Thursday, January 22, 2015

Blue Hour Beach

So Portlanders love to boast about the fact that the ocean is just an hour away. It's truly one of our pride and joys as we suffer through a dampy, soggy, evergreeny existence. No guys, it's fine: THE OCEAN IS JUST AN HOUR'S DRIVE. Which I'm sure makes Californians laugh as they sip their martinis (or Pabst Beer, depending on which part of California we're talking) and sink their feet in the sand from the comfort of their back porch.

And another difference: Our coastline is generally pretty chilly. It's breezy (like Monica), it's windy (I didn't just have a stroke, that's a different thing!) and it's usually chilly. But on top of that, it's pretty, it's oh so pretty (as coastlines inherently are), and it's a mahhhhveloussss escape any time of year: Rainy (cozy!), Sunny (typical beach fun!), Windy (What are cute ponytails for!) or Dreary (So Twilighty). Does it sound like I'm naming the 7 Dwarves of the Oregon Coast? Cause I think that's a good start.

Anyway, in conclusion: The Oregon Coast is in fact every bit worth the shortish drive because it is as stunning as one would hope. Different from other coastlines, but magnificently beautiful in its own right. And when you catch it at blue hour (which is my favorite thing in the entire world) on a nice evening, it basically squashes any regret you felt for paying for accommodations for the weekend out of hard-earned money, just as we found last summer.

Upon arrival at about 6 PM on a Friday, we checked-in to our hotel and immediately ran to the beach to catch some evening light and let our Chandler stretch his little legs.
It was the culmination of everything I love: Family, Chandler, Outdoors, Some Exercise, Blue Hour, Camera and the Oregon Coast. Just the very best.

That was the night of our arrival (Friday). We enjoyed the next night at Blue Hour similarly but with a little bit of a vacationy mode. We grabbed a local bottle of wine we had picked-up earlier, a blanket we brought and cozied up in warm clothes to sit, reboot, chat and take in that scenery.

It may not have had a bevvy of hot people playing volleyball on it, but oh how I love our Oregon Coast.

(This is straight up turning into a dog blog. Whoooops!)


Pat Hatt said...

Blue hour sure looks like a sight to sea indeed. Doesn't look the warmest though, but a great spot for a little R and R and the pup sure looks to have enjoyed himself.

Unknown said...

Those photos do look astounding. Maybe I'll put the Oregon coast on my to-do list :)

Unknown said...

I've never heard the term blue hour before, but its gorgeous! Oregon coast looks beautiful :) xx

Jax said...

I live near the beach, but I rarely go. Mostly because I am just to lazy to lug everything there, and I'm not a huge fan of the water. (I mean, where do this fish go to the potty? Bleh.) hahaha But, I do love the sun!!

Great pictures as always. If you like the beach, living near one is a great perk!!

On a side note, I think you should do a post about summer maxi dresses!! Comfortable, fun, and you're always stylish.

erika sorocco said...

Is it weird that dreary and windy are my favorite beach days? Those cute ponytails though...Anywho, Chandler with sand on his muzzle is just about the cutest thing eva! I am so in love with your little family!


Gorilla Bananas said...

I love your Oregon Coast too. I'd like to sail there on a replica of Nelson's flagship at Trafalgar. We'd name it HMS Bananas.

Gorilla Bananas said...
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Kara said...

BEAUTIFUL. We spent some time on the Oregon coast when we were up there on our road trip in 2009 and I loved it. It was so different from the southern California beaches we're used to!

PorkStar said...

I'm quite jealous of that scenery. My beach is about 45 minutes away from northern NJ. And although we could pass by at this time of the year, right now it's all blanketed with snow or ice. And very, very chilly.

I was on your side of the country a little while ago and I remember how NOT cold your winters are.

Lisa said...

Oh wow such lovely photos, its so cold in the Uk at the moment I would love to be at a beach! Your dog is so cute too x

Elle Sees said...

something about having a beach to yourself that i love. esp with a dog around :)