Thursday, December 11, 2014

Toastin', Holidayin', Smilin'

Lately (like most people) I've felt a wee bit rounder than usual. I've still been eating healthy base meals but there's been a lot more snacks seeping in. Can we all just agree to NOT have donuts at the office? I mean, who really wants them there? Who really walks away from the kitchen with a mouthful of donuts at 7:45 AM feeling proud and happy to be alive? 
Also chocolates at every corner. Snacks in the lobby of our building. Gooey treats being delivered. The caloric intake of pure and utter crap has begun. Tis' the season, right? I suppose what else is January for besides guilt and strenuous exercise?

I hate my "bonus" calories coming from things I don't normally like (like donuts & chocolate- I'm a bagel & cream cheese + chip gal myself). However, I will take all the joy and calories that comes from holiday toasts. They're the best and actually worth all the ensuing sweat and carrot meals in the following year.
 Whether it's champagne organized into a delightful presentation to toast with your girlfriends...
^Christmas Party 2012 with my girlfriends.
Or romantic toasts at home with paired wine & cheese...
^Xmas Celebration with my then-boyfriend, now-husband in 2013
Or board games over Pinot Noir at your friends' cozy shared home...
^Post-dinner board games at our good friends' house last xmas. They got engaged days later which made this more special.
Or simply smiles, cheers & jubilation with your family...
^Christmas toast with the family, 2013
Those are the big, fatty calories I don't regret during the Holiday season. Because they come with the added bonus of cherishing those you love & remembering why this season is so important to close out the year.

Not deriving from the fact that you happened to walk into the kitchen and found a platter of pastries which you decided to eat for no reason.


Pat Hatt said...

It is the season indeed and it's only a month or so, one has to enjoy and then just work out a little harder in Jan.

PorkStar said...

A bit rounder than usual.... and the mention of chocolates and other goodies in there, makes me think.... hmmmm.... rounder as in... preggers already? OMG OMG OMG!!!!!

Spill the beans, Caitlin... :P

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@Porkstar - lol, no! Are you calling me fat! :)

Unknown said...

OMG the chocolates and morning teas at school are doing me in! Let alone the boxes of chocs and treats the kids keep giving me as pressies!!!
Give me cheese and wine anyday!

Also this comment is making me verify it!?!?!