Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Return.

 October 8, 2013 was the last time I posted on this here blog. Even to me that seems really hard to believe. Hard to believe when I think about how much joy it brought me in the past. I loved my end-of-day routine: Climb into a cozy spot on the couch or nestle into my bed and scribe about my life. So narcissistic and lovely...

But on the flip side, I can easily see WHY it all got off course. Life just got way too crazy and when you have zero time, you have to cut something and unfortunately, I am unable to cut 'chores' or 'work on Fridays'... so the Blog had to take a nice, long nap.

However, I am far more settled than I was back on October 8, 2013 and here's why:
  • I got engaged (!!!)
  • I got a new job.
  • I work downtown now and take the streetcar into work (which I love- working in the suburbs is the pits.).
  • I moved apartments and now live in the awesome Pearl District.
  • I got a dog (!!)
  • I lost over 30 lbs and have become obsessed with fitness and healthy food (and when I say 'obsessed with fitness and healthy food' I mean Monday-Friday, obviously. I still weekend like a champ! Life's too short to not indulge.)
My Son and Me: April 12, 2014
Anyway, a few months ago- my nice camera broke. I felt okay and figured I would buy one in a few months and save some money. But about a month ago, with my growing puppy buried in my lap and my engagement moving full speed ahead, I realized that this was a year I would want to remember forever and it was just passing me by. The memory hoarder in me panicked a little bit (and got a DSLR).

So as a present to myself, I am going to come back and begin again, certainly not every day but I'm shooting for 2 times a week in the beginning to get the juices flowing. And unlike the fragmented posts towards the end of last year: I actually have time and I actually really want to. I'm in quite a different place than I was on October 8, 2013.

So hi Blog. Hello, Blog. I missed you. Giddy-on-up!


Unknown said...

OMG! I havent even read the post yet, i just had to be the first to say yayayayayay you're here!! :)

Unknown said...

So now i've read the post and wow girl 30lbs that's crazy! I've onbvs seen the meal planning insty pics but you need to do a whole post on exactly how you managed that!
I'm so happy to have you back in blog land :) xx

Pat Hatt said...

Sounds like you were a busy bee indeed. The pup will keep you hopping, wedding plans, geez, 2 days a week you say? We shall see lol

Panty Buns said...

Welcome back!!! I missed reading you (and selfishly missed your wonderful comments on my blog). Wow, wow, wow do you ever have a lot of news! I am sooooo relieved that nothing bad have happened to you.
Congratulations on your engagement! All the best wishes for success and happiness at and with your new job!
Congratulations on your new apartment in the Pearl District! I'd love to see photos some time in the future if you have time to post them here on this blog!
Hello (dogs name?) cute doggie puppy! Your puppy looks like a breed that will get bigger.
You look fabulous! I love your eye-makeup!
Hooray for the return of Candyfloss & Persie posts!!! I'm all smiles. :D :D :D

Panty Buns said...

P.S.: I forgot to mention that I think the dress you're wearing in the photos is pretty. Also, well done you on being healthy and improving your already excellent fitness. :D

Slamdunk said...

Miss Caitlin-soon to be Mrs. Caitlin is back! Yahoo!!!

Welcome back and congrats to you with all of the positives going on there. Funny, I stopped by here a few days ago and saw the dust. I was just a little earlier in looking for your return.

naghmeh said...

OMG OMG OMG Caitlin I've been waiting with so much hope for this return!
I've congratulated you for all of that on IG but we will make it blog official too, CONGRATS on all of that :)
can't wait to read more of your posts again.

Kara said...


So happy you're back!! I of course have been stalking you on instagram so I know about the ring, the dog and the move :)

Anonymous said...

Yayyyy for all of the above, but mostly that you're back!! :) Congrats on the engagement, the pup, the move, and the new job-- you'll have to fill us in on all the details!