Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random: Kimye, Pop & Glitter

Just a few random thoughts today… 

  I thought I was ‘over’ the Kim Kardashian appeal. Of course, I’m not so bold and conceited to act as if I was totally disinterested in what she does but I thought I was a little past the point of “omg, she’s soooo pretty”. I mean she’s obviously pretty but also BLAHHHH and old news and yada, yada, yada. Well, I can’t really claim that anymore. Pictures of her wedding dress (gush) and her hair (double gush) and her walking around Paris (that hair, that outfit![below])
^Um. Pretty much my dream look. Hate to say it.
I guess I’m not over her just yet. Kim: You are pretty much the most boring person alive with a huge ego but dang, you knocked your wedding week looks out of the park. I’ll retreat back to my cave, tail between my legs now. Call me when your divorce pics are up, I bet you’ll look amazin’ there too.

My friend was drinking a bottle of Mountain Dew last weekend around me. I have never been a huge pop drinker (I do love a fountain Sprite/Diet Coke, I must say + I always have Ginger Ale on my flights) but an iceless bottle of pop has never appealed to me too much, so I’ve avoided that craving. And, since I’m not really much of a sweet tooth, the extreme pops like Mountain Dew have never been my jam. Well, thankfully because I grabbed the bottle and looked at it and one-serving of it has 46 GRAMS OF SUGAR. And (wait for it… WAIT FOR IT…) there’s 3 servings in ONE tiny bottle. That is 138 grams of sugar in one tiny bottle of empty calories. I honestly think that should be illegal and/or Mountain Dew should get incredibly expensive to cut down sales and keep it out of the hands of kids. What a horrible product. I remember seeing so many kids downing that in high school- that just can't be right.

Can ‘adults’
(yes, I know that technically that is definitely me…) stop ‘SHARING’ a million random things on Facebook? I remember when everyone first got MySpace and it seemed appropriate to repost all those stupid deep quotes in those pretty, glittery, text images because they were  new and cool. But… that time has come and gone. I am sick of my feed being filled-up with incessant, stupid quotes that were likely made by 12-year-olds and are now being shared over and over again by 50+ year olds. Parents: Pleassssssse, stop. Or limit yourself to one a week for the sake of humanity and my entertainment value.

^Just- no. So stupid.

That's all folks! :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

May 12-16th, 2014: Workout check-in

**All workouts (besides Tuesday's) done during my lunch break. I started doing that so I could just go home and be with the puppy (instead of having him alone all work day PLUS 1.5 hours after while we worked out) but I'm noticing that these 40-minute, intense lunch workouts are seriously toning me way faster than my after work ones. Knowing I have to fit it in in 40-minutes (1 hour of lunch: 10 min to get upstairs to gym/dress down, 40 min to workout, 10 min to body shower/attempt to not look like a disgusting mess for the rest of the work day- I won't do an intense lunch workout if I have to meet with a client that afternoon.) has apparently upped the ante on my intensity level for the better.**
Left: Me last week (May 2014) Right: June 2013: Progress, progress!
Monday, May 12th:
Sprints (20 min: 1 min 4.5 ish/1 min Sprint at 8.5 & up)
Squats while holding 45-lb dumbbell/5 sets of 10 reps
Back Extensions: 150 lbs/5 sets of 15 reps
Crunches: 5 sets of 30 reps

Tuesday, May 13th:
60-Minute spinning class at the gym

Wednesday, May 14th:
Sprints (20 min: 1 min 4.5 ish/1 min Sprint at 8.5 & up)
Arm circuit training- 5 Sets of entire process:
-Dumbbell Bicep Curl (17.5 weights in each hand/ 15 reps
-30 jumping jacks
-Preacher Curl (12 lb weights in each hand/15 reps)
-Seated Dumbbell Inner Bicep Curl (12 lb weights in each hand/15 reps)
-Dumbbell lateral raise (7 lb weights in each hand/15 reps)

Thursday, May 15th:
22-minute run around the Portland Waterfront- made it HIIT by jogging/sprinting in between inanimate objects I saw on the way
18-minutes of various lifting back at the gym of which I don’t really remember exactly what.

