Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Puppy

My weekend was awesome, how was yours?

I truly did nothing noteworthy (left house twice) 1) Tree Farm 2) Grocery Store) but I am so happy with my time spent.

Chandler. How can I ever explain how much I love my dog? I can't believe I ever existed without him.

Anyway, it's Monday. Mondays are awful. Not trying to take over your day with negativity. I'll see you tomorrow and I hope you have a great one!


Pat Hatt said...

Nothing noteworthy can sometimes be the best weekends indeed, I never left the apt at all lol ugg to mondays indeed

PorkStar said...

You probably did more than I did too... at least you got out of the house.
Playing with my cat counts as a worth it activity too, now that you mentioned your pet.

Jax said...

He is a cutie!!!! My weekend wasnt noteworthy either. Filled with finals and work and christmas shopping. Oh and I didnt my sunday cooking. Beef barley soup!!!!! Lol

naghmeh said...

honestly sometimes days like that are the best ones and I actually LOVE grocery shopping haha!
super cute photo of you and Chandler :)
ps. I had missed you!