Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More like Columbia GorgEOUS

  Lately I’ve been yearning (for Zion) to go to Utah. I honestly think that might be the prettiest state in the Lower 48 as a whole and I believe a very good case could be made for that. Between Park City, Salt Lake City, The Mormon Temple (No, I am so not Mormon but man oh man is that place a slice of heaven), Arches National Park… I just think it’s beyond gorgeous and I’m dying to go back to it to enjoy their great outdoors. 
 Unfortunately, with my busy year of costs and travel and like 5 weddings (and Bachelorette trips to boot!), I know a trip there will not happen this year. Le Sigh, perhaps next year? I feel like life is just a lot of hoping for trips!
Funny story: My Parents met in Salt Lake City haphazardly after my Dad moved there for college from Denver and my Mom moved there with a boy post-college from Pennsylvania.  So random they both ended up there with no other ties to the state but viola, thankfully they did because that means I’m here
Additionally, my fiancé’s Mom was at same college as my Dad and they overlapped by two years. Again, she has zero ties to Utah as well besides college. I’m sure they walked past each other at some point or perhaps studied near one another in the library never to know that their future children would marry. Additionally, his parents met in Utah as well after she finished college when (again) neither of them had any ties to Utah via their family. And then, both of these couples moved to Oregon (again, with no family around) to begin their lives and down the line, I met their son. Sometimes the way the world works just gives me goose bumps, I tell ya!
Anyway, enough about Utah which truly has not one thing to do with this post besides me expressing my desire to hike in Utah but settling for  Oregon: Last weekend, we decided to take the Pup hiking in the Columbia Gorge.  
 The Columbia Gorge is truly insanely beautiful. It’s actually where they filmed the first Twilight and you can see the Columbia Gorge clearly when Bella & Edward are in the tree and in the baseball scene among other areas. Wet thus incredibly green and vibrant with waterfalls, wildflowers and rocks- it’s stunning and a quintessential Northwest outdoor arena (and clearly, great as a Vampire hide-out).
^The first movie was the best. That's Oregon there.
 We figured we’d take Chandler and test out his long limbs that won’t stop growing. He did pretty well and definitely enjoyed being outside but we picked him up for little bouts throughout just to make sure he wasn’t too tired (it was 5-miles after all and he is still a wittle baby).
The peak of the hike was Punchbowl Falls where we enjoyed some solitude, some snacks and a cold Ashland Amber IPA (the Boy’s hometown). Cold beer just tastes great after a weekend workout, I must say. The waterfall was stunnnnnning

And despite the heart flutters of watching this wild little boy romp around too close for my comfort to the falls (Mom seemed okay, scaring the heck out of me though!), it was a nice little reprieve before the 30-minute journey back to the city.
But I suppose for today, fluorescent lights will have to do!
Wag more, Bark Less today.


Pat Hatt said...

Wow Utah sure brought everyone there to make you umm appear at your lair lol the pup looks as happy as can be always staring at thee

naghmeh said...
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naghmeh said...

WOAH that story is so cool!! the world really is a small place :)
these photos are stunning, I would love to hike there one day!!

Panty Buns said...

I love the colour and look of your vibrant neon fuchsia (or are they magenta?) pants! They look fabulous paired with your neon yellow top, your cobalt blue backpack and that lovely jacket. What a fashionable hiking outfit!
Wow, five weddings (and Cabo and Italy)? You and Joel have done a lot of traveling! (I still remember those beautiful photos from Hawaii).
The photos from your hiking in the Columbia Gorge are gorgeous. The closest I've gotten to the Pacific NorthWest was Yosemite - and that was gorgeous too. I love seeing waterfalls. Punchbowl Falls looks beautiful.
Those are some very interesting goose-bump producing coincidences you noted with Joel's and your parents.
Sorry for forgetting, but is Chandler mostly Labrador Retriever? They grow to be relatively big smart friendly dogs, can swim well and love fetching things. I wonder whether he might close to double in size by the end of the year?

Slamdunk said...

Your pup has got to be loving life. We used to love taking our dog hiking with us--now we have one that is too rowdy, so I have to find other ways to entertain him on solo walks.

I have never been to Utah, but have friends that love it. Your pitch should be put into a brochure and used by their tourism folks.

Unknown said...

I hate Chandler for being so stinkin cute! I want to steal him from you and force him to be my new bestfriend... also i'll take that workout wear while i'm at it, thanks! ;)