Monday, December 8, 2014

A Bridesmaid Dress Actually Worn Again

I'm not sure what this is an indication of but I have shopped less and less the last few months. I don't know why, just kinda over it. Mainly because I hate watching my money just go away on things I know I don't need. I definitely head into some stores here and there but I haven't felt that deep urge to buy all the new things I want. Especially because I have a closet full of clothes (however, I seem to spend quite a bit of time picking out toys for my puppy.).

I went to a beautiful wedding in October up in Seattle, WA. It was warm & sunny but obviously still in the Autumn season. I was trying to figure out just what I wanted to wear for that combination. I reached into the depths of my closet where clothes out of sight often are long forgotten and emerged with a garment bag from the darkest corner.
^Left: A derpy pic from my Sister's wedding Right: The wedding outfit from October w/ the dress.
It was my Maid of Honor dress from my Sister's wedding. Like most bridesmaids' dresses, it was never to be worn again but I thought, maybe- just maybe, I could make this work. With closed-toed heels booties, a studded black jacket & a contrasting bright green purse, I thought it fit the bill just fine.
Another win in the name of spending less money!

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Pat Hatt said...

Spending less money is always a win, I guess you just never know what you will use again.