Monday, December 1, 2014

So We Meet Again

Well, hellllllllllllllllllo.
It's truly been awhile, hasn't it? I last said goodbye in the hopes of working on some stuff on my blog that has been bugging me and really coming back to post regularly. Since that point I've been trying to fine tune a lot about my blog and come back on this day, December 1st.

First change was my header. I started this blog in 2009 and probably was a bit over-eager to fit into a blogging 'niche'. I knew I wanted to write about clothes a bit and so I found this fancy lady to represent my blog:
^My blogging header for the last 4-ish years.
However, I think she gave the wrong impression to anyone coming to this page. I'm not usually decked out in Chanel & massive amounts of bling. Also hilarious to think that I loaded her onto my page when I was like 25 years and probably had about 4 dollars in my checking account but mmmkay Caitlin, play on playa...  Additionally, I'm not that in love with a ton of pink. So basically for so many reasons it was time to say goodbye to the pretty lady [waving] and hello to something a bit more streamlined:

I liked the idea of the arrow moving me 'forward' into who I actually am and I just like the simplicity of it all.  I won't bore anyone else with everything else I've been doing but since it's been backbone and not aesthetics, it was truly the most time-intensive and boring things alive. Ugh! Took forever. However, one highlight was that I have officially changed my S.O.'s name from "The Boy" (gag) to "Jay" since I officially verified that I am, in fact, no longer three-years-old.

Anyway, anyway, anyway- though it's only about 90% done (finishing labeling edits & readding pictures to 2012 posts w/ server problems), I decided to still start blogging again on my planned date since most of it is background edits at this point. So here we are.

I'm really looking forward to starting back up again, in a way I can't even explain. It's really a fun activity for me and I'm just pretty happy to be back. And I'm excited to post about whatever fancies my interest be it a meal prep post, a Chandler post, a new restaurant post or whatever else! I'm just excited and have already finished a lot of posts to share after such a long hiatus. They're all geared to go!

For those of you still out there, thanks for sticking by me. I'm looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and I'm especially excited to post more about my meal prep with each passing week.

Hope you're refreshed after the long weekend!


Pat Hatt said...

haha should I make a crack about how this is what, your 10th time being back? Oops lol

Awesome new header indeed and it always makes it easier when you have posts all ready to go.

Panty Buns said...

It's nice to read you again! I love the photos on the HI THERE - Meet Your Author page of you Jay and Chander on the beach, of you and your family, and the photo of you with all your gorgeous girlfriends! I also loved the selfie of your sister and you in Las Vegas that quipped "Hello eyelashes" that the Meet Your Author page used to have? The photos on your @CaitieLady08 Instagram are great too. When I read on the "What Does 'Candyfloss + Persie' Mean" page that the word "Candyfloss" was Spice Girl approved, naturally I Googled Spice Girls and then read the article on the Spice Girls in Wikipedia. I see I've been mispronouncing "Persie" - oops! I love the photos on that page too. The crocheted hosiery is lovely, the kitten is cute, who couldn't love the Spice Girls, and, OMG - someone other than me still owns a manual typewriter!
I've been visiting here from time to time, watching your progress - it's coming along nicely. I have done less blogging than you have lately, mostly for reasons explained in the ridiculously long rant I went on in my most recent (August) post titled "Thank You To Commenters, Rant On Discriminatory Social Media Censorship and YouTube Slander". Also I've gotten out of shape and am self-consious about it - and my usual camera broke when I dropped it - and my imaginary dog ate my homework.
I'll miss the "ton of pink" but I love how your blog looks at the moment.
I like the pseudonym "Jay". Congratulations once again on your marriage!.
Your blog is looking great! I love all of the photos and will look forward to reading of your future adventures!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

welcome back! loving the new header and vision of moving forward with the arrow.

PorkStar said...

So nice to hear from you again!!! Looking forward to the gossip! :)

Unknown said...

Argghhhh this is like the best thing thats happened yet in December ;)
Genuinely excited to have you back sharing with us! Might be a good time for me to start putting some effort back in too :) xx

Jax said...

I am glad that you're back! I love the new header...and EEP, you're married!! I totally missed that part during my break from the blogging world. Can't wait to catch up! :)

Unknown said...

When the heck did you get married??? Congrats! Glad you're back!

Kara said...

I missed you and am so happy you're back and feeling good about your new design! I think it's gorg :)