Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Last Single Girl Night

The night before I got engaged (story here), I felt an overwhelming sense of ohhhh myyyyy gosssshhhh, this is my last night 'single'. If my blog post explaining my engagement is TLDR (which I get), I'll tell you that in a nutshell: I knew it was coming and was using the days ensuing to spend some time saying goodbye to this chapter. A chapter I had grown comfortable with. A chapter that had me still being the younnnnng, willllldddd & freeeee child that I felt like.
 ^Jay & Me 11.18.13. One night before our engagement.
So, as we were there for Jay's work, he was understandably busy most of the week. I knew that going in and had prepared myself to hang out alone and just enjoy my time off of work. But on his last night working (the next day was 'our' day) was met with celebration amongst his work folk for a job well done. So the plan was for me to get ready, he'd pop-in between work and dinner & then I'd meet up with him again at the cocktail hour after his meal with his colleagues.
^Jay popping-in between work & dinner.
I tell you. I tell you. I sat in that hotel room and got ready for 3 hours. I never, ever have that kinda time to prep myself for anything but I felt it important to do the Caitlin (independent of Jay) a solid: Savor this night and take your time.
^My 'last night' outfit.
I took myself out to dinner downstairs. I grabbed a nice, local bottle of wine on my way back up.  I took a long shower. I watched TV while my hair naturally dried. I did my makeup while I watched a movie. I sipped a club soda while I looked out onto Union Square from my hotel room window. I played music I liked on my iPhone while I ironed my outfit. I laid in my robe while I lotioned my hands. I reflected on my relationship. I took way too many photos. I pinned my 'do with a bit more effort than usual. I texted with my family.
I took my time because I knew I was savoring something.

And even this amount of time later, I still feel like I did myself a solid.
Before I left the hotel, dressed in an outfit I loved after getting ready for 900 hours, I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself (omg, how cheesy but true). Because I knew it was a different night.

I looked at my finger all night and loved the way it looked. I'm not a nail polish girl so it remained bald of color and a bit dry from the winter weather. However, I didn't mind it at all, my little bald finger had always represented my independence. It needed no embellishments beyond that mindset.

Tomorrow it would be much prettier. Which made me excited too as it represented taking a step with someone who treats me well and is worth every ounce of my affection.

An ending. A beginning.

So much beauty in both.
^Our destination that night, Dream Nightclub in Manhattan. Clearly, this is an iPhone shot.
But for tonight, my bald, unpolished, unmanicured finger & my independent spirit was my NYC date - and a d*mn fine one at that.

All good things must come to a glorious end.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Congrats on the engagement!!! Trust me when I say getting engaged only changes who you are if you let it. You can still be wild and free together as a couple :) A ring and a commitment doesn't change that part.

PS It's OK To say GO DUCKS all day long! (Had the Tide won, I would say it was bad, but I want the Ducks to beat the pants off OSU! I'll be rooting for the Ducks too!

Pat Hatt said...

haha wow, 3 hours? You sure spoiled you as you got ready. Sounds like it was well worth it indeed

Jax said...

It was worth that amount of time to get ready because you totally rocked that outfit! Simple yet stylish. :)

Bald fingers? You need to try the gel! I work in accounting, and you find that your fingers type just a little bit quicker when they are bubble gum pink. The bad side? The UV light dries your skin out a litle more and it costs $$$.

Unknown said...

Sounds like it was the perfect way to take some time and mentally prepare for a big milestone in your life! Also, you looked amazing!! :) xx

Unknown said...

Congrats! What a wonderful way to prep for such a momentous event!