take way too many photos sometimes. I love the "Keep Calm and Carry On" quote on your fave wall. I also love that full length mirror on the door leading to the back patio. The photos over it are beauties.

Slamdunk said...

You have a very good eye for shooting Caitlin. The Mrs. enjoys photography as well and each room of our house displays her work--she has to resist the temptation to print print and print again as well.

Unknown said...

Love the photo printing I'm way toooo lazy on that front! Especially too lazy for framing. The bigger question I took from this post though... How do you get to take Chandler everywhere with you? Like happy hour? Do you ever get asked to leave for having a puppy with you?