Friday, May 23, 2014

May 12-16th, 2014: Workout check-in

**All workouts (besides Tuesday's) done during my lunch break. I started doing that so I could just go home and be with the puppy (instead of having him alone all work day PLUS 1.5 hours after while we worked out) but I'm noticing that these 40-minute, intense lunch workouts are seriously toning me way faster than my after work ones. Knowing I have to fit it in in 40-minutes (1 hour of lunch: 10 min to get upstairs to gym/dress down, 40 min to workout, 10 min to body shower/attempt to not look like a disgusting mess for the rest of the work day- I won't do an intense lunch workout if I have to meet with a client that afternoon.) has apparently upped the ante on my intensity level for the better.**
Left: Me last week (May 2014) Right: June 2013: Progress, progress!
Monday, May 12th:
Sprints (20 min: 1 min 4.5 ish/1 min Sprint at 8.5 & up)
Squats while holding 45-lb dumbbell/5 sets of 10 reps
Back Extensions: 150 lbs/5 sets of 15 reps
Crunches: 5 sets of 30 reps

Tuesday, May 13th:
60-Minute spinning class at the gym

Wednesday, May 14th:
Sprints (20 min: 1 min 4.5 ish/1 min Sprint at 8.5 & up)
Arm circuit training- 5 Sets of entire process:
-Dumbbell Bicep Curl (17.5 weights in each hand/ 15 reps
-30 jumping jacks
-Preacher Curl (12 lb weights in each hand/15 reps)
-Seated Dumbbell Inner Bicep Curl (12 lb weights in each hand/15 reps)
-Dumbbell lateral raise (7 lb weights in each hand/15 reps)

Thursday, May 15th:
22-minute run around the Portland Waterfront- made it HIIT by jogging/sprinting in between inanimate objects I saw on the way
18-minutes of various lifting back at the gym of which I don’t really remember exactly what.

Friday, May 16th:
Sprints (20 min: 1 min 4.5 ish/1 min Sprint at 8.5 & up)
Planks (45 seconds x 5)
Fire Hydrants (30 per leg x 5)
Push-Ups (12 reps by 5 sets)

I (of course) pair this with healthy food during the week which I post about on my Instagram (link on sidebar). I post my food prep most Sundays and that’s my full workweek food for the entirety of that week!  The Boy is in charge of workweek healthy dinners but those generally don’t make it on IG but they're super healthy and always delicious (he's naturally better in the kitchen than me).
  |Breakfast🐣: Plain Greek Yogurt, Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cinnamon + Hard-Boiled Egg| Lunch🍣: Ground Turkey sauteed with caramelized onions, yellow/green/orange bell peppers, Pinto & Black beans on a bed of romaine lettuce with a dab of salsa| Snacks🍮: Cheese Wheel, Banana + PB (pre-workout), Veggies + hummus and a 'Lil' Cutie' PLUSSSS a water with lemon & limes cause it's just delicious and detoxifying.
Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!



Pat Hatt said...

Look at you go at your show, when you keep upping the intensity results surely show

Panty Buns said...

That's a very admirable workout regimen! Though I do some physical work on rare occassions, I'm afraid my workout regimen is giving myself a hug (does that count as holding a dumbell?) and exercising my thumb on a dvd player remote control while eating a healthful bowl of ice cream. Gee, I wonder why I'm not in good shape?
Your regimen is inspirational (if I don't get too tired thinking about it). Obviously it works. Maybe I'll try slowly getting more active myself. You and Joel both look great!

Unknown said...

That's it! I can't stand to look at these posts any longer and not do anything about it myself! You've officially motivated me to get back into being kitchen organised Caitlin. You're looking amazing Caitlin, I can't wait to see how gorgeous you'll be in white :) xx

Slamdunk said...

You are awesome working out during your lunch. Several years ago, I had a job and was able to do that. I actually learned to like the compact workout as it was done for the day and it made me focus on exercise because I had such a short time (less dorking around between reps).

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday weekend.

naghmeh said...

WOAH! you go girl, check out that progress, looking good :)
I love seeing your IG food prep posts, they're inspiration for me!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Giiiirrrlll...You are rockin' it! :) Your discipline with workouts and eating healthy are an inspiration for me, especially when you post these results! Excellent job!! And I absolutely don't blame you for squeezing in a workout at lunch rather than missing time with that adorable puppy. That's a no-brainer!