Wednesday, January 14, 2015

11 reasons I love living downtown

  1. The fact that our vet is a 12-minute walk away. So not only is Chandler's Doctor so close, but I get to have a little walking date with him each time he has to go. I thought it was so adorable that I could carry him home when he was sick after a visit last Summer, only to find out that at 31-lbs, I can indeed carry him fine for long distances... if he ever.stops.squirming. (Spoiler Alert: He did not and the walk was h*ll.)
    ^Non-stop dog dates with my lovah.
  2. That my gym is 2 blocks away and I don't ever have to deal with their parking garage. It's also great for early, early morning workouts before heading to the office. I assume so, I have never made it there that early. But in theory, it sounds like a great plan.
  3. That I take the Streetcar to work every morning and get to have 20 peaceful minutes readying myself for the busy day without having to watch the road.

  4. That entertainment is 5 seconds in every direction. This will be so sad to lose whenever we move from this type of lifestyle: Hip restaurants, trendy shops, dark bars, quirky movie theaters, art galleries... all start less than 2-minutes away on foot.

  5. That I have my pick of various urban parks to starfish out on the grass, throw the football and stave off the inevitable Sunday blues.
    ^Enjoying the dog park with these two manly-men.
  6. That I can get to and from work on foot (if I want to). Ending a busy work day in traffic on your way home might be one of the cruelest pranks ever bestowed on mankind. Avoiding that has been everything to me and I love the option of walking to/from work on warm days.

  7. That I get to have 'dates' with my husband all the time. I'm not talking dinner & drinks (though, that is great!). I'm talking leisurely strolls to get our groceries for the week or going jogging over the bridges or heading to the dog park with our lil' buddy. I love all of these 'dates', scored by the city. And I really believe that avoiding the car in doing these tasks allows us to connect better.
  8. That I spend way less on gas. #CarIsOptional
  9. That I spend way less on cabs. I remember in my early 20s how I would always have to factor in a $40 cab ride home into my nightly budget. I generally walk home at night when I can but if I get a cab, it's never that expensive going only a few blocks.
    ^Brew Fest on the waterfront. Just moseyed on home by foot after this event.
  10. That my dog can come with me in the grocery store (more on that later). Judge away but they allow it and so I shall partake.

11. The fact that I can be out at night and not be scared at all. I often take late night walks and jaunt through parks, storefronts, bars, etc. With so many people always around and lights in every direction- it's so pleasurable to meander in the black of night. Unlike the silent, dark streets of the suburbs in which I would never, ever do that.

Can you tell I value walking?? Happy Wednesday!

The Downsides of Living Downtown listed HERE.

PS: The game was awful. Still love my team.


Jax said...

A list???? You made me swoon!!! Hahaha

I actually just accepted a job opportunity that would require an 1.25HR commute there and back. Uggg I am so jealous that you do not have to deal with traffic!!!!

Pat Hatt said...

Saving on gas and no traffic, sooo nice. Except if it is freezing and there is snow, then I'll take my warm car haha many perks in the city indeed, always something to do. Dog in a grocery store? First I've heard of that being allowed.

Panty Buns said...

It's great that you've taken care of yourself. exercised and are in such good shape. I would never have dreamt of carrying a dog like Chandler all that distance - especially when he was squirming around. It's been so long since I've been to a city I'd started to forget what it's like, though I've never been to Portland. Come to think of it I do remember parking in Manhattan being a nightmare. It sounds like it must be nice there in Portland especially in the Summer. I've never been on a street car either. I love the colour of your blouse in that first photo. It's wonderful that you and Jay can have so much enjoyable time out and about together. I wonder how big Chandler is going to get?