Friday, December 19, 2014

Make New Friends & Love the Old

Two weekends ago, I had an Xmas party with my girlfriends at my Dad's cabin. We annually get together to have an awesome time, drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music and sit around and soak up each others' awesomeness.

A post to follow on that later but in the meantime... at one point during the night, we all went around and gave a toast to what we were thankful for together. Now, I don't remember what I exactly said but it was something like this:

"I'm so thankful for all of you ******* because it's important to know so many of you when you're young because as you get older, you make a lot of new friends. However, you can't ever fully be yourself around them like you can with the friend you've know your whole life."
^Me with two of my besties.
I gave a smile and looked around for accolade when I was, instead, met with this:

"hahah, like you have new friends! Yeah, right."

I went on to proclaim that I had been to happy hour the last month with 5 different new friends I knew from previous places of employment & volunteering and how much I liked them and how I hang out with them some weekends but they cared of none of it. They just laughed.

What *******. Gosh, I love them.
Only long-time friends could be so delightfully rude.


Pat Hatt said...

lol that is a lot of awesomeness going on. Oh yeah long time friends can be rude and sure get away with it, as they know us well.

Jax said...

I have my two best friends that I've had for forever. Whenever I hear they mention a new friend, I get a little ping of jealousy. Then I remember that I'm guilty too. :) People come and go, but your true friends will be there forever.

Unknown said...

Quoting Mean Girls! I knew I liked you for a reason ;) And that you refer to your friends as ****** hahaha.

Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Great post! :)