Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random: Kimye, Pop & Glitter

Just a few random thoughts today… 

  I thought I was ‘over’ the Kim Kardashian appeal. Of course, I’m not so bold and conceited to act as if I was totally disinterested in what she does but I thought I was a little past the point of “omg, she’s soooo pretty”. I mean she’s obviously pretty but also BLAHHHH and old news and yada, yada, yada. Well, I can’t really claim that anymore. Pictures of her wedding dress (gush) and her hair (double gush) and her walking around Paris (that hair, that outfit![below])
^Um. Pretty much my dream look. Hate to say it.
I guess I’m not over her just yet. Kim: You are pretty much the most boring person alive with a huge ego but dang, you knocked your wedding week looks out of the park. I’ll retreat back to my cave, tail between my legs now. Call me when your divorce pics are up, I bet you’ll look amazin’ there too.

My friend was drinking a bottle of Mountain Dew last weekend around me. I have never been a huge pop drinker (I do love a fountain Sprite/Diet Coke, I must say + I always have Ginger Ale on my flights) but an iceless bottle of pop has never appealed to me too much, so I’ve avoided that craving. And, since I’m not really much of a sweet tooth, the extreme pops like Mountain Dew have never been my jam. Well, thankfully because I grabbed the bottle and looked at it and one-serving of it has 46 GRAMS OF SUGAR. And (wait for it… WAIT FOR IT…) there’s 3 servings in ONE tiny bottle. That is 138 grams of sugar in one tiny bottle of empty calories. I honestly think that should be illegal and/or Mountain Dew should get incredibly expensive to cut down sales and keep it out of the hands of kids. What a horrible product. I remember seeing so many kids downing that in high school- that just can't be right.

Can ‘adults’
(yes, I know that technically that is definitely me…) stop ‘SHARING’ a million random things on Facebook? I remember when everyone first got MySpace and it seemed appropriate to repost all those stupid deep quotes in those pretty, glittery, text images because they were  new and cool. But… that time has come and gone. I am sick of my feed being filled-up with incessant, stupid quotes that were likely made by 12-year-olds and are now being shared over and over again by 50+ year olds. Parents: Pleassssssse, stop. Or limit yourself to one a week for the sake of humanity and my entertainment value.

^Just- no. So stupid.

That's all folks! :)


naghmeh said...

lol I have pretty much found kim k boring forever. I still find her boring to be honest the only thing is that Kanye West and his team of stylists have given her some style so her outfits have been pretty cool as of late.
also I am so with you on the FB sharing of glittery quotes with no substance! aaaaahhh
The Fashionista Bubble

Kisti Belle said...
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Kisti Belle said...

I used to love Kim K and all her curve loving power when she first popped up, but after a while, I was not a fan!
Howeverrrrrr, she does look amazingggg in the photo of her strolling paris before her wedding!!

Pat Hatt said...

#1 ummm whoopdi doo lol had too
#2 never have and never will drink that crap
#3 Made facebook take a nap, I don't need to know when someone has to go take a dump

Panty Buns said...

I have a confession to make: I sometimes read tabloid articles about the Kardashians. I even tried commenting on one in "Celebitchy titiled: "Kim Kardashian's wedding news was literally overshadowed by Khloe's butt". I guess my comment wasn't snarky enough to get approved. I love the way the Kardashians look. I also loved seeing the article in Hollywood Life titled: Kim Kardashian Shows Underwear At Dinner With 'Vogue's' Anna Wintour. I love Kim's curves. Meanwhile the tabloids moved on to a glimpse of Kate Middleton's derriere. My comment on that didn't get approved.
I'll bet the divorce pics get more coverage than the wedding ones did in the tabloids, though maybe not as much in the fashion magazines.
It's a shame kids (including myself a half century ago) drinking so much soda. It rots teeth, doesn't quench thirst and it's only the caffeine that keeps people from feeling sugar-shock-tired.
I'm not on Facebook. Did you know that just like the Eagles' lyrics to the song "Hotel California" "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave." They won't let you delete your account if you want to. I think it's part of how they claim to have so many users/accounts.
I have to admit that while I was on Facebook I loved spamming my lingerie modeling photos onto various "walls". Other than that it was pretty boring stuff.
Now if I feel the urge to spout off something I can do it on Twitter, but the 140 character limit does crimp my style and hurt my grammar a bit from time to time. I do like the hashtags though. I've discovered some cute fashionista blogs listed under #Fbloggers.

Unknown said...

Point 3 is spot on, people dont even seem to post statuses any more they just share stupid memes (my mum happens to be one of the worst offenders! haha).

Slamdunk said...

Can I agree with you on 3 and disagree on 2? I am not a coffee drinker and the Dew helped me stay away during night grad school after full days of a real job in the daytime. I was ok with running a little extra to compensate.

Good for you for avoiding though. Enjoy your weekend Caitlin.