Sunday, May 18, 2014

Crowd Surfin' Messages

 On Friday night; I sent off some emails, scoured some food blogs I like and then nestled in for my big plans of... not going anywhere. I really just wanted to stay in and chill not only to save money but just because I really, really just wanted to. I mean, damn Blink 182- I guess THIS is growing up.

In order to avoid the inevitable battle of 'WHAT THE H&LL CAN WE WATCH THAT WE BOTH LIKE?' (and heaven forbid we play a game and talk to each other), I swiftly suggested we order "Dallas Buyer's Club" since we both had long wanted to see it but hadn't had the chance to yet. He dealt with the ordering, I got us some wine.. the night was a go.

I thought the movie was great and really well-done. However, it was inherently sad. The entire thing made me sad. His life of dark rooms, strippers and booze made me sad. His attitude made me sad. The reminder of the 1980s treatment of AIDS and homophobia made me sad. I loved the movie but I'm probably okay only seeing it once. It just made me pretty sad.

Then on Saturday night, I headed off a few blocks down the street from me to attend a Portland Timbers game. Right after the National Anthem and before the team step-foot on the field, the crowd was hootin' and hollering anticipating the game. And then, they raised this flag:
I couldn't help but compare this to the world I mentally stepped into during the film. Back in the 1980s (in a world I just witnessed the night before), homophobia was the happily accepted norm. To be okay with gay people, gays, etc. was wrong. And now, here we are about 30 years later and the opposite is true. It's' more embarrassing to NOT accept people for who they are than it is to be scared of them. And as someone who knows and loves so many of said folks, it made me pretty happy.

Change takes a long time. I'm so happy that my friends are some of the lucky ones who live in a time where they benefit from it.

Yahoo for just letting people be happy.
Isn't that just the damn point after all?


Pat Hatt said...

Change does come rather slowly at times, when it shouldn't have needed to be changed in the first place, people should have accepted long ago.

Ms. Emmy N said...

Dallas buyers club is such a good movie! But I agree, so thankful we live in today's world! Changes are continually occurring for the better!

Panty Buns said...

I'd never heard blink 182 I Guess This is Growing Up before - it was fun to listen to. It's too bad the movie was a sad one but nice that you and Joel had a pleasant evening and an uplifting Saturday night. I agree with you - here's to happiness!

naghmeh said...

what a happy coincidence! I haven't watched the movie yet and I don't know if I will to be honest for all these reasons that made you sad.
Also nights in can be so awesome!
The Fashionista Bubble

Slamdunk said...

Nice connection between the film messages and the contemporary one at the game. I think it is a credit to you--I fear that many people would be swimming in their beer and/or corn dogs to notice and reflect on how far society has moved.

Kara said...

I love that you're writing again!!

I too was incredibly disturbed by the movie, unfortunately. It was so sad and Matthew McC was so thin that it was painful to look at him. We recently spent some time in the panhandle in Florida and OHMYGOD the racism. I don't understand how this is still a thing in frigging 2014!!