Thursday, January 15, 2015

8 Reasons I hate downsides of living downtown

So I don't 'hate' living downtown at all, so the wording had to differentiate a little from my "Reasons I love Living Downtown" post yesterday.
1. The fact that my transportation is on a schedule. I am known by Jay for sprinting out of the house manically in the morning to ensure I get that early, early train. The saddest part is when I run downstairs only to see it whizzing by as I am 15 seconds late. Grrr! I do love the public transit but sometimes I miss being able to just get to/from work without schedules, crowds of people & 15 million stops (and the fact that if I do drive to work in the Financial District of downtown, I have to pay for parking).

2. The fact that I can't walk one city block without being asked for money by somebody. Not only does it bother me for the sheer arrogance of the question, but I hate the fact that it manages to cloud your vision. Some people do warrant some help but when you are asked 5 times during a quick walk, they're harder to spot.
^Bathroom/Laundry room.
3. Space. Or more so, complete lack thereof. It would honestly be laughable if they sold any apartments in the suburbs that resemble the apartment we live in now. Why? Because it's tiny. Really cute but super tiny. And unless you lived by cool sh*t, no one on earth would sign a lease here.

4. Cost of space. See #3. Not only is the standard of living space downtown different than the suburbs. They have this awesome way of charging you the same rent for that of a 4-bedroom house. True story as I was perusing listings last month and accidentally wandered into the suburban section. There was the CUTEST 4-bedroom, huge yard house for less rent than we pay now.
^Tiny house life.

5. The fact that I'm more tempted to spend money. With so much bustling around you and a bevvy of activities at your doorstep, it's super-duper easy to say bye to said small cave you live in and step outside to enjoy it all.

6. The fact that there's loud noises everywhere. At all times. And they don't care if you're in the middle of a good show or trying to actually sleep a little longer than 4 AM.

7. The fact that Chandler has to go to dog parks exclusively. Don't get me wrong, nothing makes me happier than being with Jay and taking Chandler out on walks, to the dog park or to explore the city. But dog parks require vigilance and the hope that everyone is getting along (dog parks aren't the same as this post here). So it would be pretty nice every now and again to just have a big, 'ol yard for him to sprint in without having to worry about any other external stimulants.
^Raised in the city and forever leashed-up. Poor little adorableness.
8. The fact that I don't trust anyone. I don't leave anything in my car, I'd never tie Chandler up outside a store, I zip my purse all the time. I just assume cities are made of thieves and therefore, am a little bit weird about guarding my stuff.

However, despite these inconveniences: I'm all in for now and love every bit of this.

Are you a City or Suburb kinda person?


Pat Hatt said...

The prices are ridiculous, especially when looking at houses outside the city. Cheaper for something huge. And yeah, i trust no one either. I say a small town or suburb or something no more than 30 minutes from the city is the best of both worlds.

Panty Buns said...

Just missing a bus or train is an awful feeling. It even upsets me if I see someone just miss a bus or train on a television show. That's sad that there are so many panhandlers on the streets in Portland. It's hard to know who really needs and wants help and who's just looking for money for booze (or worse). City apartments can be expensive if they're not rent-controlled and small if they're reasonable. I've visited people who had small to tiny apartments in Manhattan. That noise must be hard to adjust to. I miss the quiet I enjoyed when I lived on a very quiet rural street near the woods and could watch deer feeding.
Combining the pluses of city living from your previous post with the negatives from this one, where you're living at the moment sounds very enjoyable on balance.
I'm a suburb/rural kind of person myself but there are times I miss the anonymity, availability of things to do, and variety of cuisine that's available in the city. I may eventually break down and learn to cook, but haven't yet because I'm lazy. I guess commute time is a big factor for many people. I can't imagine me commuting to Manhattan, though I know an awful lot of people do.

Jax said...

I'm a suburb girl, although I do constantly fantasize about a fabulous city life!

Being a NYer, I automatically assume everyone is either going jump me or rob me. I'm with you on that one!! haha

As far as the tiny spaces go, I couldn't deal with that. If you compare my Long Island apartment with what you could get in the city for the same price, I'm pretty sure it would be the size of my closet. Moving would mean getting rid of shoes... lol

Public transit? That would make me go into germ overload! Although, I do envy the people sitting on the train reading a book while I'm sitting in an hour of traffic twice a day commuting. Ug!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

@jax haha yes, germ overload for sure on public transit. Best to not think about it but I do wash my hands immediately once off. And yes, SPACE, SPACE, SPACE!

@Pat Yup, not a bad location to live in! I'm sure that is where I'll be headed in a few years.

@PB hah, aw! I love how it stresses you out seeing others miss the train. you are kind.