Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Art/Arf Walk

I love art. I truly do.
Like most people who I personally know, I don’t know too much about its technical aspects but hey- I love to look at it. In fact, I took a few Art History courses in college to fuse the need for credit and my aesthetic enjoyment of art only to realize that I am ill-equipped to study for tests on artistic pieces (I was also just ill-equipped to handle most normal things during that time period so perhaps that wasn’t a good judge of my abilities). However, my lingering conclusion about art is that it’s a treat to eat with your eyes even if you're unsure of the ingredients.
And most good ‘meals’ are best complemented with a long walk to digest (either in food or thought) and a delightfully paired-wine to enhance the experience. Such is First Thursday in the Pearl District: Art (really like), Wine (love) & long walks (love the most).  
I’ve written about First Thursday before here but I must say, even though I was only 10ish blocks away before and easily strolled in, now living only 4ish blocks from its epicenter was a sheer delight, especially when I add in a bouncy, floppy puppy accompanying us as well.
^Sometimes said 'bouncy, floppy' puppy just wants a break from the walk.
With the remnants of the sunny day pressing down on Portlanders shoulders’ and the cool breeze of evening flowing in, the main street was buzzing with happy guests enjoying the unofficial beginning of the summer season amongst the bohemian musicians and flamboyant art for sale.
It really made for a lovely little evening.
^New favorite picture
Especially when it ended with a glass of wine on our patio while we watched ‘Game of Thrones’.
Spending time outside: Not to be understated. Especially vital after the neon lights of an office all day.
Welcome, Spring & Summer!


Panty Buns said...

I like your quote about appreciating pretty artwork. The puppy walks look like a slightly unpredictable but generally playful experience (says me from 3,000 miles away despite seeing the photo of your fiance take a stiff puppy paw to the nose). I love your four-directional red and white striped (semi wrap around?) dress. It's pretty. I did a new post and put your link in it - let me know if you want it worded differently next time? I'd admire your legs more in the second to last photo but you'll be Mrs. "The Boy" soon. Are we going to learn his name or did you already post it and I spaced out and didn't notice? I'm loving seeing all the photos. Your new digs are looking great. Have a wonderful Spring!


Pat Hatt said...

The pup looks like he is having fun no matter where he is.

Slamdunk said...

Looks like fun for all--great way to end the evening with time together on the patio.

I hope your guy's nose had no permanent damage from the paw though.

June said...

You looked gorgeous and your little floppy bouncy puppy is adorable. The best part of this post is when you wrote it made for a lovely little evening and the next photo has puppy punching your beau :p
Keep in touch

naghmeh said...

It's so funny because the other day I was thinking how I want to get more into art and attempt to understand it better this Summer! I've always loved art but definitely haven't been one to understand and analyze it!
This looks like one lovely evening and that picture of your puppy and fiance is just the cutest/funniest!
The Fashionista Bubble

Unknown said...

That photo of Chandler's foot in Joel's face is the cutest thing ever!!!! So is the one where Chandler won't walk. I bet your phone/camera/every memory card you own is currently FULL with puppy pics :) xx

Panty Buns said...

P.S.: I wanted to apologise for not knowing/remembering Joel's name and to mention that I think you've decorated your new place beautifully, and that the area where you now live looks fascinating.


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

so fun! we have a similar first Friday thing in Boston. art and wine is a good combo :)

love your dress too!