Thursday, December 18, 2014

Yappiest Hour Indeed

The end of the week calls for a celebration of success. Working every day, hitting the gym, trying to get enough sleep while getting in all your vital shows: That all deserves a big pat on the back. Happy Hour? You got it.

Pump the brakes a bit. I have a puppy. And so I need to get home to him quickly so he too can celebrate a successful week of being home all day and not eliminating inside. Bravo to you, Chandler! I knew you could it.

And this is where the story unfolds. We actually have a place we can both go and release some stress.

It's pretty incredible. I get wine. Jay gets a beer. Chandler gets to socialize and sprint around to his heart's desire. And we get to watch and laugh
 Usually starts with a play bow...
 And that turns into all the lovable dog play antics:

^Humping, jumping, sprinting, mouthing, barking, etc.

And I get to enjoy this while I watch and crack up.

And glow with pride when I see my sweet boy earning his treats.
It truly is my favorite way to end my week.
Yappy Hour = the best thing in the world.


Pat Hatt said...

haha yappy hour sounds fun indeed. The best of both worlds

Unknown said...

Im still amazed this exists and jealous Simba and I dont get to partake in outings like this!