Friday, May 16th:
Sprints (20 min: 1 min 4.5 ish/1 min Sprint at 8.5 & up)
Planks (45 seconds x 5)
Fire Hydrants (30 per leg x 5)
Push-Ups (12 reps by 5 sets)

I (of course) pair this with healthy food during the week which I post about on my Instagram (link on sidebar). I post my food prep most Sundays and that’s my full workweek food for the entirety of that week!  The Boy is in charge of workweek healthy dinners but those generally don’t make it on IG but they're super healthy and always delicious (he's naturally better in the kitchen than me).
  |Breakfast🐣: Plain Greek Yogurt, Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cinnamon + Hard-Boiled Egg| Lunch🍣: Ground Turkey sauteed with caramelized onions, yellow/green/orange bell peppers, Pinto & Black beans on a bed of romaine lettuce with a dab of salsa| Snacks🍮: Cheese Wheel, Banana + PB (pre-workout), Veggies + hummus and a 'Lil' Cutie' PLUSSSS a water with lemon & limes cause it's just delicious and detoxifying.
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More like Columbia GorgEOUS

  Lately I’ve been yearning (for Zion) to go to Utah. I honestly think that might be the prettiest state in the Lower 48 as a whole and I believe a very good case could be made for that. Between Park City, Salt Lake City, The Mormon Temple (No, I am so not Mormon but man oh man is that place a slice of heaven), Arches National Park… I just think it’s beyond gorgeous and I’m dying to go back to it to enjoy their great outdoors. 
 Unfortunately, with my busy year of costs and travel and like 5 weddings (and Bachelorette trips to boot!), I know a trip there will not happen this year. Le Sigh, perhaps next year? I feel like life is just a lot of hoping for trips!
Funny story: My Parents met in Salt Lake City haphazardly after my Dad moved there for college from Denver and my Mom moved there with a boy post-college from Pennsylvania.  So random they both ended up there with no other ties to the state but viola, thankfully they did because that means I’m here
Additionally, my fiancé’s Mom was at same college as my Dad and they overlapped by two years. Again, she has zero ties to Utah as well besides college. I’m sure they walked past each other at some point or perhaps studied near one another in the library never to know that their future children would marry. Additionally, his parents met in Utah as well after she finished college when (again) neither of them had any ties to Utah via their family. And then, both of these couples moved to Oregon (again, with no family around) to begin their lives and down the line, I met their son. Sometimes the way the world works just gives me goose bumps, I tell ya!
Anyway, enough about Utah which truly has not one thing to do with this post besides me expressing my desire to hike in Utah but settling for  Oregon: Last weekend, we decided to take the Pup hiking in the Columbia Gorge.  
 The Columbia Gorge is truly insanely beautiful. It’s actually where they filmed the first Twilight and you can see the Columbia Gorge clearly when Bella & Edward are in the tree and in the baseball scene among other areas. Wet thus incredibly green and vibrant with waterfalls, wildflowers and rocks- it’s stunning and a quintessential Northwest outdoor arena (and clearly, great as a Vampire hide-out).
^The first movie was the best. That's Oregon there.
 We figured we’d take Chandler and test out his long limbs that won’t stop growing. He did pretty well and definitely enjoyed being outside but we picked him up for little bouts throughout just to make sure he wasn’t too tired (it was 5-miles after all and he is still a wittle baby).
The peak of the hike was Punchbowl Falls where we enjoyed some solitude, some snacks and a cold Ashland Amber IPA (the Boy’s hometown). Cold beer just tastes great after a weekend workout, I must say. The waterfall was stunnnnnning

And despite the heart flutters of watching this wild little boy romp around too close for my comfort to the falls (Mom seemed okay, scaring the heck out of me though!), it was a nice little reprieve before the 30-minute journey back to the city.
But I suppose for today, fluorescent lights will have to do!
Wag more, Bark Less today.