Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Meal Prep: A Week of Black Beans

I haven't been a cook for most of my life guys. I wouldn't even call myself a 'cook' now- more like an assembler with hopes of being a well-oiled machine in the future.

I grew up with two parents who both cooked very well. I was raised on homemade, healthy food no matter who was in the kitchen. But for some reason around high school I started just declaring that I "don't cook". I just "don't". I carried that little mantra until a few years ago when I started thinking about the fact that as a lover of food and someone who hopes to provide for future children, I should probably learn a few moves in the kitchen. I wanted to be the mom that eventually makes the best duck confit with broccoli rabe. Kids love that right?!?

And so my journey has been going strong since. Within the last year especially, I have really tried to take the time to try new recipes and figure out the world of food.

To that end, I have continued to read "The Pioneer Woman" and look to her for some recipe inspiration (Though following her recipes requires a ton of modification! I love you Pioneer Woman but I just can't eat that much butter. I mean, I can. I want to. I just won't. I usually substitute EVOO for her butter where I can or just omit it when that doesn't work. She seriously uses an insane amount! Bless her for it.). And recently while channel surfing I stumbled on an episode from her tv show where she made a pot of black beans and used them all week long to make varied meals. Seeing how I spend all Sunday cooking anyways, I decided to immediately DVR that episode & give the entire meal plan a go for the week. 
(As these are her recipes, I'm not even going to post them here but show my final products and link all her Food Network recipes)

Pot of Black Beans & Black Bean Bowl
Recipe here

^A large pot of black beans created not only a week of good food but a delicious dinner for Sunday night. Beans w/ Guac, Greek Yogurt, Melted Cheese, cilantro & crackly tortilla strips. Seriously DELICIOUS.

Black Bean Burger
Recipe here
^A vegetarian burger that will make your mouth water and your tummy full. All the fixins' of a real burger coupled with a savory, spicy vegetarian patty.

 Taco Pizza
Recipe here 

^The Black Beans created the 'marinara' for this pizza and was topped with oodles of arugula, tomatoes, basil, cheese, etc. YUM.

Grilled Veggie Burritos(added ground turkey to Jay's)
Recipe here

^Gathered my cast of characters and made these great veggie burritos for our lunches this week (Jay's had ground turkey in it). Black beans, grilled corn, arugula, roasted squash, cilantro and lime rice made for an amazing lunch all week. Hint: Wrap them right on the foil so they're easy to wrap right after.
It truly resulted in some filling vegetarian delectable eats all week long. Which made this animal lover yet carnivore eating wannabe chef very, very happy. Thanks Ms. Drummond!


Pat Hatt said...

All look good indeed, learning to cook is a handy skill to have. One I don`t have lol

Jax said...

I love the burritos and the beans with guac Idea!! I spend my Sundays cooking for the week as well (womp womp), but it leaves for much healthier meals and lots more time for anything else during the week.

P.S. I love your dinnerware!

Panty Buns said...

I've had microwaved frozen Amy's vegan black bean burritos and enchiladas that had black beans in them with spanish rice, but never had black beans in a fresh home-cooked meal that I can recall. I love broccoli rabe too. And gnocci. And pasta fagioli (cannellini beans, ditalini noodles and marinara sauce - I did make that once with Progresso canned black beans when the store was out of cannelini and ceci beans). I use olive oil instead of butter.
The black bean marinara pizza, the veggie burritos - wow, your cooking looks delicious!


Melissa Blake said...

I'm all about the taco pizza! It's one of my favorites! Great round-up!

Unknown said...

I love cooking! Im just so lazy on a sunday. I must must must get back into meal prep though, it makes my lunches so much more exciting and my weekday mornings much cruisyer (yes, i realise this is not a word!) :) xx