Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: From J-D

Not gonna lie, this was one of the better years of my life. I believe I will look back on it fondly for all my days.

January 2014
January: Got outdoors as much as I could (#JanuaryDetox) be it to the coast (top right, bottom left), Central Oregon (middle left) or skiing on Mt. Hood. I also celebrated a fave's birthday in January (top middle, bottom right) and watched the Broncos totally, embarrassingly blow it in the Superbowl/every Portlander pretend they're a diehard Seahawks fan much to my dismay. Additionally, I had a brunch to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding (center picture) and I started a new job which I won't discuss but has been nothing but a positive change.

February 2014
February: Jay and I headed down to Ashland (his hometown, all pictures taken there) to plan the wedding. We not only divided and conquered but I realized as much as I was excited about planning, I didn't have the organizational bride gene most of you have. However, after my hair trial (shown) & looking over the 'venue' (my MIL's house) with the wedding planner, I felt relieved and excited.

March 2014
March: One of the best months in my whole life because we met that cute shelter puppy there on the left. Once we met him, we readied ourselves to get him in a few weeks by moving and in doing so, gave up a view we cherished in our first shared home (top right) for smaller digs in a pet-friendly building (bottom right). We picked him up the very day we moved in at the end of March. And life has been so much more fun since that day. We also continued on the wedding get in shape train (top middle).

April 2014
 April: It was hard to pry me away from Chandler this month but I did have some prior engagements I had to attend. Such as my first 10K race ever (bottom left), charity dinner with family (bottom middle) & wine night with my girls (top middle). Other than that, it was a constant three-way of Jay/Me, Chandler & my upgraded DSLR.

May 2014
May: Lots more happened in May than my shower. However, it was special enough to represent the whole month. I loved it. I can't even begin to say how appreciated (and awkward) I felt for my Bridesmaids putting all that effort into me as well as all the beautiful faces that showed up (plenty more on that later).

June 2014
June: I watched my brother walk at his college commencement (Go Ducks!), Jay & I enjoyed the World Cup with friends. I especially loved pretending like I cared about soccer so I could have a fun day. Chandler hit the beach for the first time (upper right) & I attended a baby shower & bridal shower for two awesome people I love. I also ran the Rugged Maniac with my friends which I forgot to include a picture of ('OH THE HORROR' is tempered when I remember that no one cares).

July 2014
July: The fun month. Weddings, showers, birthdays galore! We also had engagement photos taken while down in Ashland celebrating a wonderful 4th of July weekend. Basically, I spent this month laughing and trying not to drown in my sweat at lots of fun events.

August 2014
August: I turned 30 this year (middle photo was my celebration of that) which was oddly calming to me though it still trips me up when I realize I'm no longer in my twenties. August also gave me joy watching a beloved friend of mine get engaged and be unable to stop smiling (bottom right), I got to be involved in an even happier best friend's wedding (bottom left) and a Vegas Bachelorette party for me. One of the sweetest most overdone most amazing cliches I've ever experienced. Oh, I also found out my Sister was FINALLY pregs (upper left lady). Best, best, best!

September 2014
 September: So many pictures, so many stories, so much family, so much friends, so much care. I obviously have many posts coming about this experience and too many pics for a monthly summary collage (including a honeymoon in Belize). But yes, it was a very, very special time for me this year. I also determined this month that those who started the exit of corsets are probably some of the dumbest people I'd ever hope to meet. You lose 20 lbs in 3 seconds!

October 2014
 October: More gorgeous weddings of friends (bottom right, upper right), more goofy time with pals without the stress of wedding stuff overhanging me & a very special Halloween costume: Khaleesi & Khal Drogo. And of course: Happy Birthday, Dad!

November 2014
November: I got outside this month (top row), spent my first Thanksgiving with Jay in Portland (bottom left), had Super NES tournaments at my house (2nd from left), ran my first Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning with Jay & his Bro (second from bottom right) and hugged my loved ones in Holiday jubilation.

December 2014
 December: Christmas festivities, eating what I want/easing up workouts & my first Christmas day away from home basically sum up this amazing month.

So there you have it- what a fabulous year- I moved, got a puppy, got a new job, had so many sweet events with friends and got married. I just have never felt so loved in all my life. I know not all years forward will be as blissful (for instance, 2012 was a really rough year for me) but the last 365 days were a huge deposit in my bank of memories. Looking forward to making euphoric withdrawals from the events of 2014 when I have harder ensuing years and trying times.

Have a safe, happy New Year's Eve! I'm off to the Oregon Coast for the night to toast 2015 against the crashing waves (after work that is).

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Pat Hatt said...

That was one great year indeed for you. The pup sure grew since march as well. Not sure how you can top a year like that, but sure you'll give it a go haha

Jax said...

I almost didn't recognize your husband with the beard!!! lol

You make your life like so much fun in all of these pictures. It sort of makes me jealous. :) haha

Have a happy happy new year. Enjoy the waves.

Panty Buns said...

Wow, what a wonderful month by month recap of your year! I'm envious of you turning thirty, as I'm easily old enough to be your grandfather. Your wedding dress was gorgeous. I'm really loving all of the photos. Best wishes for New Year's Eve and for year 2015!

Unknown said...

Holy Moly WOW! I knew you had a big, amazing year but when you put it all together like this its insane! I hope 2015 brings even more love and happiness to you, jay and chandler :) xx

Kara said...

Happy new year, beautiful lady! So glad you're back in the blogland sharing your life with us.

Pamela Bwell said...

We all banked incredible memories of love and happy times with family and friends, and expanding that family to include so many wonderful people. Thank you for this fantastic time in our lives, in the year my baby girl turned 30!