Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Under Construction

 Well, I've done it again. Disappeared. Oh well, life was busy and things were crazy- e.g. I'm now a 'Mrs' with a new last name (somehow this is legally allowed even when I still laugh at potty humor... so that's a loophole of this system in my opinion). 'Being busy' is always the excuse but always the truth. Life gets busy and this is a pure hobby. So unfortunately, I can't trade it in for other stuff I havvvve to do.

But (again), I miss it. I love writing for better or worse. And I, again, want to come back.
^Life HAS been busy... and that includes stuffing my face into this one's muzzle basically for the last 7 months. I'm obsessed with him.
If you visit me in the next couple weeks, my site may be gone or look like it's in disarray or something of that nature. That's because I'm changing it up. I want a new vibe, new banner, new topics, new pseudonym for my husband... new site that's reflective of who I am now vs. who I was in 2009 when I first started doing this and decorated this whole shebang.

Stay tuned and excuse the mess: I'll be back.